46mm Uv Filter
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  • Hoya 46mm Revo SMC UV Filter
    Hoya 46mm Revo SMC UV Filter

    Hoya 46mm Revo SMC UV Filter This professional quality filter is made in Japan using precision optical glass that is carefully smelted and blended to yield perfect optical results. Hoya has applied the same care and precision to the multi-coating process, using an improved Super Multi-Coating (IS-HMC) formula to greatly reduce or eliminate reflections off the surface of the glass. These coating are overlaid with a clear water & stain resistant coating that is easy to clean. This makes for easier...

  • Sigma 46mm UV Filter
    Sigma 46mm UV Filter

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  • 46mm L39 UV filter
  • B+W 46mm MRC UV Filter
    B+W 46mm MRC UV Filter

    In Bad Kreuznach, the most modern fabrication machines produce highly precise filters in an impressive variety of types and diameters. Quality controls are integrated at all key stages of the production process, and a final inspection of every individual filter ensures the renowned high B+W quality standard. At B+W, our commitment to our guarantee and service are taken seriously. Continuous improvements and new developments enable users to achieve their best possible images. By comparison, a cheap...

  • Hoya 46mm UV(C) Digital HMC
    Hoya 46mm UV(C) Digital HMC

    Fully coated surfaces increases light transmission and absorb almost all range of UV rays to give clearer and sharper pictures Constant use for lens protection is recommended These popular filters are renowned for their ability to minimise reflection at the filter surfaces which reduces flare and ghosting. The result is an average light transmission of over 97% giving sharp contrast and well balanced colour. Hoya HMC filters are recommended for enhancing the performance of today\'s multicoated lenses

  • 46mm UV/IR (486) - Black
    46mm UV/IR (486) - Black

    UV/IR filters are designed for use on Leica M8 and M8.2 bodies and have a dual purpose of eliminating UV haze and also for correcting a magenta cast that can sometimes be experienced when taking photographs of mainly black synthetic materials.

  • Sigma 46mm Digital UV
    Sigma 46mm Digital UV

    Sigma’s EX DG filters benefit from our multi-layer lens coating, developed to counteract the highly reflective characteristic of image sensors. With older style filters, light would reflect off the image sensor, bounce off the lens and filter elements and re-enter the image sensor, creating a ghost image. The multi-layer coating dramatically reduces this effect. In addition to this, an optimum, neutral colour balance is ensured, increasing the white balance accuracy of the digital camera.

  • Hoya 46mm Digital HMC UV(C) Multicoated Filter
    Hoya 46mm Digital HMC UV(C) Multicoated Filter

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