Dig Play Egyptian Tomb
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  • Dig & Play - Egyptian Tomb
    Dig & Play - Egyptian Tomb

    Plaster block filled with Egyptian treasures ready to be excavated Specially designed multi-tool and brush for excavating Block contains game pieces to use with included board game Board game filled with fascinating Egyptian facts Plaster block 4.5"/12cm, Manufacturer: Great Gizmos

  • Dig and Play Egyptian Tomb
    Dig and Play Egyptian Tomb

    Search for the priceless Egyptian traesures and artefacts. It's an excavation adventure! Dig and find the Egyptian mummy, then play the Egyptian Tomb adventure board game using the map and counters that you have dug out.The kit comes with a plaster block with buried items inside it, a digging tool, a brush, an Egyptian Tomb Map, counters, dice and game rules. Unearth the ancient treasuresLearn about the egyptians