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  • CLASSIC Large Wooden Chess Set
    CLASSIC Large Wooden Chess Set

    CLASSIC high quality large wooden chess set, comprising of a solid ornate stained wooden board and sleek designer wooden chess pieces. Hand crafted in Europe from carefully selected high quality wood.

  • Club Plastic Chess Set
    Club Plastic Chess Set

    The Club Plastic Chess Set is the perfect choice for schools, chess clubs and tournaments where you need a quality tournament size chess set that both looks great and at a very affordable price. Features Contains a 3 3/4" king, paper felt base. Solid plastic.

  • Coach Art Deco Wooden Chess Set
    Coach Art Deco Wooden Chess Set

    art deco wooden chess set

  • Consul Chess Set
    Consul Chess Set

    The Consul Chess set features interesting and aesthetically styled Chess pieces. Distinguishing feature of the contrasting Queen's finial and King's topknot. The boards are folding and hinged with storage trays inside for the pieces. Board is 48cm square when open. King is 3.5 inches high.

  • Crusades Chess Set
    Crusades Chess Set

    The designers have created a magnificent chess set which epitomises the struggles between Christians and Muslims. This conflict has continued for over a thousand years,but it is the period between 1095 and 1292 which has captured our imagination because of the historic exploits of the Crusader Knights. Also includes a folding wooden veneer chessboard. Height of the King:14cm

  • Egyptians & Nubians Chess Set
    Egyptians & Nubians Chess Set

    Egyptians & Nubians handpainted resin chess set with box/board included. Tallest piece is approx. 80mm, box/board (pictured above) measures 395 x 395 x 58mm. Weight 3.4kg. Nubian pieces are identical in design to the Egyptians except painted all-over black with gold coloured decoration.

  • Fantasy Dragon Chess SET
    Fantasy Dragon Chess SET

  • Farmland Chess Set Pieces
    Farmland Chess Set Pieces

    The farmer, the 'king' of the farm, and his wife, the 'queen' of the farm, rule over flocks of chickens and some highly spotted pigs and cows. Their refuge farmhouses are the rooks, and castling now takes on a whole new meaning! The farmer by castling smartly gets to hide behind his farmhouse and the dedicated pecking guards. The cows provide the long-range diagonal support in the form of bishops, and the pigs provide that characteristic pig-like movement--unpredictable knight-moves!

  • Ferrari carbon fibre chess set
    Ferrari carbon fibre chess set

    This precious chess and draughts set is made from carbon fibre covered wood, personalized with the enamelled metal Ferrari shield on the front. The playing board alternates squares in carbon fibre and fibreglass. The chess pieces inside are made from black and red varnished wood. The knight piece is inspired by the PH. It also comes with 16 black and 16 red pieces to play draughts. Hand made in Italy. Dimensions: 42x42x7.2 cm. Made from 60% wood, 20% carbon fibre, 15% metal, 5% enamelled glass.

  • Folded Chess Set - Mini Poster
    Folded Chess Set - Mini Poster

    Folded Chess Set - - Mini Poster from

  • Folding Chess Set
    Folding Chess Set

    Free Delivery on orders over £30.00. UK Standard Delivery (3-5 days) £3.95. Express Delivery (1-2 working days) £7.00. Europe from £6.00. Delivery to all Other Destinations £25.00.

  • Folding Magnetic Chess Set
    Folding Magnetic Chess Set

    A beautiful handcrafted folding magnetic travel chess set. Open size 13 x 13cm.

  • Folding Wooden Chess Set
    Folding Wooden Chess Set

    The classic game of strategy. A well crafted wood version of chess which folds to a box to provide storage for playing figures. Playing instructions included.

  • Fundex - Premium Wood Chess set
    Fundex - Premium Wood Chess set

    Product Description Fundex - Premium Wood Chess set A classic game Premium wooden set Board doubles a a storage box 2 players A solid wood board doubles as a storage container for the gaming pieces of this classic game.

  • Garden Chess Set 20.6cm
    Garden Chess Set 20.6cm

    Product Description Giant Garden Chess Set 20.6cm 73mm If Chess is your game then this Giant Chess Set will be perfect for you and your family/friends. Giant Garden Chess is a game of skill & cunning, which can be played indoors or out! Containing a full all weather chess set (all pieces are 10cm to 20.6cm tall) and a 89cm x 89cm mat, with a carry box. Contents Full Chess Set (pieces 10cm to 20.6cm tall), Chess Mat, Carry box.

