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  • Sample Clock Repair Business Plan
    Sample Clock Repair Business Plan

    Make certain you use your plan appropriately; it must demand from you as much as the company is clearly going to. Determine what your possible purchasers want before making a choice about what you are going to try to sell to them. Cash flow is very important in business; considerably more important than the profit and loss. Constantly try and cut your overheads and only paying out for what you need; and give up your avoidable costs until you are equipped to pay. In your Clock Repair Business...

  • Silverplated Clock and 4 x 6 Photo Frame
    Silverplated Clock and 4 x 6 Photo Frame

    Silverplated Clock and 4 x 6 Photo Frame Description What a wonderful two in one combination this Silver-plated Clock and 4 x 6 Photo Frame making it the ideal gift for a multitude of occasions. The outside of each frame has a lovely shiny flat silver plated finish and the two photo frames are joined together with two hinges. The left hand side has a white clock that has wonderful black Roman numeral style numbers and two hands in which to tell the time. At the back is where you set the time and...

  • Karlsson Platinum Record Clock
    Karlsson Platinum Record Clock

    Get a platinum record up on your wall without the hassle of selling a million albums with the Karlsson Platinum Record Clock.  This Karlsson designer clock will instantly suit any eclectic and contemporary interior, and will be sure to attract admirable gazes from all. The Karlsson Platinum record clock is a 32cm silver aluminium disk with etched record-like grooves, pure black centre, and silver hands making it a versatile accessory for any room. Karlsson Platinum Record Clock Specifications...

  • Blue Vintage Filigree Desk Clock
    Blue Vintage Filigree Desk Clock

    Exuding charm and decadence, this blue vintage filigree style desk clock by Gisela Graham is the perfect partner to your desk or bedside table. Inject a bit of vintage living in to your home by making this fabulous little filigree clock stand pride of place on your desk, mantelpiece, dressing table or kitchen worktop. Accent soft neutral tones in your interior by adding a few blue accessories for a clean, calming, coastal decor. Mini desk clock painted with a pale teal distressed finish and filigree...

  • Edward Huws Jones: Ten O'Clock Rock (Violin)
    Edward Huws Jones: Ten O'Clock Rock (Violin)

    18 concert pieces for beginner Violinists by Edward Huws Jones. Ideal Concert pieces which appeal to the imagination - and sense of humour - of young players and their audiences.Player-friendly melody lines, powered along by racy Piano accompaniments in pop and jazz idioms The different instrument books are compatible as the string parts are in unison or octaves, making them ideal for individual or group lessons and for string ensembles.

  • 3-Test Steps Key-Chain Design Alcohol Tester with LED Indication/ Torch/ Clock/ Countdown Timer Function
    3-Test Steps Key-Chain Design Alcohol Tester with LED Indication/ Torch/ Clock/ Countdown Timer Function

    This popular key chain alcohol tester features a robust design made of impact resistant abs material. The unit is not only an ideal solution for portable tester with professional quality but also has been upgraded with new technologies to improve its breath capture accuracy making this model ideal for no tolerance screening. Designed for maximum accuracy - used by hospitals, schools, and law enforcement as an alcohol screening device, this model is trusted by many professional organizations for employee...

  • Beneath the Clock
    Beneath the Clock

    The darkness of this train station platform provides the perfect backdrop for this loving couples intimate moment. This painting is framed by a black satin wood frame making the overall size 24.5" x 34".

  • Clock

    Penny has been designing and making jewellery and metalwork since finishing a degree course in Jewellery Design at Birmingham's School of Jewellery. Over the last 15 years the business has operated successfully from Birmingham's historic Jewellery Quarter. This is the ideal place to work, as all the necessary expertise, tools and materials are readily available to help Penny develop her designs.

  • Clock Badge
    Clock Badge

    Vintage Clock Badge, Time, Watch, Here at Badge Monkey, we've been making Badges since 2005, we know exactly what we're doing, so you can buy with confidence! All of the badges for sale here are 25mm or 1 inch in diameter, each badge is handmade in our design studio. We take real pride in producing badges of the highest quality and we're always creating new and unique designs!

