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  • Opti-Free PureMoist Multi-Purpose Twin Pack
    Opti-Free PureMoist Multi-Purpose Twin Pack

    "Alcon Opti-Free PureMoist Solution removes protein deposits and reduces lipid deposition on your contact lenses. Used to clean, recondition, rinse, disinfect and store your contacts."

  • FreshLook ColorBlends Contact Lenses
    FreshLook ColorBlends Contact Lenses

    FreshLook® visitint contact lenses by Wesley-Jessen. This lens is generally prescribed as a 1-4 week replacement lens. It has a light green handling tint and has a WJ inversion mark to allow the wearer to determine if it is inverted.

  • Systane Preservative-Free Vials (28 ct.)
    Systane Preservative-Free Vials (28 ct.)

    Alcon Systane Lubricant Eye Drops provide immediate relief to dry, irritated eyes resulting from dry-eye symptoms. Systane Lubricant eye Drops provide a unique gel-shield that works on contact, and keeps eyes feeling fresh throughout the entire day. Each vial is preservative free for maximum comfort. Long Lasting Relief Soothing Comfort Dry Eye Therapy Sterile Size: 28 vials .01 fl oz (.04 mL) each Ingredients:Polyethylene Glycol 400 0.4%; Propylene Glycol 0.3%

  • DAILIES AquaComfort Plus 30
    DAILIES AquaComfort Plus 30

    DAILIES AquaComfort Plus 30 contact lenses are daily contacts that feature three moisturizing agents which provide comfort throughout the day. Lens care and messy solutions are not required – just wear them one day and throw them away the next!

  • ALCON - OPTI-Free PureMoist solution
    ALCON - OPTI-Free PureMoist solution

    ALCON - OPTI-Free PureMoist solution OPTI-FREE ® PureMoist ® (formerly sold as EverMoist) provides 16 hour moisture from the insertion of lenses to the end of the day. Only OPTI-FREE ® contains HydraGlyde PureMoist ® Matrix ™ Moisture. This creates a constantly moist layer, that suplies your lenses with all day moisture. It provides a comfortable feel from the use of lenses until they are taken out. Content: 2 bottles of 300ml and two lens cases.

  • Alcon GB7 1" Gas Valve 240V
    Alcon GB7 1" Gas Valve 240V

  • Alcon Opti-free Express
    Alcon Opti-free Express

    Opti-free Express Multipurpose Disinfecting Solution

  • Alcon Systane Balance
    Alcon Systane Balance

    Apply one drop to your eye and blink 2-3 times. Then insert your lenses. Repeat the routine after you remove your contact lenses. This is particularly effective towards the end of the day when your eyes can often begin to become tired, dry and sensitive.

  • Alcon Systane lubricating eye drops
    Alcon Systane lubricating eye drops

    Contains: Systane Lubricating Eye drops is A Sterile Solution Containing Polyethylene Glycol 400, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxypropyl Guar, Boric Acid, Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Chloride, Zinc Chloride, And Appliquéd (Pelargonium Chloride) 0.001%.

  • Alomide Allergy Eye Drops (5ml)
    Alomide Allergy Eye Drops (5ml)

    Alomide allergy eye drops contain the active ingredient lodoxamide, which is a type of medicine used to relieve the symptoms of allergies. Lodoxamide eye drops are used to relieve the symptoms of eye allergies such as hayfever.

  • Clens 100, 10 ml
    Clens 100, 10 ml

    Clens 100 eye drops rehydrate and clean your lenses and allow you to wear them comfortably for longer during the day. Clens also helps to prevent protein deposits even while you're wearing your lenses.

  • Dailies Total 1 - 30 lenses
    Dailies Total 1 - 30 lenses

    This new daily disposable silicone-hydrogel contact lens by Alcon, is designed with a water content of over 80% at the surface, which almost equals the water content of your eye. The material in the nucleus of the lens only contains 33% water. Thanks to this innovative technology, DAILIES TOTAL1® combines superior oxygen permeability and lasting lubricity making your eyes look healthy and bright. In addition, friction between the contact lens and the sensitive tissue layers of your eye is significantly...

  • Focus RS500 - (2010)
    Focus RS500 - (2010)

    * Larger EC-approved 3" downpipe. * Anti-loosen bolts. * 200-cell EC sports catalyst. * EC EURO or UK-spec 3" cat-back exhaust. * Cast inlet plenum. * Mountune re-circulating bypass valve. * Revised engine calibration. * Mountune Racing badge.

  • I-Caps AREDS Formula Softgels (120 ct.)
    I-Caps AREDS Formula Softgels (120 ct.)