  • Giant Chess Set
    Giant Chess Set

    Giant Chess Set Hours/days(?) of entertainment, play in pairs or teams, anywhere Price: £59.50 Availability: In Stock 3 reviews | Write an awesomeness review Chess, ‘the game of Kings’ has so much to offer & at 1.2 metres square, the giant chess set has even more! The quality pieces which start at 25cm tall move around the giant, wipe-clean ‘chessboard’ as each opponent improves their skills. Who knows? You may have a budding Kasparov; wait ‘til you see the Tell Me More About It bit below! Love...

  • Giant Chess Set
    Giant Chess Set

    The pieces come in three sections, the base comes as two parts and clip together so that they can be filled with either sand or water, making the pieces weighty enough to be kept out side all the time. The third section is the topper or crown section that identifies each piece.

  • Gothic Chess Set Complete 4 Moulds
    Gothic Chess Set Complete 4 Moulds


  • Harry Potter Chess Set
    Harry Potter Chess Set

    The 32 chess pieces are made to exact detail and measure from 2 1/2 to 5 1/2 inches in height. The set comes complete with a striking playing board display measuring 20 x 20 inches.

  • Ice Speed Chess Set
    Ice Speed Chess Set

    Just what I hoped for. And despatched promptly. Thank you.

  • Jaques Chess Set with Linen Board
    Jaques Chess Set with Linen Board

    Jaques Chess Set Linen Board - A fantastic quality 2.5" Chess set complete with a 12" card and linen board.

  • Joubert Larry - Blue Chess Set
    Joubert Larry - Blue Chess Set

  • Killyliss Studio Chess Set
    Killyliss Studio Chess Set

  • Kingdom of the Dragon Gothic Chess Set
    Kingdom of the Dragon Gothic Chess Set

    Choose from Gothic ornaments and fairy figurines in the Ann Stokes collectable range by Nemesis Now featuring fairies, dragon ornaments, gothic collectables and gifts, all with free UK delivery. Ask a question? Recent Posts Broken Heart Gothic Ring By AlchemyApril 17, 2013 Sure Shot UL13 Urban Alchemy NecklaceApril 9, 2013 Beautiful Gift Idea for MumMarch 4, 2013 1

  • Large Chess Set
    Large Chess Set

    Product Description Our smaller chess set is perfect for the smaller garden or patio. The set comes complete with a 1.2m playing mat. The chess pieces are one piece plastic i.e. one section and stand between 20cms and 25cms tall. The base diameter of the chess pieces is 9.5cms. The pieces are packed in a colourful compact colour box for storage.

  • Large Chess Set
    Large Chess Set

    A slightly smaller version of our Giant Outdoor Chess Set so it is perfect for a smaller garden or budget.

  • Large Chess Set
    Large Chess Set

    2 x Kings – 30cm in Height. 2 x Queens – 28cm in Height. 4 x Bishops – 26 cm in Height. 4 x Knights – 22 cm in Height. 4 x Rooks – 21 cm in Height. 16 x Pawns – 20 cm in Height. 1 x bag for tidy storage and ease of transportation.

  • Large Kings Chess Set
    Large Kings Chess Set

    Hand carved in Poland. The largest of the kings range the board folds in half. The pieces are stored inside when not in play, with this set the tray has inserts for the pieces. Boards Size: 44x22x7cm (folded). King size: 70mm. Packaging: cardboard box. The pieces with this set are not weighted.

  • Lord of the Rings Collector's Chess Set
    Lord of the Rings Collector's Chess Set

    Every detail is authentic, richly realistic and true to the Academy Award winning epic film. The board is a magnificent work of art, detailing the story of Frodo, the reluctant hero of The Shire, and the friends and foes he encounters throughout his amazing journey. An ancient map of Middle-earth is mounted below the playing surface, and the base features actual images of the memorable characters and scenes from the thrilling New Line Cinema motion picture. The 32 playing pieces are precise miniature...

  • Magnetic Chess Set - 31cm
    Magnetic Chess Set - 31cm