Bougainvillea Bush
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  • Bougainvillea Bush
    Bougainvillea Bush

    This delightful Bougainvillea Bush will add a Mediterranean touch to any garden or brighten up any room or conservatoryColour - PurpleNice bush form approx 30-40cm above the potSpread: about 30-40cmAn eye catching conservatory or patio feature

  • Bougainvillea Bush Gift
    Bougainvillea Bush Gift

    The Bougainvillea Bush is a symbol in the world all over for beauty and sunshine. The majestic flowers are beloved across South America, Asia and California, due to their impeccable beauty. The demure and elegant Bougainvillea Plant provides a state of tranquility to any garden with its beautiful flowers and graceful stance. The Bougainvillea Plant is a perfect gift to bring out the true beauty of any garden. The beautiful colours that will flash brilliantly against the sun while in full bush, add...

  • Pair of Pink Bougainvillea Bushes
    Pair of Pink Bougainvillea Bushes

    April. May. June. July. August.

  • Pair of Pink Bougainvillea Bushes 60cm tall
    Pair of Pink Bougainvillea Bushes 60cm tall

    Vibrantly coloured and very long lasting, Bougainvillea bracts will brighten your summer patio display and add a touch of the Mediterranean too! They are tropical climbers and are suitable for large containers which - when placed in the garden during summer - really do make a fabulous show. They don't mind the cold, but for perennial displays, you will need to keep them frost-free during winter. They will grow best in a sunny spot, are low maintenance and very easy to grow in this form because they...