    ICaps Eye Vitamin & Mineral Supplement AREDS Formula is developed by Alcon, the world-wide leader in eye care. AREDS Formula contains the same antioxidants and zinc ingredients used in the Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS), conducted by the National Eye Institute. AREDS is a ground-breaking, 10-year clinical study that proved the benefit of these high-potency antioxidant and zinc ingredients in certain patients at high-risk. It is important to note that the high-potency Vitamin C, Vitamin E and...

  • Isopto Alkaline 10ml
    Isopto Alkaline 10ml

    For treatment of dry eyes.

  • Light Effect Units
    Light Effect Units

    Hours of randomly generated active pre-programmes, reacts right on the beat of the music in perfect sync with any other linked units.

  • Maxitrol Eye Drops 5ml
    Maxitrol Eye Drops 5ml

    Maxitrol Eye Drops are used to treat bacterial infections, control the swelling associated with bacterial infections of the eye. Indicated for the short-term treatment of steroid responsive conditions of the eye when prophylactic antibiotic treatment is also required, after excluding the presence of fungal and viral disease.

  • Opti Free Replenish
    Opti Free Replenish

    OPTI-FREE ® RepleniSH ® allows for a continuous shield of moisture between the lens and the eye, providing comfort by keeping lenses moist. This shield of moisture on the surface of the lens may help keep eyes looking white and free from redness in many patients.

  • Opti-Free Express NoRub 355ml
    Opti-Free Express NoRub 355ml

    Optifree Express NoRub is a so called ”rub free” lens solution that keeps the contacts fresh and moist all day. The solution is effective on disinfection, cleansing, rinsing, moisturizing and storing of all soft contact lenses. Optifree Express NoRub also kills off unhealthy bacteria and fungus. The contacts should be placed in the solution in a closed lens case over night or for at least 6 hours.

  • Opti-free Puremoist flight pack
    Opti-free Puremoist flight pack

    Not only does Opti-free Puremoist offer exceptional cleaning ability, it utilises HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix which helps keep lenses moist all day for enhanced comfort.

  • OptiFree Express Multipurpose Solution - 355ml
    OptiFree Express Multipurpose Solution - 355ml

    Reasons to buy OptiFree Express Multipurpose Solution - 355ml Try now this fantastic contact lens cleaning solution. Opti-Free Express Multipurpose Solution provides lasting comfort with the convenience of a no rub solution. It is also perfect for cleaning, disinfecting and storing any type of contact lenses, including silicone hydrogel ones. It features a unique cleaning formula that provides triple action cleaning for your contact lenses. It not only maintains and cleans your lenses while they...

  • Quantity discount 1 Box
    Quantity discount 1 Box

    Micelle lotion for the daily hygiene of sensitive eyelids.Blephasol mechanically removes impurities, stains, dried secretions and make-up from eyelids and base of eyelashes.

  • Supranettes Sterile Eye Cleansing Wipes (x20)
    Supranettes Sterile Eye Cleansing Wipes (x20)

    Each tissue is individually wrapped and we strongly recommend that you use a fresh tissue for each eye. This ensures that no germs will be transferred from one eye to the other when you are cleaning them. The tissues are easy to use and do not leave any fluff around the eye as is often the case with cotton wool pads.

  • Vans Alcon Shoes - Camo Rock
    Vans Alcon Shoes - Camo Rock

    Vans Alcon Shoes - Camo Rock Was £84.95 Now £42.50 Select Size UK 7 UK 8 UK 9 UK 10 size guide Alcon Shoes from Vans Part of the Vans Off The Wall collection Thick camo canvas upper Mid top Embossed leather brand tab to tongue Metal eyelets More Footwear More Vans Shoes delivery returns UK - Standard (3-6 days): FREE UK - FedEx Next Day (1-2 Days): £5.95 Europe - Standard: £18.00 Europe - FedEx Express: £20.00 Rest of the World - Standard: £22.00 Rest of the World - FedEx Express: £30.0...

  • Vans Alcon Trainers
    Vans Alcon Trainers

    Long Description: Meet Alcon from the Vans OTW Collection. Featuring textile dot camo uppers with a black suede strip at the heel and a traditional thick rubber sole. The padded tongue and collar ensure comfort and the classic waffle outsole provides grip and traction.

  • Vans OTW Alcon OTW - Brown
    Vans OTW Alcon OTW - Brown

    The Alcon is from the Vans OTW range, a classic hybrid mixing the best of the Half Cab and a few other ingredients.  The Alcon sits great with a pair of jeans and this boot is now a firm fixture in the Vans OTW range.

  • Vans OTW Alcon OTW - Brown
    Vans OTW Alcon OTW - Brown

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  • FreshLook Dimensions Contact Lenses
    FreshLook Dimensions Contact Lenses