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  • Music Books for Xmas for children and others
    Music Books for Xmas for children and others

    Deck The Halls - Ding-Dong Merrily On High - The First Noel - Friendly Beasts - From Heaven High I Come To You - Fum, Fum, Fum - Gesu Bambino - Go Tell It On The Mountain - God Be With You - God Bless All - God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen - The Golden Carol - Good Christian Men, Rejoice - Good King Wenceslas - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing - Hear The Angel Voices - Here We Come A-Caroling - Holly...

  • Nelsons 'Bach' Original Flower Remedies (Gentian)
    Nelsons 'Bach' Original Flower Remedies (Gentian)

  • Once Is Enough T-Shirt
    Once Is Enough T-Shirt

    This classic round-necked basic T-shirt by B&C is the Shirtcity standard T-shirt for men, but it is also popular as a unisex product. This T-Shirt is comfortable to wear, because of its broad and casual cut. The big colour palette supports all prints and colour combinations.

  • One by Richard Bach
    One by Richard Bach

    Details What if we could talk face-to-face with the people we were in the past, with the people we are in parallel lifetimes, in alternate worlds? What would we tell them, and what would we ask? How would we change if we new what waits beyond space and time?' In a journey with his wife, Leslie, Richard Bach travels to a realm where survival depends on discovering what the other aspects of themselves have learned on roads they never took; where imagination and fear are tools for saving worlds and...

  • Original Release Date 21/03/2006
    Original Release Date 21/03/2006

  • P.D.Q Bach - The Abduction of Figaro - DVD
    P.D.Q Bach - The Abduction of Figaro - DVD

    The master of musical parody, Professor Peter Schickele, brings us a complete opera by PDQ Bach, a man who has been called a pimple on the face of music, the worst musician ever to have trod organ pedals, and the most dangerous musician since Nero This fully-staged complete live performance features the Chorus, Corpse sic de Ballet, and Orchestra of the Minnesota Opera under the direction of Professor Schickele A wonderfully funny show — Musical America A crazed pastiche gags – millions of them...

  • Passacaglia by Paul Ayres
    Passacaglia by Paul Ayres

    There is much common ground (if you will excuse the pun which is about to become apparent) between passacaglia, a ‘serious’ composition, usually in 3-time with a 4- or 8-bar theme, ground bass, an English term used by composers such as Byrd and Purcell, with a shorter bass-line, maybe just between two or three notes, chaconne, a 3-time Baroque dance, sometimes with interludes or‘ verses’ between the repeated-bass ‘choruses’, basso ostinato, Italian for ‘obstinate bass’, i.e. where the bass remains...

  • Piano Composers A-Z
    Piano Composers A-Z

    3 Minuets in G, 2 Marches (D and G) and the Aria in G minor from 'The Anna Magdalena Book'; Bourrée in F (BWV 820); Preludes in C and F (BWV 939); Gavotte in G minor (BWV 822); Gavotte in G major (BWV 815); Minuet-Trio in G minor and Courante from 'The W-F Bach Notebook' (BWV 824); Minuet in E (French Suite No.6) (BWV 817)

  • Piano Concertos by Bach, Schnittke & Shostakovich
    Piano Concertos by Bach, Schnittke & Shostakovich

    Ksenia Bashmet (piano), Yuri Bashmet (conductor), Moscow Soloists

  • Plat Bach - Side Plate
  • Prelude No.1 by Johann Sebastian Bach
    Prelude No.1 by Johann Sebastian Bach

    A beautiful piece of flowing music that belongs to the all-time greats of piano music. It effortlessly moves from note to note with one broken chord melting into the next. It's almost worth buying this product just so that you can listen to the Mp3! Overall, this most famous of pieces is a must if you're developing a 'famous pieces' repertoire. The sheet music comes complete with playing tips and a free Mp3.