  • Clocks - Silhouette Style Clock on Wood - 18 x 22 cm maxi
    Clocks - Silhouette Style Clock on Wood - 18 x 22 cm maxi

    Our wood silhouette clocks offer a perfect platform to capture design along with practical usage. These silhouette designs allow us to highlight the important parts of a photograph, thus enhancing aesthetic appeal. These clocks can also be accompanied with a message, making them a great gifting idea for a range of occasions. The product is entirely made by hand. Right from wooden fretwork, to photographic reproduction and application of three coats of varnish on the finished product are done by hand...

  • Crystal Clock
    Crystal Clock

    This Crystal Clock can be engraved making it an ideal and personal gift for almost any occasion. A message of your choosing can be engraved, over 4 lines, with up to 15 characters per line. Perfect for Anniversaries, Brithdays, Retirements, Weddings, Mother's or Father's Day, the possibilities are almost endless. Approx. size 5 x 9.5 x 2cm

  • Face Clock
    Face Clock

    Product Information Specifications Delivery Information Put a FACE onto a glossy square or round clock .The clock has a high gloss finish making your imagery look great - Great birthday presemt for some humour. Be creative, upload your photograph and let us know in the design instructions box which face we should zoom in on. It's simple to get started, just upload your photo above and fill in the options you require. If your photo has more than one person in it, please let us know who is to be...

  • Fox Clock
    Fox Clock

    Perfect for a child's bedroom or a witty addition to a kitchen, and the best thing about this clock is its non-tick mechanism, making this fox as quiet as a mouse.

  • Guardians Of Time' Desk Clock with Mystical Wolf Art
    Guardians Of Time' Desk Clock with Mystical Wolf Art

    Inspired by the prized artistry of Tilman Mohr, the clock is a multi-media extravaganza of compelling art, stylish form and versatile function. The 'Guardians Of Time' Desk Clock is mastercrafted by hand for authentic detail and features a precision-crafted wolf sculpture which is hand-painted in amazing detail down to the strands of fur on the wolf's coat - making each one a true one-of-a-kind original. The sculptural wolf is mounted on a polished wooden base with a precision Quartz movement clock...

  • Harrison's Clocks
    Harrison's Clocks

    John Harrison, 1693-1776, was a pioneer in the development of Clock making. His achievements include the Grandfather, or Longcase clock, the Iron Grid Pendulum and solving the problem of Longitude and time- zones to perfect the Marine Chronometer. His path was not always easy and it took great effort and tenacity to receive due recognition at age of 80 from King George 3rd. The bass quartet reflects the shifting consciousness of different aspects of time as it impacts on human life and Harrison's...

  • Large Swivel Lid Clock - Navy Blue Face - silver plate
    Large Swivel Lid Clock - Navy Blue Face - silver plate

    The large version of our classic Swivel Lid Clock, in silver plate with navy blue face looks even more fabulous! It features an alarm function and fluorescent dials, and has sufficient space for engraving of logos and messages, making it a great idea for long service, retirement or staff gifts. 70mm dia x 40mm width.

  • Make A Clock
    Make A Clock

    Item description Show full descriptionShow short description Boys and girls will enjoy making their very own working clock! For children who have time on their hands!!! Another exciting innovation. Boys and girls will enjoy assembling their own first clock that really works! They can learn to tell the time whilst watching the coloured moving mechanics of a working clock through the transparent casing. Wind-up mechanism and easy to read face with large numbers. Very rewarding and educational - more...

  • Moustache Clock
    Moustache Clock

    Description With the moustache enjoying a sartorial renaissance this cool conversational clock is really making us tick. Retro chic in golden brown the tasche-tastic time piece is a great gift, particularly for all those ‘too cool for school brothers’ and dashing dads who once had Magnum PI inspirations! Diameter: 20.3cm.

