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  • Carole Franck Freshness Fluid
    Carole Franck Freshness Fluid

    Birchbox Breakdown Some days you have time for the whole routine – toners, serums, eye creams and spot-correctors – and all you need is a basic effective moisturiser that keeps skin hydrated all day. Perfect for normal to combination skin, this lotion is all about moisture. Active ingredients like barbary fig, oarweed and chlorella create a protective bio-film on the skin that prevents dehydration. A fantastic basic (and divinely scented) moisturiser that delivers on its promise – all day silky skin...

  • Carole Franck Soothing Cleansing Milk
    Carole Franck Soothing Cleansing Milk

    Birchbox Breakdown Perfect for those with sensitive skin, this gentle cleanser removes make-up, deep cleans and removes impurities, all while soothing and calming the skin with rose extract, iris and chamomile. With a delicate rose scent, this is the perfect cleanser to use twice daily. 200ml. How To Use Dab on a cotton pad and dot directly onto congested areas of skin to reduce inflammation and accelerate skin healing. Alternatively, you can mix about 30 drops with 200ml of distilled water in a...

  • Carole Franck Aromatic Spray
    Carole Franck Aromatic Spray

    Birchbox Breakdown This gorgeous spray is a French favourite we now can’t live without. Used between cleansing and moisturising, the water-based product ensures that its active ingredients permeate the skin more effectively. What are these active ingredients? They’re all natural and proven effective; lavender helps sooth and calm the skin, rosemary helps to tone and stimulate the skin and lemon helps to kill bacteria and brighten the complexion. 50ml. How To Use After cleansing, spray from around...