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  • St. George Spirits Absinthe Verte 700ml
    St. George Spirits Absinthe Verte 700ml

    St George Spirits is a boutique distillery in San Francisco making artisan spirits to very high specifications since 1982 This was the first absinthe to be sold legally after the US ban was lifted in 2007 With complex floral herbal and spicy characteristics this is fantastically intense St George Spirits absinthe Product of USA San Francisco region60 ABV700mlYou must be over 18 to purchase this product. St. George Spirits Absinthe Verte 700ml

  • Marthe Cushion Absinthe
    Marthe Cushion Absinthe

    NEW SEASON! Silk screen printed onto high quality 100% European cotton. 100% natural linen back closed with two pearly buttons. Designed in France and made in Portugal. Washes beautifully, won't fade and will last for years. Available with or without cushion pads. La Cerise sur le Gâteau has created a quirky and poetic world of bed linen and home textiles inspired by an insatiable appetite for discovery, fairy tales, polaroid images. Designed by Anne Hubert, its collections have a become a...

  • Grande Absente Absinthe (Gift Box with Spoon)
    Grande Absente Absinthe (Gift Box with Spoon)

    Absinthe was outlawed throughout much of Europe and the USA in the early 1900s because it was believed to be destructive and highly addictive. Absinthe is a highly alcoholic beverage that is anise flavoured Absinthe was a drink of the artists innovators and visionaries of the past including Van Gogh.

  • Korres Shaving Foam Absinthe 150 ml
    Korres Shaving Foam Absinthe 150 ml

  • L'Artisan Parfumeur Fou d`Absinthe Eau de Parfum 100ml
    L'Artisan Parfumeur Fou d`Absinthe Eau de Parfum 100ml

    Fou d`Absinthe Eau de Parfum 100ml. The infamous Green Fairy, bringer of madness, desire and wanton dreams. Composed with steely calm and controlled imagination by Olivia Giacobetti, Fou D`Absinthe is a masterpiece of cutting-edge fragrance design , Spray applicator , Eau de parfum

  • Trenet Verte Absinthe 70cl
    Trenet Verte Absinthe 70cl

    60% ABV French Absinthe Verte Absinthe

  • Coe Vintners PF 1901 Absinthe 500ml
    Coe Vintners PF 1901 Absinthe 500ml

    Jade Liqueurs was founded in 2000 by T A Breaux he wanted to recreate the old style of absinthes which were made in a very natural way Jade 1901 Absinthe Sup rieure was recreated as a tribute to the pre ban absinthes On the palate it has a light minty flavour with some savoury carraway and licorice on the finish Jade PF 1901 Absinthe Product of FranceChenin blanc grape variety68 abv500mlYou must be over 18 to purchase this product. Coe Vintners PF 1901 Absinthe 500ml

  • Hapsburg Black Label Amere Absinthe
    Hapsburg Black Label Amere Absinthe

    50cl / 79.00% - The Hapsburg Black Label Amere Absinthe is bottled at the intense abv of 79% and is made with a recipe that include the most thujone legally allowed in alcoholic drinks in Europe, which is 35mg/kg. As with all absinthes, Hapsburg Black Label Amere should be diluted well before drinking it.

  • Hapsburg La Magnifique 2010 Absinthe 50cl
    Hapsburg La Magnifique 2010 Absinthe 50cl

    Details Hapsburgs La Magnifique is a limited edition blended Verte Absinthe made from the finest quality, hand-selected, small batch absinthes. It was created by Peter Fuss, a man who is known to be the world authority on Absinthe and winner of the prestigious ‘Grand Or’ in 2010 and 2011 at the Pontarlier Absinthiades in France. This is a vintage blend from the 2010 harvest and is a combination of distilled Bleue Absinthe from Val-de-Travers in Switzerland, where Absinthe was made by clandestine...

  • Hapsburg Absinthe Classic 72.5
    Hapsburg Absinthe Classic 72.5

    Tasting notes Hapsburg Absinthe. The traditional choice but not for the faint hearted. Hapsburg Absinthe lets you party on the wild side with a hint of mystery. Strong flavours and a distinctive scent, Hapsburg Absinthe can be drunk mixed or straight for excellent results! Absinthe was first formulated by a Frenchman, Dr. Pierre Ordinaire in 1792. 7 years later the formula was passed to Henry Louis Pernod of Pontarlier in France, who opened his first distillery (in Switzerland). By the 19th century...

  • La Fee Absinthe Blanche 70 cl
    La Fee Absinthe Blanche 70 cl

    Classic clear absinthe with a soft, sweet character Pronounced fennel notes with less anise Perfect on it's own or as the base for fantastic cocktails.

  • Lafuma Recliner Futura Clip Design Relaxer Absinthe, Absinthe, Single
    Lafuma Recliner Futura Clip Design Relaxer Absinthe, Absinthe, Single

    Clipped batyline seat. Removable seat for cleaning. Reclines in two ways

  • La Fée Parisienne Absinthe
    La Fée Parisienne Absinthe

    As all regulatory ABSINTHE makers know, it is the Thujone in the oil that is to always be avoided. If you want thujone, I suggest you buy the essential oil and drink some then rub some all over your body. The OIL(!) is a neurotoxin, but like many other things, such as Juniper in English gin, you'll find that the object is not to extract thujone. It has to do with a combo of herbs and proper alc, then you'll be on your way to finding a good absinthe.

