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  • Super Black Bass 3D Nintendo 3DS Video Game Sports Adventure Fishing New
    Super Black Bass 3D Nintendo 3DS Video Game Sports Adventure Fishing New

    Description ? The ultimate 3D fishing experience! The legendary fishing series returns with a host of exciting features. Cast the lure, feel the impact as it hits the water surface and wait in anticipation of the catch. Go in search of more than 30 types of fish as you experience fishing in vivid 3D and challenge for the top spot on the world ranking. Imitate Real Life: Cast your line as you would in real life using the 3DS features Realistic Climates: Battle changing weather conditions to achieve...

  • Training

    Part 3 of this 3 part Training DVD series on complete character creation in 3ds Max, covers the complete step by step of setting up a fully animatable rig for the Eva Wild character as well as taking you through creating a walk cycle., 7 hours and 43 mins of comprehensive training to cover every single step that can be followed by artists of all levels

  • Uncle Max - Series 1 Part 2 [DVD]
    Uncle Max - Series 1 Part 2 [DVD]

    Release Date: 2008-07-21, Rating: Parental Guidance

  • 3ds Max 2013 Training
    3ds Max 2013 Training

    PACKAGE INCLUDES 3ds Max 2013 Beginner to Advanced Training on DVD or Online Over 15 Hours of training by a Certified Autodesk Instructor Exercise Files COURSE INTRODUCTION CADLearning for Autodesk 3ds Max 2013 helps you get started with tools for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, compositing and pre-production planning. You’ll learn how to apply materials and light scenes, animate cameras and objects, assemble short sequences, and avoid long render times. CADLearning for AutoDesk Certification...

  • God's Story, Your Story DVD Series
    God's Story, Your Story DVD Series

    God's Story, Your Story DVD Series Full Product Description A bestselling author and expert crafter of sentences both spoken and written, Max Lucado’s ‘God’s story, Your Story’ multi-media story continues to gather speed and minister to multitudes. In this six session DVD study, Max gives you a fresh perspective on how your daily life relates to God’s grand, epic story. Your journey of faith will come alive as you explore the divine narrative in New Testament and contemporary characters, and...

  • GRAVITYPersonal Training Series :: Boomers on the Move - Rewind DVD
    GRAVITYPersonal Training Series :: Boomers on the Move - Rewind DVD

    Join Master Trainer Rob Glick for a new GRAVITY® Life Series program that encourages baby boomers to get moving on Total Gym® – and see results! This fun, low-impact beginner workout features functional exercises developed for aging adults new to fitness or returning to exercise.

  • Amazing Spider-Man 2 3D (UV)
    Amazing Spider-Man 2 3D (UV)

    The web-slingin' wall-crawler hits the screens once again in this follow-up to Marc Webb's 2012 reboot of the series. Andrew Garfield once again returns as Peter Parker, who squares off against the villainous Electro, played by Jamie Fox. Emma Stone heads up the rest of the starring cast, which includes Paul Giamatti, Dane DeHaan, and Chris Cooper.

  • Hotel Babylon: Series 3
    Hotel Babylon: Series 3

    All eight episodes from the third season of the BBC drama series set in the luxury five-star hotel industry, a place where money not only talks but can buy you just about anything you desire. Behind the 'Staff Only' doors we meet Tony (Dexter Fletcher) the concierge who can get you anything, from anywhere; beautiful receptionist Anna (Emma Pierson) with an eye for a wealthy and eligible guest; Head of Housekeeping Jackie (Natalie Mendoza), whose chambermaids have seen it all; and Charlie (Max Beesley...

  • Max Bygraves: Specials
    Max Bygraves: Specials

    Three television programmes featuring variety entertainer Max Bygraves. Episodes from the following series are included: 'The Max Bygraves Hour' (1970), 'Max Bygraves at the Royalty' (1972) and 'Max' (1974). In these episodes, Bygraves flexes his vocal and comedic talents through a variety of stand-up routines, sketches and musical numbers with support from celebrity friends and guest stars including George Burns, Jim Backus, Judith Durham, Aimi MacDonald, Hattie Jacques and Michael Robbins.

  • Mistresses: Series 2 (DVD)
    Mistresses: Series 2 (DVD)

    The brand new Mistresses Series includes the usual four key men - Patrick Baladi, Raza Jaffrey, Adam Rayner and Max Brown and also 7 new supporting actors including Oliver Milburn, Mark Umbers, Sean Francis, Steven Brand and Thomas Lockyer.

  • The Kingdom Of Plants (3D Blu-Ray)
    The Kingdom Of Plants (3D Blu-Ray)

    Sky documentary series, presented by David Attenborough, that aims to provide an insight into the life of plants. The series is set within The Royal Botanic Gardens in London, home to a remarkable 90% of all known species of plant. Through the use of the latest technology and advanced filming techniques, Attenborough and his crew set out to capture the life and dynamism of plants, something that is often invisible to the human eye.

