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  • Heart Shaped Nurses Stethoscope
    Heart Shaped Nurses Stethoscope

    Perfect for all women dressing up as doctors, nurses or even sexy paramedics at their next fancy dress party.

  • Fit For The Job FDSDIY Decorating Sponge
    Fit For The Job FDSDIY Decorating Sponge

    Decorators Sponge, Manufacturer: Rodo

  • Charnos Diamond Tights
    Charnos Diamond Tights

    With Diamond 15 denier ladies tights, your legs transform into a bankable asset to your figure, match any colour element in your dress and shoes – black stripe dress, black ankle booties and diamond details tights, Charnos tights are available in a dizzying range of mood-lifting colours, patterns and textures at incredibly affordable prices.

  • Don Churro’ Finger Donut System
    Don Churro’ Finger Donut System

    These donuts are unique in that they are not made with oil/ deep fried. All that’s needed is our Churro mix. The mix gets mixed with water and then put in the Churro maker – 2/3 minutes later your Churros are ready – as simple as that!

  • FDs assess coalition government
    FDs assess coalition government

    What do finance directors want from the new government? Common requests are for certainty and stability. Britain’s new Conservative-Liberal Democrat leadership, the first coalition since 1945, has promised stable government that will reduce the country’s gaping budget deficit, while ensuring economic recovery. But working out what the new government could mean for FDs is tricky. Political conventions are being discarded, policies ditched, while economic policy is more fluid than usual. A Con-Lib...

  • FDS Track Master
    FDS Track Master

    The FDS Track Master delivers immediate and ongoing value. The device offers global GPS location technology with GSM communications, the foremost global digital wireless network, on a single board, controlled by a common microprocessor. This unprecedented level of integration promotes reliability, functionality, and power conservation, while dramatically reducing the size and cost of the unit.

  • Dotcom FDs branch out
    Dotcom FDs branch out

    IT WAS the best of times, it was the worst of times. The dotcom boom that marked the turn of the millennium promised so much. The dotcom bust that followed delivered much more. Technology went nuts, business models bore no resemblance to anything seen in the old-fashioned 20th century, and the world was being reinvented as ‘bricks and mortar’ gave way to ‘clicks and portals’. Financial Director watched all this unfold with a mixture of giddiness and bemusement. It was terribly exciting to see the...

  • FDS Mini Advanced GPRS & GPS Tracker
    FDS Mini Advanced GPRS & GPS Tracker

    Tiny dimensions. Built in Microphone for surveillance. Low power consumption. Dual band GSM/GPRS modem. 900/1800 or 900/1900MHz. SMS and GPRS modes. aGPS compatible. Over the air programming. External sensor inputs and outputs. On-board power management. On-board zone alarm function. Simple user configuration. Wide DC power input.

  • Bride And Groom Wedding Cards - Five Dollar Shake Wedding
    Bride And Groom Wedding Cards - Five Dollar Shake Wedding

    Stunning range of wedding cards by five dollar shake! Stunning bride and groom card, with the words "With Love To The Bride & Groom" Glamorous and unique glitter print design on a gorgeous, shimmering board. Hand embellished with Genuine Crystal. Card is blank inside so you can write your own personal message. All comes with luxury envelope.

  • Full Dress White Rabbit Fur Black Tassels Sporran D5
    Full Dress White Rabbit Fur Black Tassels Sporran D5

    Full dress white rabbit fur sporran with three double-length black tassels, giving the appearance of six single ones. Comes with standard fitting sporran chain. These sporrans are made locally and take no longer than 4-5 weeks to be made. If you require them any sooner contact us by email or phone us on 0131 553 3472.

  • FDS Vehicle Sentry V4.0
    FDS Vehicle Sentry V4.0

    GPS - twelve parallel satellite tracking channels for fast acquisition and reacquisition

  • The insurance traps that FDs must avoid
    The insurance traps that FDs must avoid

    INSURANCE IS the bane of many an FD's life. Only too often it fails to attract the time and energy that it really requires as part of the economic balancing of the company's risk profile. This is not surprising. Insurance is costly, complex, understood by few, appreciated by even fewer and often fails to deliver when most needed. What is the incentive to spend time and effort as well as money on it? Brokers are relied upon heavily – possibly too heavily – to advise on cover and sums insured. This...

