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  • Bio-Chef OL-028BK Food Dehydrator
    Bio-Chef OL-028BK Food Dehydrator

    Save money and enjoy a healthier lifestyle with the Biochef OL-028BK Food Dehydrator. This versatile device lets you turn your left overs into delicious and healthy snacks. Whether it’s meat jerky, dried fruit and veg, drying your homegrown herbs or making healthy crisps, the food dehydrator can do it all. Just stack your food in one of its 8 trays and let the fan-driven drying system do the rest. A timer lets you dry for anywhere between one hour and 40 hours. You can leave it...

  • VonShef Food Dehydrator
    VonShef Food Dehydrator

    The quick & simple way to preserve foods for healthy, natural&delicious snacks Ideal for drying food for lunchboxes, snacking & grazing Dehydrating extracts moisture but retains nutrients, vitamins, minerals & taste 5 tiers of drying using a Flow-Drying system to slowly extract moisture & preserve foods Adjustable thermostat allows you to control the drying process (35-70°C)

  • Bio Chef OLO28BK Food Dehydrator, Black
    Bio Chef OLO28BK Food Dehydrator, Black

    Code: OLO28BK ; Colour: Black Wattage 8 Tray: 600W Dimensions: L 42cm x H 35cm x D 45cm Warranty Extended: Warranty of 3 Years as testament to quality of Bio-Chef Compatible Foods: Fruits, vegetables, fish & meats, herbs & flowers and more. Make soups, sprouted seed crackers, stews, beef jerky, fruit rolls, yogurt, dry flower bouquets, dough & clay art., Weight: 19.84 lbs., Manufacturer: Vitality4Life

  • Bio Chef Food Dehydrator
    Bio Chef Food Dehydrator

    Create your own dried snacks with the Bio Chef Food Dehydrator. Ideal for use with fruits vegetables and meats it features a Horizontal Drying System for precision drying throughout the eight trays. With a digital timer that allows you to dry for between one and forty hours it also has an adjustable thermostat. Easy and safe to use the design won't contaminate the flavours between the trays. - L.M. Features: Bio Chef Food Dehydrator Horizontal Drying System for even air distribution 8 trays...

  • Food Dehydrator Laser2000
    Food Dehydrator Laser2000

    Preserve your food the easy way � by drying it. The oldest and simplest method of retaining your food�s natural nutritional goodness can be achieved with this easy-to-use food dehydrator. Enjoy your fresh food�s flavour and nourishment throughout the year without any chemicals or artificial preservatives. The dehydrator comes into its own when it comes to harvesting fruit, what better way to preserve it and enjoy the fruits of your harvest over the winter. * 5-levels * 28 cm diameter * Overheating...

  • Tribest Sedona Combo Rawfood Dehydrator - Two Stage Sequential Timer
    Tribest Sedona Combo Rawfood Dehydrator - Two Stage Sequential Timer

    Tribest Sedona Combo Rawfood Dehydrator is equipped with a Two-Stage Sequential Temperature-Timer (TST). It is a nine tray, digital food dehydrator that accurately and efficiently distributes heated air to dry foods.

  • Dehydrator with Timer & Plastic Trays
    Dehydrator with Timer & Plastic Trays

    Product Features: Conserve your food easily with this Dehydrator with Timer & Steel Trays! Equipped with a continuously variable temperature adjustment (between 35°C and 70°C) and active warm-air circulation. Features a 12-hour timer and a safety cut-out device. Comes with 3 plastic drying trays. User manual included (comes in French only). . Compact and easy to store . Dishwasher safe plastic drying trays . Easy-clean body made from food safe plastic . Each tray can hold up to half a kilo of...

