Caprino Cheese
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  • from Waitrose Caprino goat's cheese
    from Waitrose Caprino goat's cheese

    A fresh, lemony, soft & creamy cheese, very moreish. This little goats milk cheese is allowed to 'age' for a mere three or fours days so it is soft and light with a refreshing, clean flavour quite unlike preconceived notions of the flavour of goats cheese. Strength 2

  • Goat's Cheese and Fig Marmalade
    Goat's Cheese and Fig Marmalade

    The mild tanginess of the cheese is beautifully balanced with the intense fruitiness of the marmalade. Gift bag contains: Caprino piemontese-mild pasteurized goat cheese, 250g whole Fig marmalade, 250g jar Recipe card

  • Caprino Piemontese
    Caprino Piemontese

    Made with 100% pasteurised goats milk, this delicate, soft rinded, fudgy cheese is lovely with fig marmalade.

  • Caprino il Caprone 200G
    Caprino il Caprone 200G

    Goats milk cheese aged 3-6 Months. The longer maturation period gives the cheese a saltier and tangy flavour.

  • Wine, Olive oil and Cheese Tasting Session in Florence
    Wine, Olive oil and Cheese Tasting Session in Florence

    Treat yourself to the many delicious tastes of the Tuscany region on this special wine and cheese tasting session in Florence. Visit a typical wine and cheese shop in the heart of beautiful Florence and see how traditional red and white wine, Gorgonzola, Caprino and Pecorino di Fossa cheese are prepared.Learn about the history of the Tuscany delicacies that you sample and find out why the Italians love their cheese, Olive Oil and wine so much!

  • Caprino Netro
    Caprino Netro

    Matured for 1 month only, these delicate cheeses are hand wrapped in either saffron, fennel seeds, mixed herbs or fern leaves and come in a variety of shapes – logs, pyramids and discs. Stunning on a cheeseboard. Their fresh creaminess is beautifully complimented with a fruity fig marmalade on some on crispy music paper. Weighs about 200g