  • FDS Trailer Tracker
    FDS Trailer Tracker

    The unit is powered by the trailer power supply during normal use, which also charges the internal battery. When the trailer is disconnected from the tractor unit, power to the unit switches to the internal back-up battery. The internal 4.4Ah battery will run the whole Trailer Kit typically for up to 5 days in continuous tracking mode, and up to 50 days in low-power mode giving one report an hour.

  • Should FDs give talks on their profession at schools
    Should FDs give talks on their profession at schools

    "When I grow up, I want to be a... finance director," are perhaps not the words you would expect to burst from the mouths of most 16 to 24 year-olds. So Financial Director is as encouraged as it is unsure about The Financial Services Skills Council's (FSSC) call to finance directors that they visit schools and colleges to impart on students the merits of a career in finance or accountancy. I met with its chief executive Liz Field last week and left wondering how she was going to make this happen...

  • Tough conditions provide FDs with well-earned scars
    Tough conditions provide FDs with well-earned scars

    IN 2004, while serving as FD of the RAC, I was on the board of a joint venture with HBOS. It had been a successful partnership for many years, but strains were emerging. As one of their directors explained, they were required to make a minimum 20% return on any investments, and we kept putting forward proposed schemes that did not achieve that threshold. I pointed out that our business was designed to work on lower returns. Another director of the bank commented that 80% of their mortgage advances...

  • What Sir Ranulph Fiennes and FDs have in common
    What Sir Ranulph Fiennes and FDs have in common

    I spent two days in mid-September at the Financial Director Summit. As ever, it was a fantastic affair. One of the key speakers was Sir Ranulph Fiennes. As an aside, there are only two people I have met in my life who have made me feel like an all-round failure as an inhabitant of this planet and Sir Steve Redgrave was the other one. Sir Ranulph enraptured a room of finance directors with tales of his life exploring the far reaches of the planet and the projects that he had led: I thought he was...

  • Treasurers and FDs get together
    Treasurers and FDs get together

    The constant creation of so much new and more sophisticated technology means that certain jobs become defunct overnight. Recently, it was even suggested that, with the near eradication of hedge accounting and the development of hi-tech software to deal with foreign exchange transactions, the role of the treasurer could be on the verge of extinction. Indeed, privately it is even suggested (and if you look hard enough you’ll find evidence) that so many finance directors have treasury experience that...

  • FDs fail to lure top finance talent
    FDs fail to lure top finance talent

    As many as one-third of finance directors don’t have a recruitment strategy in place for the finance function, despite 37% saying that their department is barely able to meet its current demand for skilled professionals, according to The Finance Talent Challenge: How leading CFOs are taking charge. The findings of the research prompted Marcus Boyle, head of finance consulting at Deloitte, to say that finance has temporarily taken its eye off the talent ball. “Demand for high performers in finance...

  • Bribery Act leaves FDs scratching their heads
    Bribery Act leaves FDs scratching their heads

    The dictum made popular by free market economist Milton Friedman that there is no such thing as a free lunch never seemed so prescient. Finance directors would do well to remember that old adage as the new UK Bribery Act comes into force. But with only two months until it is implemented, there remains much head scratching among FDs and their lawyers about some key areas of the Act. It remains unclear what actually constitutes a bribe and, if a bribe is made or received by an employee, what constitutes...

  • FD Report: FDs and their two-way partnership with banks
    FD Report: FDs and their two-way partnership with banks

    As businesses continue to grapple with difficult conditions, some are expressing concern about their relationships with banks. Companies that have enjoyed long histories with their banking partners have expressed shock at the break with previously cordial relationships. Figures from the British Banking Association (BBA) on the drop in bank lending to companies make for stark reading. According to statistics compiled from the BBA’s membership, lending to non-financial companies decreased by £3.9bn...

  • FDs and the struggle to maintain financial discipline
    FDs and the struggle to maintain financial discipline

    They say a little suffering is good for the soul. If a report published by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants in July 2009 is to be believed, it’s also good for the finance function. In its survey, 83% of respondents believed the chief financial officer’s role was more important than a year ago and 70% agreed that the finance function now gets more boardroom backing. This was reflected in Financial Director’s most recent web seminar, How to maintain Discipline in a downturn, in association...

