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  • Angels of Evil (DVD) (Pre-owned)
    Angels of Evil (DVD) (Pre-owned)

    Michele Placido directs this Italian gangster thriller based on the life of Milanese career criminal Renato Vallanzasca. Kim Rossi-Stuart stars as the psychopathic yet perversely charismatic anti-hero, who is serving four consecutive life sentences for a tidal wave of kidnappings, murders and bank robberies that terrorised Milan in the 1970s. The film follows his gang's story, exploring how Vallanzasca first entered the criminal world and fast became an infamous mob boss, leading inevitably to his...

  • Angry Birds - Evil Pigs Beware Poster
    Angry Birds - Evil Pigs Beware Poster

    Price: £3.99 Price in reward points: 399 Width: 91.5 cm Height: 61 cm Product Code: 17320 Tags: computer games, ps3, playstation, nintendo, cartoons, gameboy Availability:Out Of Stock This action packed poster captures the feel of the game in one 'foul' swoop as one of the first Angry Bird characters introduced comes storming through the evil pigs castle, sending the squealing piggies flying! This excellent poster is a must have if you are a fan of this addictive game and it will give you the back...

  • Anxiety and Evil in the Writings of Patricia Highsmith
    Anxiety and Evil in the Writings of Patricia Highsmith

    Drawing on an impressive range of secondary material, including many elusive reviews, interviews and articles from the under-explored Highsmith Archive, Fiona Peters suggests that the usual generic distinctions -crime fiction, mystery, suspense - have been largely unhelpful in elucidating Patricia Highsmith's novels. Peters analyzes a significant selection of Highsmith's works, chosen with a view towards demonstrating the range of her oeuvre while also identifying the main themes and preoccupations...

  • Australia's Most Evil Women
    Australia's Most Evil Women

    Of all of the countless murders committed by women in Australia's criminal history, only thirteen can be classified as pure evil. They are all in this book.It's a little-known fact that Australia has some of the most evil murderesses in history.This figure includes the highest percentage of female serial killers anywhere in the world. Australian true crime historian Paul B. Kidd has catalogued the most evil of the evil.After reading this book you will be unable to look your babysitter, mother-in...

  • Biohazard - Archives II Book - Resident Evil
    Biohazard - Archives II Book - Resident Evil

    This game artbook has a fantastic collection of artwork covering Biohazard 4, Biohazard 5, Biohazard 5 Alternative Edition, Biohazard The Umbrella Chronicles, Biohazard The Darkside Chronicles and Biohazard Degeneration

  • Black Cats & Evil Eyes
    Black Cats & Evil Eyes

    by Chloe RhodesThis collection investigates the origins of our most intriguing old-fashioned superstitions, many of which we still find ourselves abiding by today. Hundreds of the beliefs passed down through the generations have their foundations in our ancestors' efforts to ward off evil, which they blamed for hardship, illness and injustice in times when life was, as often as not, 'nasty, brutish and short'. Black Cats and Evil Eyes sets these superstitions in their historical and social context...

  • Body Count - Necessary Evil
    Body Count - Necessary Evil

    The Backbeat Band Are : Greg Dulli (Vocals), Don Fleming (Guitar/Vocals), Thurston Moore (Guitar) - Sonic Youth , Mike Mills (Bass/Vocals) - REM and Dave Grohl (Drums) - Foo Fighters

  • Brennan Allison: Fear No Evil
    Brennan Allison: Fear No Evil

    Allison Brennan Is The Author Of The Prey, The Hunt, The Kill, Speak No Evil, See No Evil, And Fear No Evil. For Thirteen Years She Worked As A Consultant In The California State Legislature Before Leaving To Devote Herself Fully To Her Family And Writing. She Is A Member Of Romance Writers Of America, Mystery Writers Of America, And International Thriller Writers. She Lives In Northern California With Her Husband, Dan, And Their Five Children. <Br>Www.Allisonbrennan.Com

  • Bstt: Message Of Evil And Suffering
    Bstt: Message Of Evil And Suffering

    Description Author Bio Bstt: Message Of Evil And Suffering Evil and suffering have always been part of human experience - and they present a significant challenge to Christian belief in a good and all-powerful God. Evil and suffering may be a mystery to us, but they are not a mystery to God. The Bible writers have no time for an unreal idealism, in which the life of faith is free from anguish, pain and perplexity. They are confident that God's power and wisdom are great enough not just to cope...