  • Prelude Trumpet with Bach Mouthpiece
    Prelude Trumpet with Bach Mouthpiece

  • Publication Details: Bach Flower Remedies for Cats
    Publication Details: Bach Flower Remedies for Cats

    Cat owners can care for their felines from kitten-hood to old age through a safe and natural system using the flower remedies created by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s. This book explores how this healing therapy treats ailments with different flora and can be applied to cats to ease their mental stress, worry and other emotional problems. Individuals can gain a closer understanding with their cats and spare them from unnecessary medications and drugs in the process.The book delves into the background...

  • Ricercar Consort II
    Ricercar Consort II

    Over two concerts the Ricercar Consort explores some of Bach's earliest cantatas with an outstanding line-up of singers. Directed from the viol by Philippe Pierlot, the concerts feature Bach's funeral cantata Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit also known as Actus tragicus and Mein Herze schwimmt im Blut with soprano soloist Katharine Fuge.

  • Schlusselloch-Graberfeld am Oespeler Bach [Hardback]
    Schlusselloch-Graberfeld am Oespeler Bach [Hardback]

    Details Report from excavations carried out by the Oespeler river West of Dortmund in 1991-95. A rich variety of prehistoric finds were uncovered including graves, a neolithic settlement and middle Bronze age enclosures.

  • Sound at Sight Grade 4 to 8 Trinity Guildhall
    Sound at Sight Grade 4 to 8 Trinity Guildhall

    These are pieces written for the guitar to bring out the best it has to offer, highlighting the guitars warm, rich and singing character. The music is very evocative and, I think, teaches us how to express feeling and emotions through the guitar in a fun and relatively uncomplicated way! Berben Edition - Volume 3 Orginal Compositions. Titles include - Adelita, Alborada, Capricho Arabe, El Columpio, Danza Mora, Danza Odalisca, Jota, Gran Vals En La, La Cartagenera, Pavana, Las Dos Hermanitas, Maria...

  • Straeon Harri Bach
    Straeon Harri Bach

    Cafodd Henry Jones, neu Harri Bach, ei fagu yng Nghricieth, ac yno y mae wedi treulio y rhan helaethaf o'i fywyd, a'i fys mewn sawl briwas! Ar hyd y blynyddoedd, gwisgodd sawl cap - adeiladwr, ymgymerwr, cynghorydd a ffermwr - ond rhoddodd ei fryd ar gael hwylio'r byd. Yn y gyfrol ddifyr hon cawn rannu ei anturiaethau, profi ei hiwmor ffraeth a chyfarfod â llu o gymeriadau lliwgar.

  • Sweet Dreams - Henrik Bach Petersen
    Sweet Dreams - Henrik Bach Petersen

    Instrumental versions of traditional Scandinavian songs. With a soft instrumentation these melodies come alive and can bring back old childhood memories and distant times using guitars, piano, keyboards, fretles bass, molodica, bongos, talking drum, udu drum, tumbas, penny whistle, snare drum, berimbau, kalimba & percussion.

  • That Awkward Moment DVD
    That Awkward Moment DVD

    Romantic comedy starring Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller. Jason (Efron), Daniel (Teller) and Mikey (Jordan) are three bachelors living together in New York. When Mikey splits from his long term girlfriend the others pledge to stay single to help mend his broken heart. The gang then get themselves into all kinds of awkward situations while hitting the local nightlife but when Jason starts seeing Ellie (Imogen Poots) more and more often, the other guys feel this goes against their...

  • The Handbook of Bach Flower Remedies for Animals
    The Handbook of Bach Flower Remedies for Animals

    description | reviews | contents | Bach Flower Remedies are dilutions of flower material developed by Edward Bach, an English physician and homeopath, in the 1930s. This practical handbook explains how Bach Flower Remedies can be highly effective for treating both behavioural and physical complaints in animals. Based on strong scientific research and detailed case studies, this book is a comprehensive resource that helps find solutions to common animal health and behaviour issues. The book lists...

