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  • Berkswell Cheese 500g of Berkswell Cheese
    Berkswell Cheese 500g of Berkswell Cheese

  • Just Cheese Selection
    Just Cheese Selection

    Lincolnshire Poacher 200-300g. Colston Bassett Stilton 200-300g. Quickes Mature Goat Cheddar 160-250g. Berkswell 140-190g. Mrs Kirkham's Lancashire 200-300g.

  • The Ultimate Cheese Board - Foodstore
    The Ultimate Cheese Board - Foodstore

    This really is the ultimate in cheese boards: four artisanal cheeses, a Calbrian fig ball, wheat crackers, puree and chutney, and a bottle of Bordeaux to wash it down. This all comes with a Knot Cheese Wire– an elegant accessory for your cheese board. Lancashire Strong Bomb Berkswell Baby Farleigh Wallop Goats Cheese by Alex James Cotswold Blue Brie by Simon Weaver Slow-Baked Calabrian Fig Ball Miller’s Damsel Wheat & Charcoal Crackers The Fine Cheese Co Quince Puree The Fine Cheese Co...

  • 190 - Berkswell
    190 - Berkswell

    Commentary Made at Ram Hall Farm, a small dairy in Warwickshire, by the Fletcher family who started making cheese at the end of the 1980s on a very small scale. Now they have a closed flock of almost 1000 dairy sheep and make Berkswell, a cheese that is renowned throughout the British Cheese Industry as one of the most delicious, consistent quality ewes' milk cheeses available. The flavour is full with a savoury yet fruity quality that fills the mouth Read more Every morning and every evening...

  • Berkswell

    A superb, hard-rinded, unpasteurised ewe's milk cheese, made using natural rennet, that is released when aged around 4 months. Delicious lingering, mouth-filling flavour with hints of caramel and a definite tang on the finish. This cheese is a regular award winner. Handmade on their farm by Stephen and Sheila Fletcher to exacting high standards and could be compared to a good Manchego in style, flavour and finish. A magnificent looking amonite shaped cheese with distinctive ridges and unusual markings...

  • Berkswell

    Price Per 100g This widely acclaimed ewe's milk cheese is hand made by the Fletcher family at Berkswell in the Forest of Arden. They only use milk from their own Friesland sheep and use kitchen colanders to press the cheese, which gives the cheese it's distinctive shape ! The cheese is matured for 6 to 9 months and has a unique nutty flavour. Additional Information: Unpasteurised ewes milk cheese made using traditional rennet Keep refrigerated on receipt.