Dida Tablets 90 Tablets
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  • Dida X 90 Tablets
    Dida X 90 Tablets

    Directions: 2 tablets to be taken daily with a glass of water for a period of 45 days. Thereafter take 1 tablet daily. To be taken before a meal.

  • New Nordic dida 90 Tablets
    New Nordic dida 90 Tablets

    Dida May Help to Maintain a Healthy Candida Albicans Balance. It is a herbal complex designed to help maintain a healthy microbiological balance in the body and healthy digestion. It may also enhance your well being and energy levels. This is a special formulation of well known, tested and health giving herbs and spices. Based on cinnamon oil and enforced with other controlled herbal extracts which support and enhance each others' properties. All the ingredients are individually tested, standardised...