  • The positive potential of Rock Water
    The positive potential of Rock Water

    Rock Water is for inflexibility: it is for people who set themselves very high standards and may be self-denying. They are self-dominating to the point of self-martyrdom. For example, they will stick rigidly to diet and exercise programmes, work routines and spiritual disciplines. Their thinking is ruled by fixed ideas and dogma regarding subjects like religion, diet, morality, politics, etc. They like to set an example to others because they seek self-perfection, and do not actively interfere in...

  • Ultimate Piano Collection Volume 2 on CD
    Ultimate Piano Collection Volume 2 on CD

    Product Description Ultimate Collection: PIANO VOLUME 2 Sheet Music on DVD Contents: Solo Piano Music Music for Piano with Orchestra Piano Music for 4 Hands Music for 2 Pianos Piano Studies and Exercises Isaac Albeniz Piano Sonata No 3, Op 68 Iberia, Books 1, 2, 3, 4 Johann Ernst Bach Fantasia and Fugue in F Johann Sebastian Bach 6 English Suites 6 French Suites 6 Partitas 7 Toccatas Goldberg Variations 15 Inventions 15 Sinfonias The Art of the Fugue The Musical Offering The Well Tempered...

  • Vincent Bach 50B3 Bass Trombone
    Vincent Bach 50B3 Bass Trombone

    9.5" one piece yellow brass bell. .562" large bore. Chrome-plated nickel silver seamless inner slide. Brass outer slide. Nickel silver handgrip. Tubular nickel silver body braces. Double in line independent rotors. Traditional wrap F attachment. Supplied in deluxe wood shell case with Vincent Bach mouthpiece. Standard configuration supplied. Other specifications available including open wrap, Hagmann or Thayer valve mechanisms, silver or gold finishes, optional bell materials and weights...

  • Voltolina Bach 12 Light Chandelier
    Voltolina Bach 12 Light Chandelier

    The Bach collection by Voltolina celebrates the famous German composer through its unique combination of traditional design with contemporary materials. The nickel metal frame is sheathed in hand made blown glass, and is decorated with 24% lead crystal gem drops. Dramatic and attention grabbing, the 12 light chandelier would be suited in a dining room or lounge.

  • Y ci bach chwareus
    Y ci bach chwareus

    Aled has a new puppy called Titw. Mali, Aled's friend, thinks Titw is wonderful... but he chews everything! Can Mali help Titw to play a less mischievous game? Paperback. 63 pages. ISBN 9781904357995.

  • Travelstar 40 - Travel Backpack
    Travelstar 40 - Travel Backpack

    Bach - Travelstar 40 - Travel Backpack

  • Bach 3952 Lacquer Cloth
    Bach 3952 Lacquer Cloth

    This Lacquer Cloth has been Impregnated with cleaning agents to keep lacquered instruments in top condition and statically charged to attract dust and grit that may build up on your instrument.

  • Vincent Bach Budget Horn Gig Bag
    Vincent Bach Budget Horn Gig Bag

    Vincent Bach Budget Synthetic French Horn Case. The Vincent Bach Budget range are fantastically low 'budget' cases that are suitable for musician who do light gigging but still want a great case for their instrument. They are made from strong materials and enough padding to protect your instrument from knocks and dents. They are light and easy to transport making it ideal for adults and children alike.

  • Bach 351 7EW
    Bach 351 7EW

    Bach 7EW mouthpiece for trumpet, The same as No. 7E with a cushion rim. For players accustomed to playing with much pressure, especially in the high register. Brass / Mouthpieces (Brass)

  • 1 x Name connector bar charm for bracelet necklace crafts 11x40x3mm
    1 x Name connector bar charm for bracelet necklace crafts 11x40x3mm

    description Welcome to Fairys Charms Description This sale is for one Celtic connector bar ** Bach ** exclusive to fairyscharms© UK SELLER Lead & Nickel Free Chinese Metal Alloy Please read the conditions of sale listed below prior to purchasing. Your bid and payment is considered to be a legal acceptance of these trading terms Please feel free to contact me by email - or, please text message me on 07979 918200 Payment Payment via PAYPAL ONLY within 3 days please . ...