Electric Paint Sprayers
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    Paint like a professional with this fantastic Electric Paint Sprayer! It’s so quick and easy to use – simply pour paint into the hand-held container, adjust the nozzle to high, medium or low pressure, pull the trigger and hey presto! – you are ready to tackle any painting job in record time! The Electric Paint Sprayer is so lightweight and compact it makes quick work of any job! Can be used on brick, wood, glass, furniture, indoors or outdoors, large surfaces, tight spots and those hard to get at...

  • Electric Paint Sprayer
    Electric Paint Sprayer

    This 3 stage turbine system offers versatility and performance, yet is compact and portable. It delivers 6 psi and 80 cfm to achieve superior atomization of a wide range of coatings. Designed to provide superior atomization and control of today's finishing coatings. Extra-large air passages for maximum performance. Large, user friendly controls. Indexing Air Cap with turbulence chamber Well balanced design reduces hand fatigue, increases production Ultra-light trigger pull, Exclusive flex tube...

  • Electric Paint Sprayer for Hire
    Electric Paint Sprayer for Hire

    This electric paint sprayer is the perfect unit for professionals working on large indoor jobs. Featuring a 3 stage turbine system which offers great versatility and supreme performance, this unit is also compact and portable enough to be transported easily to site and positioned wherever it is needed. This paint sprayer is designed to provide superior atomization and control of finishing coatings, as the unique location of the air supply to the paint cup provides greater volume and increased pressure...

  • Paint Sprayer
    Paint Sprayer

    Save hours painting and decorating with our superb home decorator professional electric paint sprayer. unlike some other models of electric sprayers our super sprayer features a large 0.8 litre capacity and a powerful 650w motor capable of giving you a really excellent finish on all sorts of surfaces and using all kinds of water and solvent based paints varnishes wood stains and preservatives. unl

  • Wall and Fence Electric Paint Sprayer
    Wall and Fence Electric Paint Sprayer

    Save hours painting and decorating with this versatile mains-powered spray gun, perfect for completing DIY tasks with minimal effort. The 800ml reservoir can be filled with water, solvent and enamel-based paints, wood sealers, stains and varnishes to suit any job. There’s an ergonomic handle and trigger, and the powerful 100W motor sprays paint quickly and evenly through the 0.8mm nozzle, with a flow rate of 300ml per minute. It also features a useful output control that allows you to adjust the...

  • Electric Paint Airless Spray gun Sprayer Fence Car Van Wall
    Electric Paint Airless Spray gun Sprayer Fence Car Van Wall

    Apply paint quickly with a maximum output of 320g/min. 230V mains power operation with adjustable spray jet. Universally compatible with all paint materials with viscosity of up to 80DIN-sec. 700ml paint tank with a practical measuring scale. Includes accessories. Stands on flat surfaces. 1 viscosity beaker. 1 nozzle extension. 1 cleaning nozzle. 1 spare nozzle. 1 spare suction pressure valve. Pressure output: max. 160 bar. Power: 100W. Cable length: 3m.

  • Electric Paint Spray Gun 650W FHSG01
    Electric Paint Spray Gun 650W FHSG01

    Details Product Description: * The quick and easy paint sprayer allows you to spray swiftly and accurately, covering large and small surfaces inside and outside the home. * With 360 degree spray technology, it's perfect for getting to those hard to reach areas, coating walls, ceilings, decking and other surfaces with minimal effort! * For a professional paint job fast, the plug in set comes with a spray gun and three different spray settings; horizontal and vertical for larger surfaces, and round...

  • Earlex ASG55 Electric Super Sprayer Gun
    Earlex ASG55 Electric Super Sprayer Gun

    Product Description: The Earlex Super Sprayer 55 is easy to use and ideal for spraying most wood preservatives, shed and fence treatments, decking stains, varnishes, wood stains and water and solvent based coatings. The 55 watt motor can spray surfaces such as fencing, trellis, garden benches and sheds, giving even coverage and a professional finish.- A 6' x 6' fence panel can be sprayed in less than 5 minutes - Easy to use, saves hours of time - Ideal for spraying water and solvent based paints...