  • Bielmeier 601127 Food Dehydrator
    Bielmeier 601127 Food Dehydrator

    Digital Fruit Dryer, Food Dryer, Herb Dryer (timer with automatic shut-off up to twelve hours) white A High Quality Fruit and Food Dryer for gentle preservation by dehydration of fruits, herbs, fruits, mushrooms, meat, and much more Retains Full flavour and nutrients. Easy to use - Digital Timer and Temperature 2 Year Warranty, Manufacturer: Bielmeier

  • DEMO BioChef Food Dehydrator - White
    DEMO BioChef Food Dehydrator - White

    Product Description Bio Chef Food Dehydrator Bio Chef Dehydrator – Make Healthy Snacks We all know that we need to consume more fruits & vegetables, but sometimes it’s not that easy! With our busy and fast-paced lifestyles, we all seek a quick alternative to consume more of the good stuff… Bio Chef brings you a solution! Introducing the 8-Tray Bio Chef Food Dehydrator, an innovation in quality and affordability! The Bio Chef Food Dehydrator is versatile and easy-to-use, with adjustable thermostat...

  • Beauty of London HonkyDory Prep Nail Dehydrator 10 ml
    Beauty of London HonkyDory Prep Nail Dehydrator 10 ml

    Beauty of London HonkyDory Prep Nail Dehydrator 10 ml

  • Tasty Dehydrator Fruit- & Mushroom Dryer 220-240V
    Tasty Dehydrator Fruit- & Mushroom Dryer 220-240V

    Effectively whipes all kinds of mushrooms, fruit, vegetables and herbs. The raw material keeps all vitamines and flavours - can it get any better? Perfect for the person who eats raw food, as the drying temperature is low but the air flow is high. Only EU-version (220V) available. For UK, US, CA and AU orders adapter is included.

  • The Essential Dehydrator
    The Essential Dehydrator

    Create dynamic dishes that pack a punch! It's time to reinvent your favorite foods through dehydration. The Essential Dehydrator shows you how to use this simple technique to turn ordinary dishes into mouthwatering meals that are bursting with flavor and nutrition. Written by experienced health food writer Susan Palmquist and nationally recognized chef Jill Houk, this book features straightforward instructions for using a food dehydrator and hundreds of helpful tips for cooking with dried foods....

  • Cleanser and Dehydrator 100 ml
    Cleanser and Dehydrator 100 ml

    A quick and easy way to dehydrate the nail prior to applying enhancements, helps eliminate lifting of product. Can also prolong the life of nail polish when used on the natural nail.

  • Dehydrator Plug 18mm (302590)
    Dehydrator Plug 18mm (302590)

    These plugs are used to prevent rust and corrosion in engines while in storage. They contain silica gel which turns from blue to pink when moisture is absorbed. Reusable and refillable. The pink silica gel may be reactivated (after removing from reservoir) by heating for 16 hours at 250°F.

  • Excalibur Paraflexx Premium Dehydrator Sheet
    Excalibur Paraflexx Premium Dehydrator Sheet

    Product Description Excalibur branded Paraflexx sheets keeps wet, moist, or gooey food from slipping through small holes in the trays for dehydrating liquids and producing fruit leathers. Specially designed to fit the Excalibur dehydrator, they are 36 x 36 cm but they can be cut to fit other brands of dehydrator. They are reusable for years, washable and microporous - allowing drying from the bottom as well as the top. We recommend as many sheets as your dehydrator has trays. Unlike parchment paper...

  • L-Equip FilterPro Food Dehydrator
    L-Equip FilterPro Food Dehydrator

    This dehydrator comes with 4 standard drying trays with a 25mm depth for produce like banana chips, fruit leathers, jerky and biltong and 2 deeper trays with a 40mm depth for drying larger items like plated meals such as bolognese, stews and casseroles and larger pieces of fruit and vegetables. You can expend this dehydrator up to 20 trays which can be purchased from us below. It also includes 2 fruit leather trays, 4 yoghurt trays and 6 mesh inserts for the main trays.

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  • Meat and Fruit Dehydrator
    Meat and Fruit Dehydrator

    The Digital Food Dryer features an electronic timer that will shut the machine of at the time you need it to - it also has a temperature control to assist you in drying at the correct tempertaure for the correct length of time.

  • Stockli dehydrator with timer
    Stockli dehydrator with timer

    Details Preserve the nutritional content of your produce with the new UK model of theStockli dehydrator from Switzerland. It features a fan for active warm air circulation and a variable fine temperature adjustment with a range between 35 and 70 degrees C to provide consistent, gentle drying. You have the choice of one with a 12 hour timer or one with no timer. Both have a transparent lid displaying processing times. Sturdily constructed of corrosion proof, taste-free light grey polypropylene...