  • Sebor Absinthe 50 cl
    Sebor Absinthe 50 cl

    Bottled at 55% ABV so to keep the freeze-filtered blend of wormwood, 13 herbs and spices in solution. Sebor Absinth contains the highest level of wormwood legally allowed. Sebor Absinth is the worlds best selling Absinth - try it and you will see why!

  • Absinthe Vichet Postcards
    Absinthe Vichet Postcards

    This customizable Absinthe Vichet Postcards is designed on the postcard and would interest those who like vintage mall, vintage, mall, advertising, food, alcohol, and travel stuff.

  • Absinthe Mints
    Absinthe Mints

    Not quite minty-fresh breath, but still green and still tasty. These taste a bit as if aniseed did a fandango on your taste buds.

  • Absinthe Blanqui by Maxi
    Absinthe Blanqui by Maxi

    Art Nouveau art print, poster (92 x 61 cm)

  • Absinthe by Edgar Degas
    Absinthe by Edgar Degas

    +44 1273 766360+44 1273 766360 (outside UK) Lines open 8am to 6pm (UK time) Mon - Fri Any questions? Please email: info@artrepublic.com artrepublic.com 13 Bond Street Brighton BN1 1RD To contact our galleries directly, please call: artrepublic Brighton: 01273 72482901273 724829 ink_d Gallery:+44 (0)1273 645299+44 (0)1273 645299

  • Absinthe Fairy - Alchemy Gothic
    Absinthe Fairy - Alchemy Gothic

    Fantasy Art Tin Sign: Enter a world of fantasy with this stunning Alchemy Gothic tin sign hanging from your wall. Featuring beautiful imagery, this dream like design depicts the 'Absinthe Fairy' posing seductively as her green aura floats through the still night air. In the dead of night, the fairy's delicate wings and intricate detailing are illuminated, adding beautiful vibrancy to this Gothic tin sign. Let yourself be seduced by the 'Absinthe Fairy' and soon you will be transported to a world...

  • Absinthe Fairy by Alchemy Gothic
    Absinthe Fairy by Alchemy Gothic

    Take home the green fairy with this chilling Absinthe image

  • Absinthe Fairy P526
    Absinthe Fairy P526

    enamelled visage of mortality; with Swarovski crystal.

  • Absinthe Glass Perigord
    Absinthe Glass Perigord

    This heavy molded glass is known as the 'Perigord' absinthe glass. Its sturdy construction makes it ideal for every day use. A fine hand-blown reservoir glass. This piece is identical to antiques now found on the market, and is still made by an original French glassmaker Cristallerie La Rochere, founded in 1475.

  • Absinthe Glow [Us Import]
    Absinthe Glow [Us Import]

    TITLE - Absinthe Glow [Us Import]/rITEM- Absinthe Glow/rCATEGORY - Replay CD/rDISCS - 1

  • Absinthe la Pontissalienne 50cl( Absinthe, France)
    Absinthe la Pontissalienne 50cl( Absinthe, France)

  • Absinthe Parisienne (A5)
    Absinthe Parisienne (A5)

    Large Postcard (A5) repro of advert by Gelis-Didot & L. Malteste; date unknown

  • Absinthe Pro Classic Green
    Absinthe Pro Classic Green

    A strong, powerful taste with the wormwood, fennel, aniseed and star aniseed the strongest of the flavours in this very well balanced classic Absinthe. A minimum strength alcohol 60 - 70% abv is recommended to enable the herb oils to dissolve. Mix the 20ml of essence with 750ml of neutral spirits for best results, giving a thujone content of 35mg. OPTIONAL - add 75 gms of granulated sugar for a smoother taste.

  • Absinthe Rodnik's Original 70%/70cl
    Absinthe Rodnik's Original 70%/70cl

    Re-ignite interest in this age old spirit with Rodnik's Absinthe - available in a range of strengths and unique flavours. Distilled from the finest Mediterranean plants and herbs.

  • Absinthe Rose - Diggin Ditches & Escaping Holes
    Absinthe Rose - Diggin Ditches & Escaping Holes

    Debut full length from this Boston based DIY acoustic folk punk band. Absinthe Rose is the brainchild of guitarist/singer/songwriter Kimbo Rose. Originally based out of the Medford / Ashland Oregon area Absinthe Rose was formed in 2008 as a solo acoustic project. The music has many influences and elements that can be shaped accordingly to the collective of musicians involved and were soon accompanied by friends and fellow musicians Chari on Washboard, Ash on Violin, and Leah on Saw. The band began...

  • Absinthe Verte, 66% abv, 50cl
    Absinthe Verte, 66% abv, 50cl

    Inspired by an old French recipe, Adnams Absinthe Verte is a smooth and sophisticated spirit with refreshing aromas of anise, fennel and lemon balm. The fascinating aroma is followed by rich, round, and warm anise flavours. This is a truly elegant spirit. Note: this product is coloured with natural ingredients, so you must store in a cool dark place to preserve this vibrant colour.

  • Absinthe Vichet - Giclee Print
    Absinthe Vichet - Giclee Print

    Absinthe Vichet - Nover - Giclee Print from AllPosters.co.uk