  • Christ Walks Where Evil Reigned
    Christ Walks Where Evil Reigned

    Description Publisher's Description Author Bio Christ Walks Where Evil Reigned A social commentary, in a Rwandan setting, focusing on how darkness can consume a nation and how hope and transformation can be released. The genocide in 1994 left the Rwandan people feeling God was lost or hidden, a common feeling when people have experienced violent abuse against them. Because of the appalling slaughter of the genocide, Satan and evil are often perceived to be more powerful than God. This book suggests...

  • Christ's Victory Over Evil
    Christ's Victory Over Evil

    Peter G. Bolt , is Head of New Testament and Greek, Moore College, Sydney. His publications include Jesus' Defeat of Death (CUP), The Cross from a Distance (Apollos) and Living With the Underworld (Matthias Media). He is the co-editor of, and a contributor to several volumes, including The Gospel to the Nations (Apollos).

  • Cute Monster Evil Notebook Case
    Cute Monster Evil Notebook Case

    Product description. Size table. Print methods.

  • David & Goliath Evil at Work Maxi Poster
    David & Goliath Evil at Work Maxi Poster

    David & Goliath maxi poster - Evil At Work.

  • Deadpool Volume 10 Evil Deadpool Graphic Novel
    Deadpool Volume 10 Evil Deadpool Graphic Novel

    Deadpool Volume 10 Evil Deadpool Graphic Novel. Would the real Wade Wilson please stand up? Deadpool returns to America, but he’s not coming home alone! When a collection of Deadpool’s discarded body parts meld to form an evil clone, the Merc With a Mouth faces off against himself for the crown of most hated former mercenary turned super hero turned pirate turned intergalactic bounty hunter. But their explosive confrontation brings the NYPD, Interpol and even Captain America bearing down on Deadpool...

  • Deliver Us From Evil - Paperback
    Deliver Us From Evil - Paperback

    Occult influences march freely across the American landscape today. From "Pokemon cards"and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" to Marilyn Manson and psychic hotlines, the nation is under siege. Occult beliefs-presented as the path to enlightenment and peace-permeate our society, powerfully influencing our children, our neighbors, our government and even our churches.

  • Disgracing Evil Local Weapons - Paperback
    Disgracing Evil Local Weapons - Paperback

    “Every geographical area has its own evil forces and evil weapons; every country has its own satanic technology. Some of the prayer points we pray can help in some places while they would be completely useless in other places because what you may be addressing is not there.” Get empowered with discerning eyes and mind as you read this book.

  • Divine Evil (Paperback)
    Divine Evil (Paperback)

    It is a fantastic book, I recommended it to all my friends. It is one of my favourite books i have read in the past year and constantly grips you. I could not put the book down, and loved all the plot twists :) I have fallen in love with this author x

  • DJ Rectangle - Resident Evil: Turntable Apocalypse
    DJ Rectangle - Resident Evil: Turntable Apocalypse

    Back to Rec Sh-t! Rectangle hungry as ever pulls out the stops with this scratch fest of mix CD! Upfront and exclusive tracks from the likes of Snoop, NORE, Missy Elliott and EPMD make this one mix you cannot miss, but if you have ever bought a Rectangle CD you would know that already about all his CDs! Don't sleep on this!

  • Doctor Who: The Face of Evil (DVD)
    Doctor Who: The Face of Evil (DVD)

    * Commentary. * Into the Wild Cast and crew talk about the making of The Face of Evil. * From the Cutting Room Floor Film trims provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the film shoot. * Tomorrow’s Times – The Fourth Doctor A look at press coverage of Doctor Who during the Tom Baker era. * Doctor Who Stories: Louise Jameson talks about her role on the programme in this interview shot for 2003’s The Story of Doctor Who. * Swap Shop An extract from Louise Jameson’s appearance on The Multi-Coloured...