  • Bodies - The Complete Series (2005)
    Bodies - The Complete Series (2005)

    All 16 episodes of the gritty hospital drama dealing with intrigue and malpractice in an NHS maternity unit. A young registrar, Rob Lake (Max Beesley) works under established gynaecologist Roger Hurley (Patrick Baladi) whose record and methods are worthy of question. In series two, Rob finds himself out of a job whilst Hurley is promoted to Clinical Director. Rob's affair with Donna is still strong, though remaining extremely quiet. Hurley's patented close shaves on the operating table continue to...

  • Mad Dogs - Complete Series 3
    Mad Dogs - Complete Series 3

    Description Max Beesley (HOTEL BABYLON), Phil Glenister (ASHES TO ASHES), John Simm (LIFE ON MARS) and Marc Warren (WANTED) star in this third series of the immensely popular blackly-humoured thriller MAD DOGS. Picking up directly after the events of series two, the boys' attempt to flee Ibiza has only got them further into trouble. A witness protection programme soon becomes their only option. But with their new identities also comes the challenge of staying separate from each other. And try as...

  • Mad Dogs Series 2 (DVD)
    Mad Dogs Series 2 (DVD)

    Reunites Woody (Max Beesley) Quinn (Philip Glenister) Baxter (John Simm), and Rick (Marc Warren) as they try and escape their Majorcan holiday from hell. Picking up from where the series finale left off, the lads survey the damage at Alvo’s villa and decide to make their way home. They clear out any sign of them ever being there, pack up their stuff and take off as fast as they can. Deciding against taking a plane home, they head towards the ferry port to pick up the next boat to Barcelona so they...

  • The Final Destination (3D)
    The Final Destination (3D)

    A day at the races turns grisly after teenager Nick O'Bannon (Bobby Campo) has a nightmare about one of the cars crashing and killing him and all his friends. He manages to warn his friends and they escape the grisly accident, which happens as he foretold - but little do the survivors know that this is only the beginning, as Death sets out to collect those who evaded their fate in a series of ever more creative and gruesome ways.

  • Tom and Jerry Adventures V1
    Tom and Jerry Adventures V1

    A collection of 14 episodes from the Hanna-Barbera animated cartoon series following cat and mouse rivals, Tom and Jerry. The mischievous pair continue trying to outwit one another in this selection of adventures. Episodes are: 'Barbecue Brawl', 'Happy Go Ducky', 'Hic-Cup Pup', 'Little Quacker', 'Rock 'n' Rodent', 'Neapolitan Mouse', 'Pet Peeve', 'Pup On a Picnic', 'O-Solar-Meow', 'Robin Hoodwinked', 'Guided Mouse-ille', 'Timid Tabby', 'The Vanishing Duck' and 'That's My Mummy'.

  • Autodesk 3Ds Max 9 Essentials Autodesk Media and Entertainment Courseware 1
    Autodesk 3Ds Max 9 Essentials Autodesk Media and Entertainment Courseware 1

    Bring 3D film effects to the big screen. Generate realistic characters for a top-selling game. Create rich and complex design visualization. Autodesk 3ds Max 9 lets you maximize your productivity and tackle challenging animation projects. And this book, developed by Autodesk insiders, lets you master the essential tools and techniques. Learn How To use 3ds Max 9 confidently in a production environment. Each chapter of this Book has a series of theory lessons and one lab. The theory lessons introduce...

  • Life Overflowing V1: Loved By God DVD
    Life Overflowing V1: Loved By God DVD

    For the first time, this popular series on Ephesians is available as six individual DVDs. Originally titled Six Pillars for the Believer (on VHS) and available as the DVD package Life Overflowing, these messages are as powerful and life-changing as they were when Bishop Jakes first taught them. Each DVD explores key teachings from one chapter of Ephesians, expanding the message of his bestselling book Life Overflowing. The DVDs are excellent for both Bible study groups and individual use.

  • Project Pattern Pack 1 - 3D Floral Fan Pattern and DVD
    Project Pattern Pack 1 - 3D Floral Fan Pattern and DVD

    A beautiful Fan with 3D flowers. Full step-by-step instructions are demonstrated on the accompanying DVD. This is the first of a series of four projects designed by Christine.

  • Rise of the Guardians (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray) [Region Free]
    Rise of the Guardians (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray) [Region Free]

    Based on William Joyce's the Guardians of Childhood book series, Rise of the Guardians is a gorgeously animated film about Boogeyman Pitch Black's attempts to spread darkness and fear throughout the world and the guardians' attempts to foil him. Charged with the duty of watching over the children of the world, guardians Sandman, North, Tooth, and E. Aster Bunnymund are loved by children everywhere. When the Man in the Moon appoints Jack Frost to be the newest guardian, the other guardians doubt that...

