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Cytosport EvoPro - 1.02kg

1 Cytosport EvoPro - 1.02kg £25.00 £50.00 /l/Cytosport-EvoPro-~-1.02kg
  • Cytosport EvoPro Vanilla - 2.25 Lbs
    Cytosport EvoPro Vanilla - 2.25 Lbs

    EvoPro™ is the protein inside Muscle Milk; America’s favorite protein lean muscle formula. EvoPro™ contains the same powerful proteins, while limiting the fats and carbohydrates. EvoPro™ was formulated by the ultimate protein designer, nature, to be maximally anabolic and anti-catabolic. We believe EvoPro™ is the most powerful, clinically complete, perfect protein available.Four or five small servings during the day is the ideal way to stay anabolic all day long. Never hungry, more energetic. Combining...

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