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  • Book Of Wooden Boats Vol.2
    Book Of Wooden Boats Vol.2

    Mendlowitz and Bray collaborate again to present another 90 of the world's most photogenic wooden boats, from simple prams & workboats, to classic sailing vessels and grand power yachts. The photography in this unashamedly passionate tribute to wooden boats, is distinctive, stunning and evocative. A coffee table book of the highest quality. See also the first Volume. HB 192pp Colour photos

  • Elixir of Life by Alvo Stockman - Book
    Elixir of Life by Alvo Stockman - Book

    Much of what you will be explaining to your friend will actually be true. The various health benefits of both green tea and honey are documented both clinically as well as historically. They have both been used in treating illness in societies for centuries. Honey was actually used by ancient cultures as one of the first antibiotics! And green tea is much healthier than soda, coffee or even black tea, has tons of powerful antioxidants and zero calories, so if you do inspire a change, you may actually...

  • Fishing Mug and Joke Book Gift Set
    Fishing Mug and Joke Book Gift Set

    Product Description This gift will hook everyones attention, the Fishing Mug and Joke Book Gift Set The Fishing Mug and Joke Book Gift Set will make a brilliant Fathers Day gift or stocking filler for men! Presented in a tin, the coffee mug and Fishing Jokes Book are great for anglers! Why not keep your bait or flies in the tin and enjoy a giggle or two whilst waiting for a bite? The Novelty Fishing Mug has a vintage fish advertisement design wrapped all the way around and are dishwasher and microwave...

  • George Flies South by Simon James
    George Flies South by Simon James

    As a child Simon wanted to be a stuntman or a cartoonist. He can run very fast. He loves water-pistol fights. He saves worms from the pavement and puts them onto the grass. He doesn’t like coffee or tea, but drinks lots of water. After leaving school, he trained to be a police officer but was asked to leave for drawing penguins in his police notebook. His ideal day out is walking with The Adventurers (four children he knows and who feature in his book Days Like This) wading through streams...

  • Handmade Paper from Naturals
    Handmade Paper from Naturals

    Creating handmade paper from repurposed, recycled, and natural materials is easy and eco-friendly! With over 25 gorgeous recipes and great tips, even beginners will soon be on their way to mastering the techniques. Embed grass clippings into recycled white pulp for a refined Asian look, or grind in a bit of coffee for a soft brown color and a subtle granulated texture. Vibrant marigold petals add a splash of color to cotton pulp, but it doesn`t stop there. Crafters will love the fabulous ideas for...

  • Hero Dogs book
    Hero Dogs book

    This coffee table style book written by Janet Menzies contains inspirational and moving accounts of dogs who have shown tremendous courage and companionship to those in need. The foreword to the book is written by Ben Fogle.

  • Info: The Emporium: Hipkins & Gibb Book
    Info: The Emporium: Hipkins & Gibb Book

    A large format hardback book. This Victorian “coffee table” book has 48 full page colour plates reproduced from Gibb’ excellent watercolours (many of them based on drawings by the Edinburgh instrument maker Robert Glen). Each plate shows one instrument or a small group of related instruments, all of them interesting and unusual speciments. At the time most were owned by collectors byt nowadays many of these instruments are in major museums, including of course the Queen Mary and Lamont harp which...

  • Lost Reindeer Book
    Lost Reindeer Book

    Warmth, comfort, belonging, understanding, acceptance, togetherness and respect, along with fun, advIn the face of having little if any encouragement from his school careers advisors, who dismissed thLunch is generally spontaneous and mood driven, whether that mood drinking my coffee. I look at the work accompanied by the right visualise and use it as a title for the time, whether through until di

  • Myths and Legends of the Celts [Hardback]
    Myths and Legends of the Celts [Hardback]

    Details As with most books on the Celts, this one opens with a discussion of the origins of the term `Celt', what it defines and how muddied the waters have become, before turning to the nature of the sources, both historical and literary as well as archaeological. Beyond this is a well-written exploration of Celtic myth and legend, a world of heroes, tales of otherworlds, of powerful beings and mysterious places. This is not a glossy, `coffee-table' type book on the Celts, but a much more detailed...

