60ltr Waterproof Hi Blo Air Pump Koi/fish/pond/filter
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6 60ltr waterproof hi blo air pump koi/fish/pond/filter £10 £200 /l/60ltr-waterproof-hi-blo-air-pump--koi/fish/pond/filter
  • Airtech 95ltr air pump
    Airtech 95ltr air pump

    The Airtech Koi Air Pumps range provides high performance diaphragm air pumps for all fish keepers. The range was purposely developed for fish keepers and aquarists to deliver that essential element into their ponds - Air. Specifically, Airtech has been tested and proven to provide the highest output, at any given depth, to be economical to run and totally reliable.

  • Hailea Koi Air Pump ACO-9730
    Hailea Koi Air Pump ACO-9730

    60 Ltr. SUPER SILENT low wattage (50 Watts) water proof air pump offering superb quality at a great price. We have been using these in various applications for over 2 years with excellent reliabilty.

  • Interpet Aqua Air Pumps
    Interpet Aqua Air Pumps

    Quiet operation, quality molded case and solid base absorb sound. Stylish, Discreet case, British design, blends with most decors. High reliability, precision components with diaphragm made from space-age material for long reliable performance. Anti vibration feet, avoids pump movement. Powerful airflow. Better air quality, intregral impregnanted filter reduces air pollution in aquarium.

  • Tetratec APS 50 Fish Tank Air Pump
    Tetratec APS 50 Fish Tank Air Pump

    For tanks 10 to 60L. Airflow 50. 1Outlet. 1Valve. 3 Year Guarantee. The advanced Tetratec Aps 50 air pump is for use with all aquaria from 10 to 60litres in size. With the external flow control valve included, this pump can be easily adjusted to provide the right flow for all purposes. Innovative design reduces noise while producing high flow. External flow control included. Exceptional quality and reliability giving a 3year guarantee.

  • Superfish 10 way Air Pump
    Superfish 10 way Air Pump

    The SuperFish Koi Flow 60 set air pump has been specially developed for large ponds and Koi ponds.

  • Hagen Marina 200 Fish Tank/Aquarium Air Pump | Aquarium Air Pumps
    Hagen Marina 200 Fish Tank/Aquarium Air Pump | Aquarium Air Pumps

    The Marina aquarium air pump combines high performance output with quiet operation. A reliable source of air for increasing water movement and turbulence for proper oxygenation, and can also be used to operate items such as air stones, air curtains and air-actuated ornaments.