  • Samsung HT-H4550XU (HT-H4550)3D Blu-Ray Home Cinema System
    Samsung HT-H4550XU (HT-H4550)3D Blu-Ray Home Cinema System

    Never miss your favourite BBC programmes or Netflix shows – Why limit your viewing to scheduled shows? With Video on Demand you can catch up on the best from the BBC, take your pick from the latest movies, series, and all your favourite shows. With BBC iPlayer and Netflix apps built-in, you're free to watch what you want when it suits you.

    Electrical Experience
  • Bionic Woman - Series 3
    Bionic Woman - Series 3

    The third series of the 1970s spin-off from 'The Six Million Dollar Man' starring Lindsay Wagner as a woman who is fitted with bionic parts after a serious accident and sets about using her new powers to combat evil. The episodes are: 'The Bionic Dog: Part 1', 'The Bionic Dog: Part 2', 'Fembots in Las Vegas: Part 1', 'Fembots in Las Vegas: Part 2', 'Rodeo', 'African Connection', 'Motorcycle Boogie', 'Brain Wash', 'Escape to Love', 'Max', 'Over the Hill Spy', 'All for One', 'The Pyramid', 'The Antidote...

  • Count Arthur Strong: Series 1
    Count Arthur Strong: Series 1

    Into Arthur’s world comes Michael Baker, the son of his vastly more successful former double-act partner, Max. Michael (Rory Kinnear) is professionally and personally adrift, an author whose last shot at the popularity he craves is a book about his Dad, the King of Saturday Night - but last time he met Arthur he burst into tears and wet himself. Thirty years on, it seems that Arthur is still capable of embarrassing him one way or another.

  • Waterloo Road: Series 5 Complete Boxset (DVD)
    Waterloo Road: Series 5 Complete Boxset (DVD)

    It’s not long before a culture-clash between schools becomes a turf war, and that’s only the beginning of the challenges facing Head Teacher Rachel Mason. She’s also up against a ruthless new Executive Head, Max Tyler, who wants to bring his iron rule to the pupils of Waterloo Road – and won’t let anyone stand in his way.

  • Dark Angel: Series 1
    Dark Angel: Series 1

    The complete first series of the James Cameron-produced TV show. In 'Dark Angel (The Pilot)' we are introduced to Max, a young bike messenger and thief and who was raised as part of a Top Secret Government genetics program and who is now attempting to find those who also underwent the same process. 'Heat' has Logan lead Max to one of her siblings, unwittingly exposing her to an attack by government agent Lydecker. 'Flushed' finds Logan and Original Cindy attempting to help Max when she ends up behind...

  • Micro Monsters with David Attenborough (3D)
    Micro Monsters with David Attenborough (3D)

    In Micro Monsters, David Attenborough delves deep into the macroscopic world of bugs, uncovering their marvellous adaptability from the primitive evolutionary design of the millipede through to the graceful apex predators that exist today. The series descends into the watery depths to witness aquatic battles, explores intricate spider webs and, thanks to pioneering macroscopic camera techniques, gets closer than ever before to the fangs and claws that create this fascinating world.

  • Final Destination 5 (3D)
    Final Destination 5 (3D)

    In this fifth film in the darkly comic teen horror series, a select few somehow manage to make it out alive after a bridge collapses. Having cheated death, they soon realise their days are now numbered as normally straightforward activities such as laser eye surgery, gymnastics and acupuncture go horribly wrong. Can any of the survivors find a way to change their destiny?

  • Planet Dinosaur 3D (Blu-Ray)
    Planet Dinosaur 3D (Blu-Ray)

    Bought to us from the production team behind Walking With Dinosaurs , this special compact 3D version of Planet Dinosaur brings to life monsters stranger and scarier than anything ever seen in Jurassic Park. We see monsters that scientists never even knew existed until a few months ago being bought to life entirely in breathtaking 3D CGI. The series dramatically reveals the creatures, their habitats and how they lived, from analysing their bones to watching them fight to the death.

  • The White Queen - Series 1
    The White Queen - Series 1

    The complete series of the BBC drama based on the historical novels by Philippa Gregory. Set during the Wars of the Roses, a dynastic struggle for power that dominated the latter part of the 15th century and threatened to tear England apart, the series follows the fortunes of three women who are determined to have their say in the politics of their age, Elizabeth Woodville (Rebecca Ferguson), Margaret Beaufort (Amanda Hale) and Anne Neville (Faye Marsay). With even King Edward IV (Max Irons) and...

  • Resident Evil: Afterlife (3D)
    Resident Evil: Afterlife (3D)

    The fourth film in the series based on the popular computer game. Milla Jovovich reprises her role as Alice, who continues to fight against the Umbrella Corporation. Following new information, she heads to Los Angeles where she seeks out any survivors of the T-virus epidemic. Characters Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory) and Claire Redfield (Ali Larter), who appeared previously in the series, are back to help defeat the Undead. The group of survivors attempt to strengthen their numbers and find refuge...