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  • Apeks Quantum Pc Interface (usb)
    Apeks Quantum Pc Interface (usb)

    Apeks Quantum PC Interface (USB) The Apeks Quantum PC Interface kit contains evrything you need to link your Quantum Dive computer to your pc. Kit Contains: Quantum Cradle + USB Cable (Not Suitable For The Apeks Pulse Dive Computer) Softwhare (PC LOG BOOK 4.0 For Pulse/Quantum) Sytem Requirements: Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows ME, Windows 2000, or Windows XP CPU Pentium II 266MHz (or above) Disk Capacity At Least 30 MB of Avaidable Disk Space Memory 64 MB or above (recommended) Video...

  • Apeks TEK3 1st Stage
    Apeks TEK3 1st Stage

    * The TEK3 utilizes all of the proven technology contained within the Apeks range of first stage regulators. * This new model incorporates three medium pressure 3/8” UNF ports and one high pressure 7/16” UNF port. The ports are arranged so as to give a neat streamlined hose configuration as desired by the technical diver. * Allows maximum unrestricted accessibility to the cylinder valves when using a twin cylinder set up. * The TEK3 is available only in DIN versions. Both models use the all metal...

  • Apeks WTX6 & WTX8 Buoyancy cells
    Apeks WTX6 & WTX8 Buoyancy cells

    Outer bag constructed out of Armorshield™ Cordura to resist abrasion and fading. Inner bag constructed from mil-spec welded fabric. This is the same fabric used in survival vests worn by US fighter pilots. Inner bladder protected from zipper with V-diamond rubber. Pull dump on inside lower left. Optional pull dump may be added to inside lower right. Highly efficient drains empty water quickly after the dive. 3 upper grommets allow various height settings coupled with a lower slot that compensates...

  • REGULATOR Apeks AT20
    REGULATOR Apeks AT20

    'You cannot tell how good a regulator is, just by looking at it.' So reads the Apeks brochure, and I agree with this sentiment. I worked the AT20 hard for a week. As I get older, my air consumption goes up. This became very evident when I needed to get across a Maldivian thila in the face of an ocean flow. I never felt I wanted to make the breathing less easy. In fact I am starting to think that one day I might find a regulator that can't keep up with me.

  • Cuff Dump Apeks
    Cuff Dump Apeks

    The Apeks Cuff Dump is totally free from maintenance and requires no adjustment at all, making it the ideal dump valve for a drysuit. Designed to be fitted in the suit cuff the Apeks Cuff Dump simply vents air when the arm is raised and stops when the arm is lowered. The Apeks Cuff Dump will fit as a replacement dump for most suits, however if you are unsure please consult an authorised scuba-technician or give us a call to check.

  • Din Fitting (Chrome) Apeks
    Din Fitting (Chrome) Apeks

    Apeks DIN Fitting, in bright chrome, to convert your a-clamp regulator into a DIN fitting regulator. This version of the Apeks DIN fitting is all brass, including the DIN wheel, and has a bright chrome coating (as found on the XTX40, XTX50 and DS4 models).

  • Drysuit Inflator (Seagen) Apeks
    Drysuit Inflator (Seagen) Apeks

    Swivel Suit Valve Operation - during its static phase medium pressure air enters the swivel suit inflator via the quick connect hose coupling. Air is then prevented from leaking to atmosphere by the upper 'O' ring and is prevented from entering the suit by the lower button 'O' ring. This also eliminates the ingress of water to the suit if the medium pressure is not connected. When the button is pressed the spring compresses and the lower button 'O' ring moves over the venting splines inside the valve...

  • Screencover Quantum Apeks
    Screencover Quantum Apeks

    A replacement screencover for your Apeks Quantum X or Apeks Quantum Dive Computer. After all there's no point having such a powerful computer if you can't see what it's telling you.

  • Apeks TEK SET
    Apeks TEK SET

    Utilizing dedicated right hand and left hand first stages, a diver can configure the Tek 3 regulators so that both external diaphragms face toward center and all hoses are able to route downward. This not only allows a more streamlined configuration, it is safer as it minimizes entanglement hazards in overhead environments.

  • Apeks XTX FSR
    Apeks XTX FSR

    Compact one piece body. 4 angled medium pressure ports, 4 x 3/8" UNF. 2 angled high pressure ports, 2 x 7/16" UNF. Environmentally dry sealed system. Attractive black and luxurious satin silver chrome finish. Balanced for superior performance Removable ARCAP valve seat.

  • Apeks Nitrox DS4 1st Stage with M26 Thread
    Apeks Nitrox DS4 1st Stage with M26 Thread

    The Apeks DS4 Nitrox version can be used with up to 100% O2 making it a preferred choice for serious tech divers! * This compact first stage has one high-pressure port and four medium-pressure ports * Green and yellow cosmetic pieces clearly identify that this regulator is dedicated for high-percentage oxygen use. * The first stage is dry-sealed preventing the entry of contaminants as well as ice formation on the main spring.

  • Apeks Inflatorunit
    Apeks Inflatorunit

    Our rubust and totally reliable inflation valve features an extra large recessed push-button allowing easy operation. the smooth backplate gives protection from uncomfortable pressure loads and prevents cold air blasts through underclothing. The valve sits low on the chest making it less prone to snagging. Rotation is a key feature of this valve to meet the diver's personal hose configuration. The valve is deigned to rotate 360 degrees for flexibility and to assist suit manufacturers in fitting valves...

  • Apeks Scuba Dive BCD's & Wings
    Apeks Scuba Dive BCD's & Wings

    Apeks are a well known well respected company who are more recent entrants into the BCD or Wing market. Their product range is a modular one comprising harnesses, backplates and a range of wings or bouyancy cells from the Apeks WTX BC Range. Quality, performance and reliability. The company that produces the premiere line of technical regulators offers you a premiere line of technical BCDs. The WTX Series will certainly appeal to today’s technical divers. These fine products offer unparalleled versatility...

