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  • Blokus :: Buy Oriental
    Blokus :: Buy Oriental

    Blokus is a game of strategy and skill that challenges players to keep their color string going while plotting to block out their opponents. With Blokus each player starts in a corner and must plot how to position the 21 differently shaped game pieces on the 400 square Blokus board to continue building a color snake by only touching the corners of their color pieces. While easy in the beginning, Blokus game play becomes challenging as all the colors meet in the center! The goal of Blokus Game is...

  • Blokus

    Play it with your family or among friends: with Blokus you are guaranteed to have puzzling challenges. When it is played by four people, the game is very animated and the outcome is never certain! Played by two people the game becomes much more strategic and requires even more thinking.

  • Blokus to Go
    Blokus to Go

    In Cubu, each player starts with a hand of seven cards, with each card showing a combination of different-colored boxes and a number, or a special action. Each turn you can either play an action card by giving it to another player, who must do what the action says, or play any number of Cubu cards, as long as they continue in the sequence begun. Sequences grow by color or location, and progress either up or down – but must go in the same direction in a single turn. Box number is determined by counting...

  • Blokus

    Quick Overview This colourful strategy game, whereby you expand your territory and blockade your opponents, has loads to recommend it. Like originality and international awards, for starters. But, best of all, the rules can be mastered in a flash and the average game takes just 20-30 minutes. Brilliant fun for one to four players.