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  • Sabichi Glass Teapot With Infuser
    Sabichi Glass Teapot With Infuser

    Enjoy the perfect cup of tea with this range of classic Teapots from Sabichi tablewares. This 750ml teapot with infuser boasts a delicate design with a modern twist. With stainless steel and glass finishing, this teapot is a must for all tea lovers. And we do like a nice cup of tea here at Sabichi.

  • Glass 1.2L teapot
    Glass 1.2L teapot

    This glass teapot has a silver finish on the metal lid and removable funnel, which also has an in-built infuser. For best results, simply add loose tea to the infuser, add hot water and wait for the tea to brew.

  • Opus Glass Teapot 1200ml
    Opus Glass Teapot 1200ml

    Elegant glass teapot 1200ml. Elegant glass teapot completes with removable inside strainer and a flat lid. Watch the leaves unfurl and enjoy the clarity of the show... All elements are in glass. The teapot holds 1.2L; ideal for 4-6 cups. Suitable for dishwasher and also microwaveable safe. Made of heat resistant glass. Made in Europe product code: 116120

  • WMF 6083399990 Replacement Glass Pot for SmarTea Glass Teapot
    WMF 6083399990 Replacement Glass Pot for SmarTea Glass Teapot

    Contents: 1 piece Material: Cromargan rustproof 18/10 stainless steel, WMF glass, heatproof, Manufacturer: WMF

  • EARL Glass teapot
    EARL Glass teapot

    Your eyes will be so busy drinking in the beauty of this teapot that you might actually forget to drink the tea! The EARL teapot is made purely of hand-blown borosilicate glass for sheer, tea-drinking pleasure. No matter whether you prefer traditional black tea, green tea from the Far East, spiced tea from the Orient or fruit tea from the South, simply prepare it as you wish in the microwave or on the hob. The teapot is dishwasher safe and can also be kept in the fridge or even the freezer for making...

  • 500ml Glass Teapot with Filter
    500ml Glass Teapot with Filter

    500ml Glass Teapot with Filter, Type:Teapot; Set of:2; Set Include:1pc filter; Materials:Glass; Product Dimensions:W7.5cm x L13.5cm x H8.2cm(W3 x L5.4 x H3.28); Net Weight (kg):0.318; Shipping Weight (kg):0.4

  • Tesco Stainless Steel and Glass Teapot
    Tesco Stainless Steel and Glass Teapot

    This Tesco teapot features a stainless steel frame and lid with a glass body. Perfect for tea or any other hot or cold drinks, the pot gives a classic tea or coffee service a contemporary feel. This stainless steel and glass teapot is dishwasher safe but not suitable for use in a microwave.

  • Glass Teapot
    Glass Teapot

    Stylish and useful, this teapot is made from high quality glass. Our double walled teapot has a second insulating layer of glass to keep your tea hot for longer, while the elegant design makes a real style statement.,Dimensions: Height:16 cm, Width:13 cm, Depth:24.5 cm, Volume/Capacity:60 cl,Item details: To enjoy a perfect brew, just put your leaves or infusion into the built-in filter and fill the pot with hot water,Care and composition: Glass

  • Stainless Steel Glass Teapot With Infuser
    Stainless Steel Glass Teapot With Infuser

    Robert Dyas Stainless Steel Glass Teapot With Infuser Heat resistant glass Stainless steel filter Stainless steel knob with a satin finish Capacity: 700ml Dishwasher safe Unsuitable for the microwave or oven Dimensions: Depth: 18cm x Width: 12cm x Height: 21cm

  • Nova Glass Teapot 600ml
    Nova Glass Teapot 600ml

    Kettle shape glass teapot. Ideal for two persons, this 6ooml glass teapot is perfect for everyday use. Included is a removable glass strainer to infuse loose leaves. This teapot is made of heat resistant glass. Microwave safe and dishwasher safe. Made in Europe. Also exists in 1.2L (click on view all seller's items) product code: 69879

  • Judge Glass Teapot with Filter
    Judge Glass Teapot with Filter

    Judge Glass Teapot with Filter Unit: Each MPN:TC296 Code: 20039 Capacity: 600ml Removable Stainless Steel fine Infuser - Makes brewing loose leaf teas as easy as using a tea bag Dribble free pouring spout Dishwasher Safe

  • Premier Housewares 700ml Stainless Steel And Glass Teapot
    Premier Housewares 700ml Stainless Steel And Glass Teapot