  • Newgate Clocks CHALKTODO34 'So Much To Do' Chalkboard Memo Clock
    Newgate Clocks CHALKTODO34 'So Much To Do' Chalkboard Memo Clock

    PLEASE WAIT LOADING DESCRIPTION. Product Description Introducing the Newgate Clocks CHALKTODO34 'So Much To Do' chalkboard memo clock. Newgate Clocks have been inspired by old school chalkboards and so have created a chalkboard clock range. The so much to do clock is ideal for making shopping lists or writing memos on. The 'So Much To Do' chalkboard clock has a modern vintage design and will make the perfect statement timepiece. Bold and easy to read numbers make this an ideal clock for the kitchen...

  • Papermania Chronology Collection Clock Faces (6 Piece)
    Papermania Chronology Collection Clock Faces (6 Piece)

    The Papermania Chronology Collection features stunning steampunk inspired designs, perfect for adding a Victorian them to any card making and paper craft project.

  • Pebble Clock
    Pebble Clock

    This beautiful clock has been hand crafted from solid English oak with a quartz ‘swept’ clock movement (non ticking). Instead of numbers there are 12 polished pebbles, making this truly individual.

  • Personalised Bang On The Door Football Clock
    Personalised Bang On The Door Football Clock

    Silver Large Gift Box This gift box is the perfect way to present your personalised gift, making it the ideal gift box for a message plate.

  • Personalised Yellow Clock - LF Juniors Big Dot Range
    Personalised Yellow Clock - LF Juniors Big Dot Range

    A personalised yellow clock by LF Juniors. This bright yellow clock from the Big Dot range looks great in children's bedrooms. The hours and minutes are clearly shown making it easy for your child to tell the time. There won't be any excuses for being late for school anymore! You can personalise the clock with your child's name and capital letter. The reverse of the clock is covered with a co-ordinating colour. Clock details: approximate size 25cm diameter, silent tick, battery operated, 1x AA battery...

  • Quartz Clock Movement Long Shank to fit clock face 13mm thick
    Quartz Clock Movement Long Shank to fit clock face 13mm thick


  • S200S - Comitti of London - The Mayfair / Great Wheel Skeleton Clock
    S200S - Comitti of London - The Mayfair / Great Wheel Skeleton Clock

    Product Description We have in stock the Mayfair clock in an original design case which is on offer with a substantial price saving. See details below. Comitti of London have produced a stunning copy of an elegant timepiece originally made in France, circa 1890. The apparent simplicity of the design is achieved by omitting a wheel from the more conventional gear train and making compensating changes in the tooth counts of the remaining gearing. The solid brass 14 day fusee movement is rhodium plated...

  • Silver Plated Clock and Photo Frame, Personalised Mothers Day Gift
    Silver Plated Clock and Photo Frame, Personalised Mothers Day Gift

    This lovely silver plated clock also displays a 6 x 4 inch portrait photograph, making it the perfect gift for a special occasion. Measures 17.5cm high. Supplied with battery.

  • Smiling Clock
    Smiling Clock

    Stare at this clock long enough and you'll be convinced its eyes are following you! Well, you would be if you were moving in a circular motion around it. As the second hand ticks, the eyes on this smiley-faced clock move around with it, making this a fairly zany time piece that looks brilliant on any wall. Stick it in the kitchen or a child's bedroom and you'll see that telling the time has never been so cheery!

  • Spinning Clock
    Spinning Clock

    When extended the face spins on 2 axes making it a very tactile as well as both an attractive and practical business gift.

  • Waterford Crystal John Rocha Geo Clock - Small
    Waterford Crystal John Rocha Geo Clock - Small

    This contemporary design clock is from the Geo collection by John Rocha. This piece is made of clear Waterford Crystal and designed in a geometric shape pattern. The geometric shapes have been cut in to the clock making this a modern piece that is the perfect size and shape for any mantel piece.

  • Weems & Plath Weems & Plath CP Endurance 145-Day Clock
    Weems & Plath Weems & Plath CP Endurance 145-Day Clock

    A clock designed for those who are fortunate enough to measure life by the day. Our patented design divides the face of a clock into 7 equal pie shaped sections, one for each day of the week. The day hand moves continuously making a complete revolution every 168 hours or once a week. The lines dividing the days indicate midnight.