  • Once Upon a Time in Cuba Book
    Once Upon a Time in Cuba Book

    New exciting and exclusive book just released and available to order now! “Once Upon a Time in Cuba” - by Michael Mirecki and Mitchell Orchantis a 147 page compilation of our original photograph collection of Cuba. The book has a foreword by Simon Chase of Hunters and Frankauand includes chapters on Famous people The Cuban Revolution Pre Revolution Bars, Music and Cabaret Buena Vista Social Club Tobacco (of course!) and Sport. Only 1000 individually numbered hard back coffee table books will...

  • Penland Book of Jewelry, The
    Penland Book of Jewelry, The

    From Penland, the premier academy for fine crafting, comes a jewel of a volume: a splendidly photographed combination of how-to manual, coffee table book and reflective essays. On display in breathtaking style are the skills of ten contemporary jewellers who have taught at the school, each possessing a special expertise. From John Cogswell's handsome forged metal to Heather White's innovative casting, the material here is inspirational.

  • Personalised Ultimate Spurs Football Book
    Personalised Ultimate Spurs Football Book

    Lavish colour photography and a plethora of headlines and articles chart the illustrious history of Tottenham Hotspur in this officially licenced book. For Spurs fans, this beautiful celebration of the club's glories makes for an impressive coffee table piece that will let you wear your colours proudly. The item can be personalised with a name and a message of your choice.

  • Personalised Vintage Address Book
    Personalised Vintage Address Book

    Product Description Write down the addresses of all your friends and family in this stylish Personalised Vintage Address Book. Buy this A5 landscape book and never forget any special occasion again! Great for keeping around the home or office as it looks a beautiful quality coffee table book, this address book has plenty of space to record all your contacts in alphabetically tabbed sections. Perfect also for keeping in your handbag. This address book would make a lovely personalised gift for...

  • Quintessentially Gems Book
    Quintessentially Gems Book

    Quintessentially Gems is a luxury coffee table book showcasing the world’s most treasured jewellery creators to reflect Quintessentially members’ refined tastes and continuous desire to own something truly special. From the most classical of jewellery makers to the modern and contemporary designed pieces of the highest quality, this book will profile gems and jewellery designed to tap into the hunger and desires of those with exquisite taste.

  • Rome: Moods & Places (Map)
    Rome: Moods & Places (Map)

    Here is the essential companion for those in search of la dolce vita . The itinerary includes good food, strong coffee, interesting shops and plenty of strolling the city’s beautiful streets. There are clothes shops, restaurants, a cemetery and galleries and special sections on ice cream and fountains.

  • Short treatise on the joys of morphinism
    Short treatise on the joys of morphinism

    Why didn't it ever occur to me before: coffee is my friend!' Drawing on Hans Fallada's own history of addiction, these two stories and are written with a remarkable, tough, spartan clarity. As a man desperately, haplessly tries to get enough morphine to make it through the day and a drunk embezzler struggles to get himself arrested, they are at one second crushing, the next darkly comic. This book includes "A Short Treatise on the Joys of Morphinism" and "Three Years of Life".

  • SR3 Black Gold (Book and Audio CD)
    SR3 Black Gold (Book and Audio CD)

    Description: Based on a remarkable documentary film, Black Gold tells the story of one man's mission to save his 74,000 Ethiopian coffee farmers from Western exploitation. It exposes the truth behind every cappuccino we drink and asks: is it right that the producers of our coffee often can't afford clean water or an education for their children?

  • Techniques of the Barista Book
    Techniques of the Barista Book

    This book is written by David Schomer - who is the owner of Vivace!in Seattle and is one of the most knowledgeable people about espresso in the world. This book is an essential. If you are only ever going to buy one book about coffee this is the one. This is the bible and teaches you how to identify and control each factor to make perfect espresso.