  • 500w Food Dehydrator FD61
    500w Food Dehydrator FD61

    Nesco Fd-61 500-Watt Food Dehydrator

  • C Colour Dehydrator 13ml
    C Colour Dehydrator 13ml

    Give your clients the solution to every day nail challenges. Each Cuccio Nail Solutions is designed to meet the specific needs of every type of nail client or to use as a take home maintenance program to grow longer, stronger healthy natural nails.

  • Electric Food Dehydrator - NEW
    Electric Food Dehydrator - NEW

    Our new easy-to-use electric food dryer/dehydator is great for drying your own food - Make delicious dried fruit, fish and meat; even make jerky / biltong. Whats more when you do it yourself you know there are no additives like colourings, preservatives or salt so you can make a healthy product as part of a healthy diet. It has an energy-saving design and low power consumption. - Plastic housing. - 250 W. - Dries fruit, vegetables, herbs, tomatoes, fish and meat. - 5 Grates can be stacked up...

  • Nail Prep/ Dehydrator 15ml
    Nail Prep/ Dehydrator 15ml

    Removes Moisture and oil from the surface of the natural nail. Prepare the nail for the application of nail enhancement products. To use before Primer.

  • The L'Equip FilterPro Filtering Dehydrator
    The L'Equip FilterPro Filtering Dehydrator

    Our 14 working day returns guarantee means that if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason you can notify us of your desire to return it to us in its original condition (un opened with seals, shrink wrap and packaging intact) within 14 working days of the date you received the item. You have an additional 14 day from notifying us to physically return the goods to us. We will issue a refund for the price you paid for the item within 10 days of receiving the item(s). We can only accept returns...

  • Tribest Sedona Dehydrator
    Tribest Sedona Dehydrator

    The Sedona nine tray digital food dehydrator from Tribest accurately and efficiently distributes heated air, drying foods better and much more evenly when compared to other food dehydrators. Additionally, Sedona’s heating compartment can be divided into two drying chambers offering unsurpassed versatility while using less electricity and eliminating excess waste. Other food dehydrators claim to be digital but only offer digital timers and do not control the current temperature within the drying...

  • ElectrIQ EDFD04 Digital Food Dehydrator with Temperature Control and Timer
    ElectrIQ EDFD04 Digital Food Dehydrator with Temperature Control and Timer

    Food Preparation

  • Fruit Dehydrator
    Fruit Dehydrator

    Simply slice your chosen fruit and arrange on one of the five height-adjustable trays of the 250W Fruit Dehydrator to concentrate the natural flavours of fruits, vegetables and herbs; not only is the resultant produce far healthier than high-fat snacks and refined sugary sweets but the shelf life is extended too.

  • IBD Just Gel Dehydrate Nail Dehydrator and pH Balancing Agent 14ml
    IBD Just Gel Dehydrate Nail Dehydrator and pH Balancing Agent 14ml

    Cleans the nail plate prior to application No dyes No burning No fragrance

  • Steamer and Dehydrator 3 in 1
    Steamer and Dehydrator 3 in 1

    Keep the fresh picked aromas, nothing will boil over, nothing will burn-on or stick to the pan or leak out. * Create great snacks out of fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs * The ingredients are made long lasting through drying * The steamer attachment enables you to steam vegetables, fish etc � low fat cooking where the vitamins and minerals are kept * You can even use the steamer for cooking rice (up to 10 portions) The dehydrator / steamer and rice cooker combines 3 devices in one � enjoy cooking...

  • Excalibur Commercial Dehydrator COM1
    Excalibur Commercial Dehydrator COM1

    The entire cabinet, inside and out, is constructed of 100% High Grade Stainless Steel: welded and finished to strict NSF specifications to prevent food from getting caught between any seams. Door, trays and tray supports are removable for easy cleaning as well as a hinged back assembly attached by wing nuts for easy access. This means less time cleaning and more time producing delicious dried food. Excalibur® set the standard in food health and safety and their commercial line of dehydrators leads...

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  • The Edge Nails Fresh Cleanser and Dehydrator 100ml
    The Edge Nails Fresh Cleanser and Dehydrator 100ml

    the edge fresh cleanser and dehydrator 100ML