  • FDs failing to perceive sustainability and profitability link
    FDs failing to perceive sustainability and profitability link

    Many finance directors do not want to lead efforts in sustainability because they do not see a clear link between sustainability concerns and their focus on future profitability. At a week-long event on sustain­ability hosted by IBM in London in September, which featured a day given over to FDs and chief financial officers, it emerged that despite the advent of government-backed initiatives such as the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) and tax breaks for a greener vehicle fleet that aim to guide...

  • FDs fear current Budget's lack of detail
    FDs fear current Budget's lack of detail

    The General Election on 6 May is, of course, widely believed to be the reason why this year’s Budget on 24 March was so devoid of any unpleasant surprises. For the most part, the financial community agrees with the belief that a lot of the policies are temporary vote winners rather than offering any long-term impact, and that the ‘real’ Budget will surface after the Election – probably some time in June – regardless of which party wins. What of the government’s pledge in the Budget to increase business...

  • FDs need the X-factor for CEO role
    FDs need the X-factor for CEO role

    When Gordon Brown’s popularity began to wane, a harsh criticism was levelled at him: while he was a fantastic ‘finance director’, expertly steering the country through what was arguably the toughest economic crisis in living memory, he should not have been promoted to become what was essentially chief executive of UK plc. He had, his critics claimed, been elevated beyond his capability. He was a numbers man – not a leader. Brown’s subsequent political demise was a stark warning for ambitious company...

  • FDs prepare for the crunch
    FDs prepare for the crunch

    Jim Pettigrew, finance director, Ashmore Group “The credit crunch has thrown up a number of issues for finance directors. The cost of borrowing has obviously increased, but the flip side is that a clever FD holding a cash balance can get a better yield for the company’s shareholders. “The credit crunch has had a ripple effect. For example, it is having an impact on exchange rates, so FDs at international companies have to think carefully about how they manage their currency risk. The crisis also...

  • Manufacturing FDs: Driving the recovery
    Manufacturing FDs: Driving the recovery

    THE GOVERNMENT'S decision to pin its hopes on the manufacturing industry to lead the UK’s economic recovery is better than mere blind faith, but not by much. Chancellor George Osborne has placed the sector at the heart of many of the government’s policies aimed at rebalancing the economy towards exports and away from the country’s domestic debt-fuelled consumer market. Naturally this puts the emphasis firmly on the performance of the UK’s manufacturers, which account for about 10% of national output...

  • More female FDs needed on company boards
    More female FDs needed on company boards

    Lady Margery Corbett Ashby would have been dismayed. More than eight decades after she helped to win votes for women, only a tiny fraction of them have reached the top levels of British business. Yet 30 years after her death, the percentage of women on the boards of FTSE-100 companies is a dismal 12.5 percent, and you can count the number of female chief executives in the FTSE-100 on one hand (yes, that’s five). In the FTSE-250, there are even fewer: just 7.8 percent. A long-awaited report from Lord...

  • Supermarket FDs overlooked for chief executive jobs
    Supermarket FDs overlooked for chief executive jobs

    When Tesco announced the appointment of Sir Terry Leahy’s successor in typically seamless fashion in June, it provided further evidence to support an emerging trend. Four times in the past year major grocery retailers have changed their chief executives. Four times finance directors have been heavily tipped to succeed them – and four times they have been overlooked. Marks & Spencer’s finance director Ian Dyson lost out to supermarket giant Morrisons’ chief executive Marc Bolland in the race to replace...

  • Takeover Code puts FDs on standby
    Takeover Code puts FDs on standby

    CHANGES TO the City Code on Takeovers and Mergers (the Code) - introduced by the Takeover Panel on 21 July - are going to put finance directors of plcs on a near permanent standby footing in case a suitor - wanted or unwanted - should suddenly materialise. The rule changes take effect on 19 September 2011, which does not leave much time to get their ducks in a row for FDs working at companies that are not already fully prepared. There are three major rule changes and a number of smaller changes,...

  • Why FDs should not resist the updated IAS 19
    Why FDs should not resist the updated IAS 19

    When a proposed amendment to an accounting standard collides with accepted practice, the standard-setting bodies can expect to get more than a few bricks thrown their way. When the collision adds volatility to the balance sheet and pushes up compliance costs significantly, you can bet there will be huge opposition. When the proposed changes do all of the above with respect to final salary pension schemes, the reaction is going to be particularly sharp. But what is the International Accounting Standards...