  • The Europe Book (Paperback) by Lonely Planet
    The Europe Book (Paperback) by Lonely Planet

    Ladies and gentlemen, you loved The Travel Book so now we give you - The Europe Book in paperback! Thrill to the highlights of this intriguing and captivating continent! Get inspired to discover parts of Europe you didn't know! Be amazed at how good it looks on your coffee table! Full colour paperback edition, with hundreds of stunning photographs Journeys and itineraries - classic routes or unknown adventures 56 maps - continent, regions and countries * Please note, this title is not available...

  • The Original Book Jacket
    The Original Book Jacket

    The Original Book Jacket Best Bits Stylish book cover Suitable for most popular hardback and paperback book sizes Protects your books Made from genuine leather Why Can't Books Look Their Best Too? If you're a keen reader you'll know how hard it is to keep books in good condition. All too often they come away with frayed edges, coffee stains and a few bent corners here and there. Dog-earred books will be a thing of the past, thanks to The Original Book Jacket. This luxurious leather book jacket will...

  • Top Tips: Communicating God in Non-Book Ways
    Top Tips: Communicating God in Non-Book Ways

    Top Tips are booklets designed for busy children’s workers. They’re big on practical advice, but small enough to digest over a cup of coffee or two so you can get to grips with the issues fast.

  • Dummies Book - Writing Essays For Dummies
    Dummies Book - Writing Essays For Dummies

  • Coffee Wisdom [Sale Edition]
    Coffee Wisdom [Sale Edition]

    Brand new sale edition. Theresa Cheung has brewed up an original concept - the principles of a happy, contented life can be found right under your nose, in your coffee cup! This one-of-a-kind guidebook to coffee, and to life, outlines seven principles that are as rich, enlightening and invigorating as the beverage they celebrate. The ingredients you choose to live your life - and how you use them - do matter.

  • Scalloped Coffee Table
    Scalloped Coffee Table

    Scalloped Edge Colonial Coffee Table - Sizes can be customized to your requirements

    Anderson Bradshaw

    A dazzling presentation of Athonite daily life through the lens of a pilgrim photographer. Chronicles his visits between 1972 and 1998. 12inches by 12 inches coffee table book with 655 photographs colour and black and white.

  • Nancy And Randall Faber: Adult Piano Adventures All-In-One Lesson Book Two (CDs Only)
    Nancy And Randall Faber: Adult Piano Adventures All-In-One Lesson Book Two (CDs Only)

    Description Contents include: Allegro Moderato; Cathedral Chimes; Niagra Falls; Taps; 'O Sole Mio!; Somewhere, My Love; Brahms; Lullaby; Over the Rainbow; Allefro in F Major; Singin' in the Rain; Scale Etude in F; Chord Caper; The Londonderry Air; Malaguena; Lean on Me; Aura Lee; Westminster Chimes; Gavotte; Swing Low, Sweet Chariot; Song of Joy; Coffee House Boogie; Blue Moon; Looking Glass River; Shenandoah; Kum Ba Yah; I Want to Hold Your Hand; Theme from Scheherazade; Ashokan Farewell; Auld...

  • he Coffee Table Coffee Table Book PAYNE Alexander and ZEMAITIS James
    he Coffee Table Coffee Table Book PAYNE Alexander and ZEMAITIS James

    Notes: A cut-above your average coffee table book. 133 examples of tables, with designers and dates. Most include short description as well. Beautiful piece of book production, full of information and lovely photos.

  • The Incal Classic Collection - Coffee Table Book #4: What Is Above from The
    The Incal Classic Collection - Coffee Table Book #4: What Is Above from The

    John Difool, a low-class detective in a degenerate dystopian world, finds his life turned upside down when he discovers an ancient, mystical artifact called "The Incal." Difool’s adventures will bring him into conflict with the galaxy’s greatest warrior, the Metabaron, and will pit him against the awesome powers of the Technopope. These encounters and many more make up a tale of comic and cosmic proportions that has Difool fighting for not only his very survival, but also the survival of the entire...

  • TONI&GUY Look Book Kaizen Collection 2007/08
    TONI&GUY Look Book Kaizen Collection 2007/08

    A must have coffee table book demonstrates the beautiful and intricate step-by-steps of the latest 2007/08 collections with over 200 pages designed to educate, innovate and inspire.