  • Enjoining Good Forbidding Evil
    Enjoining Good Forbidding Evil

  • Enjoying Good Forbidding Evil
    Enjoying Good Forbidding Evil

    Some of the subtopics mentioned are as follows: Maroof and Munkar, Receiving payment for teaching the faith, why the best natin?, people of saturday and people of the table, the three parties, Deeds and Intentions, Rulers are two types and much more.

  • Evil - 3 Track Promo CD - BBC Sessions
    Evil - 3 Track Promo CD - BBC Sessions

    Product Information 3 Track Promo CD In EX++ Condition In PVC Slip Sleeve 1.Evil 2.Narc -Zane Lowe BBC Session 3.Evil -Zane Lowe BBC Session

  • Evil and Goodness PDF Download
    Evil and Goodness PDF Download

    Evil and Goodness are concepts central to religion. All the major religions offer insights into the struggle between these human experiences and suggest answers regarding the origin, nature and end of evil. Teenagers, especially at a time of concern about growth in the occult through the internet and contemporary culture, need active and engaging learning activities which develop their understanding and ability to reflect on these issues. This book aims to help you, the teacher, develop lessons...

  • Evil Dead 2 (1987) Special Edition (Blu-Ray)
    Evil Dead 2 (1987) Special Edition (Blu-Ray)

    In this sequel to 'The Evil Dead', a young couple chance upon the same remote Tennessee cabin as in the original, unleashing the forces of evil with horrific consequences for themselves and their friends. The only survivor, Ash (Bruce Campbell, who also starred in the first film), deranged after having to dismember his possessed, dead girlfriend, fights back with a chainsaw.

  • Evil Dead 2 Movie Posters Original and Vintage
    Evil Dead 2 Movie Posters Original and Vintage

    Notes : Director Sam Raimi. Made on a shoestring budget this was one of the grossest horror films ever made. The film was released simultaneously to theatres and to video but this poster which is slightly smaller than the standard sized British quad was for the first cinema release and is now very scarce. Poster art by Graham Humphreys. Five friends travel to a cabin in the woods, where they unknowingly release flesh-possessing demons

  • Evil empire 11 track
  • Evil In Paradise - J.J. Fortune
    Evil In Paradise - J.J. Fortune

    ISBN:0006924247 Book 3 in the "Race Against Time" series by J.J. Fortune 1984 Armada books edition "Daring adventuress Jade Munro is a perilous puzzle for Stephen Lane and his Uncle Richard when they hunt The Shark, a cold-blooded killer..." Condition: Very Good - Light creasing to cover and tanning to page edges Free UK delivery Worldwide shipping available

  • Evil In Return
    Evil In Return

    A stirring story of intrigue and violence set in Germany after the fall of Hitler. A young British soldier is given a town to police and control. How he controls himself in this period of lawlessness and loose morals, while having absolute authority over the defeated population, gives the background to this thought provoking tale. He learns of the horror of the Nazi regime and of the barbarism of the Russian Army, from victims and witnesses. Although deeply questioning and shocking, the well-cra...

  • Evil Under the Sun
    Evil Under the Sun

    Agatha Christie's famous detective Hercule Poirot returns in this murder mystery set in the Balearic islands. When beautiful socialite Arlena Marshall (Diana Rigg) is found strangled on a Mediterranean island, there is no shortage of suspects for Hercule Poirot (Peter Ustinov) to eliminate from his enquiries.

  • Evils - Hello Children Everywhere
    Evils - Hello Children Everywhere

    After his (long deleted) EP of 2006 comes this debut LP from Cardiff based electronic music producer Evils. Influenced by computer game melodies, Vangelis and French Techno, this release is a bold slab of electronic wonkines that exudes joy.