  • HP Port Gauge (Air) Apeks
    HP Port Gauge (Air) Apeks

    The Apeks HP Port or Button Gauge is designed to provide contents reading to cylinders where a separate gauge is not required. Ideally suited to application such as pony cylinders stage bottles or suit inflators the Button Gauge reads up to 350bar and fits directly into the HP port on any regulator first stage.


  • Hustle MX Apek White Green Goggle
    Hustle MX Apek White Green Goggle

    Gain a competitive advantage in the Hustle, equipped with some of SCOTT’s latest Moto goggle technology. Dial in a custom fit with the revolutionary Fit System, and enjoy SCOTT’s newest 3-layer foam for supreme comfort.

  • Apeks Contents Gauge and Depth Gauge
    Apeks Contents Gauge and Depth Gauge

    Details Delivery Reviews Video The Contents gauge and depth gauge from Apeks is a two gauge console housed in a specially designed case and comes with a high pressure hose. The gauges display both your pressure and depth readings and these are easily viewed using the long lasting phosphorescent effect when in poor lighting conditions. The Pressure gauge has a range of 360 bar and the depth gauge shows a range down to 70 metres. The housing is sleek and low profile which provides a comfortable...

  • Apeks Ladies 200 Metre Dive Watch
    Apeks Ladies 200 Metre Dive Watch

    Apeks Apeks Ladies 200 Metre Dive Watch ***Free Delivery*** Web Price £69.99

  • Apeks Suit Valve Backing Disc
    Apeks Suit Valve Backing Disc

    Rubber reinforcing disc for Apeks and most other types of suit inflation and automatic exhaust valve.

  • Apeks Regulator Instrument Bag
    Apeks Regulator Instrument Bag

    Details Delivery Reviews Video This regulator bag fro Apeks is large enough to fit an entire set of regulators including first stage, primary second stage, octopus, instrument console and hoses. The bag is padded to help prevent the regulators from becoming damaged. An easy access zip with large rubberised pull tags at the top of the bag allows quick access into compartment. A mesh panel at the bottom allows excess water to drain out and the regulators to air, helping to prevent a build up...

  • Apeks DIN to INT (Yoke) adapter
    Apeks DIN to INT (Yoke) adapter

    Shipping Cost Estimator Enter your destination and a valid ZIP code to get shipping costs Country United Kingdom Please select region, state or province * * Insert 0000 for countries without ZIP codes Get a Quote

  • Apeks Dry Suit Swivel Inflator
    Apeks Dry Suit Swivel Inflator

    Apeks suit inflation valve with swivel for easy comfort adjustment.

  • G-APEK British Airways Vanguard PCM Models PCM097
    G-APEK British Airways Vanguard PCM Models PCM097

    PCM Models are a superb range of hand crafted mahogany or resin aviation display models. Their features include individually hand carved, or resin, complete with stand, high quality lacquer finish, accurate representation, and detailed to a high standard, and with no assembly required.

  • Apeks Comfobite Mouthpiece
    Apeks Comfobite Mouthpiece

    Details Delivery Reviews The Apeks Comfobite mouthpiece is the standard mouthpiece fitted to all Apeks primary second stages and features a bridge that joins the two bite tabs together. The purpose of the bridge is to shield the roof of the mouth from the filtered compressed air as it passes out of the mouthpiece to avoid a dry out your mouth. Diving compressed air is, at a minimum, double filtered to remove contaminants and moisture. Whilst this is essential for the diver's health it does...

  • Apeks 1000m Diving Watch
    Apeks 1000m Diving Watch

  • Apeks Regulator service
    Apeks Regulator service

    Apeks Planet Scuba Regulator service This Regulator Service Pack is for all regulator models, Includes the regulator service kit, labour and the postage costs for returning your regulators safely to you. All the parts required for the regulator service are supplied by the manufacturer and are fitted by trained technicians. Once completed we will post your regulators to the delivery address you provide using a recorded delivery service. PLEASE NOTE: This regulator service pack only includes...

  • Apeks Miniature Pony Indicator
    Apeks Miniature Pony Indicator

    The Apeks Miniature Pony Indicator is a button pressure gauge measuring 23mm in diameter that is designed to be fitted to redundant air supplies such as a pony or similar system that do not need constant monitoring during a dive or situations where trailing high pressure hoses are not ideal..... Read more

  • Apeks Contents Depth Gauge and Compass
    Apeks Contents Depth Gauge and Compass

    This gauge is a two plus one instrument combo from Apeks which is identical to the two gauge console but also includes a compass on the reverse. This compact system is unique as the compass has two side sight windows so that divers can use it in their right or left hand and this ultimately makes it more comfortable to use. The compass has a luminous dial and means it can clearly be seen in low lighting conditions and a ratchet bezel which can still be easily rotated when using gloves, whilst numbers...

  • Computer APEKS Quantum X
    Computer APEKS Quantum X

    The displayed figures are large and easily read. Nitrogen loading shows up as a graphic on the left side until you are into decompression-stop diving, while the oxygen limit is shown by a graphic building up on the right. There’s a PO2 alarm activated by passing the maximum operating depth (MOD) for the mix set.

  • Apeks Dry Suit Hose
    Apeks Dry Suit Hose

    Details Delivery Reviews 29" long low pressure hose with large quick disconnect coupling on one end (not standard BCD) and 3/8" male thread on the other. (Caution: if in doubt please call our technicians for advice before fitting) This item cannot be sent outside the EU