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  • Super Antarium - Ant Habitat
    Super Antarium - Ant Habitat

    The Super Antarium is the first and only habitat for ants tested in zero gravity, and is filled with a transparent gel that lets you get a close up to the ants as they burrow their way around the habitat.

  • Uncle Milton Ant Farm Butterfly Jungle Live Habitat (u1470)
    Uncle Milton Ant Farm Butterfly Jungle Live Habitat (u1470)

    Get ready to watch one of natures most amazing transformations as crawling caterpillars turn into dangling chrysalides and then emerge to become adult Painted Lady butterflies! Observe them in this colourful 3D jungle en...

  • Ant World
    Ant World

    Explore the hidden world of ants with the amazing Nick Baker’s Ant World. Specially designed by TV naturalist Nick Baker, this incredible set is as fun as it is educational and even supports National Curriculum Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 studies, coming with all the equipment you need to observe these fascinating insects up close. Use the plastic ant housing, tunneling sand and tubing to recreate a replica of their natural habitat then watch them build tunnels, keep their home...

  • Illuminated Ant farm
    Illuminated Ant farm

    Watch ants dig amazing illuminated 3D tunnels with this Ant Farm Gel Colony from Uncle Milton. Easy to maintain, the ant habitat is break resistant, escape proof and requires no feeding or watering. It is pre-filled with translucent tunnelling gel and comes complete with an LED light module. Includes tunnel starter tool and ant watcher's manual. Requires 2x AAA batteries (order 1x 100-6319).Warning: Suitable for children aged 6 years+. Choking hazard. Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

  • Ant O Sphere 4 Pods
    Ant O Sphere 4 Pods

    Treat ants to a change of scenery they'll never forget. These interconnected spheres recreate the structure of a real ant nest, with two clear pods acting as garden environments and another couple of red chambers that simulate subterranean living. Fill each one with soil or the sand included and you're set to add some wild ants, ready for studying in great detail. The structure itself is simple enough to build, with struts that impressively hold the pods aloft making this ant habitat look...

  • Antquarium Space Gel Ant Farm
    Antquarium Space Gel Ant Farm

    Antquarium - A space-age habitat for ants! The Antquarium is based on a 2003 NASA Space Shuttle experiment to study animal life in space and test how ants successfully tunnel in microgravity. The Ant-Astronaut Story Ants are fascinating creatures. Look at the ground on a fairly nice day, and chances are you’ll see several scurrying around. The ants we interact with in everyday life tend to be scouts or foragers. The colony, with its impressive and complex tunnel system, remains hidden underground...

  • The Boy Who Loved Ants: Edward O.Wilson
    The Boy Who Loved Ants: Edward O.Wilson

    *** As a boy, famed scientist Edward O. Wilson spent his happiest days outdoors hunting for fish, snakes, and bugs in Florida and Alabama. Drawing from Wilson’s autobiography Naturalist, author Sara van Dyck shows how the shy boy who loved ants grew into the man who became a world leader in nature conservation. He believes that there is always more to discover and has dedicated himself to promoting biodiversity and protecting habitats around the globe. Written for ages 7 and up, the book includes...

  •  Habitats

    Deals with such themes as: Plants the producers of food (factors that help them survive in a habitat and form the 'scaffolding' for it); Minibeasts the major types (earthworm, snail, slug, insect beetle, butterfly, moth, flies, ant, spiders, centipedes, and millipedes); and, World sustainability (Conserving the 'world habitat').

  • Narrow-headed ant
    Narrow-headed ant

    The Narrow-headed ant (Formica exsecta) is a very rare wood ant. In the UK, it is restricted to the Scottish Highlands and an isolated population in Devon. However, it is important for the entire ecosystem – in particular, the seeds of many plants are dependent upon them in areas of newly regenerating forest! With this species declining due primarily to habitat loss, the remaining nests are becoming isolated and are in danger of being lost themselves.

  • Space Ants
    Space Ants

    The nutrient, non-toxic gel is formulated to last up to one (1) year and provide ALL the food and water the ant colony needs to live in their antfarm habitat. Usually ants will live anywhere from 2 - 6 months and in the "AntWorks" habitat they are 'safe' from disease, cold/wet, and predators. Also, whenever ants are attacked, it is the OLDEST worker (all female) ants that exit the colony to protect if you capture you own ants, you will never know exactly HOW long they will live. Maybe days...

  • Ant Hill Habitat
    Ant Hill Habitat

    Ant hill habitat. Easy dig sand. Sand rod. Certificate to redeem approximately 25 ants by post. Instructions. Activity guide.