    Premier Housewares 700ml Stainless Steel and Glass Teapot

  • 1000ml High-Quality glass teapot with filter
    1000ml High-Quality glass teapot with filter

    Type:Tea Cups,Daily Drinkware; Materials:Polypropylene; Product Dimensions:W2" x L2.84" x H1.46" (W5.07cm x L7.22cm x H3.71cm); Net Weight (kg):0.452; Shipping Weight (kg):0.502

  • Primula Glass Teapot Sophe40oz PTA2940MOS
    Primula Glass Teapot Sophe40oz PTA2940MOS

    Primula Glass Teapot Sophe40oz

  • 1Ltr Glass Teapot with Holder
    1Ltr Glass Teapot with Holder

    With a heat resistant borosilicate glass jug, removable fine mesh stainless steel infuser and an unbreakable stay cool polypropelene holder. Only available in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

  • Apollo Red' Glass Teapot
    Apollo Red' Glass Teapot

    These modern glass teapots are inspired by the orient and designed to make a style statement in any kitchen, contemporary or traditional. This glass teapot makes a perfect gift solution for the fresh tea lover thanks to it's detachable infuser, which provides a maximum taste sensation everytime. The detachable clip handle has a colour matched red plug lid, which seals in all the aromatics and nutrients in the tea whilst it is brewing. Modern art meets the ancient art of tea drinking, which has always...

  • Dolce Glass Teapot
    Dolce Glass Teapot

    0.8l glass teapot. Our fruit flavoured teas look very attractive when made in one of these teapots.

  • FORLIFE NewLeaf 530ml Glass Teapot
    FORLIFE NewLeaf 530ml Glass Teapot

    DescriptionReviews The ever-so-lovely FORLIFE NewLeaf borosilicate glass teapot is designed for simple, easy and clean breaking of fresh tea. The extra fine tea infuser enables you to brew fine teas such as Rooibos. The lid is designed to stay in place when you tilt the teapot to pour the tea. The teapot is made of borosilicate glass that is known as the best type of glass for tea and coffee pots. It comes gift boxed. The ring around the top is rubber and best not placed in the dishwasher. Otherwise...

  • Glass Teapot 1ltr Red
    Glass Teapot 1ltr Red

    Made from heat-resistant glass with plastic handle, filter and lid. Removable tea filter - can be used with loose tea or tea bags. Dishwasher safe. Designed by Pernille Vea. Made in China. FREE 25g sample of our loose leaf tea.

  • Glass Teapot for Flowering tea
    Glass Teapot for Flowering tea

    The glass hatching teapot has been designed for the flowers of teas hatching. The capacity (0.3 l) is optimal for infusion and the space allows the tea flower, to develop in the best conditions. Place the flower into the simmering water and watch the magic.

  • Glass Teapot in Cylinder
    Glass Teapot in Cylinder

    Qdo is pursuing its own path with the courage to stand out from the crowd. Every single product is packaged in a way that describes the story behind the design. Qdo is passionate about play and fun, qualities that fully reveal themselves on the shop shelves. Qdo is for everyone for whom the world is not just black and white. For people who love surrounding themselves with products that tell stories. Qdo is for everyone who likes change and witty design. For the young at heart who don't take themselves...

  • Inga Glass Teapot
  • John Lewis Glass Teapot with Infuser, 1.2L
    John Lewis Glass Teapot with Infuser, 1.2L

    A stylish vintage-inspired heat-resistant glass piece, this lovely tea pot features an integral glass infuser that can be filled with loose tea leaves for a gentle yet intense flavour

  • Judge 1ltr Glass Teapot
    Judge 1ltr Glass Teapot

    This glass teapot with removable stainless steel infuser makes brewing loose leaf tea as easy as using a teabag. And you can see the tea brew so you know by the colour when it's how you like it. Dishwasher safe.

  • Lotus Glass Teapot
    Lotus Glass Teapot

    Practicalities are important when choosing your glass teapot and this Jasmine Teapot has a few good ones to share. Firstly the handle has a good width and curvature to enable you to take a firm hold of the teapot. The lid of the teapot has a rubber ring ensuring a snug fit and a mall hole to facilitate effective pouring. The width of the spout is generous to provide easy pouring and a good flow.

  • Nepal Glass Teapot
    Nepal Glass Teapot

    Enjoy the whole tea brewing experience with this stylish glass teapot that allows you to watch the leaves as they infuse their flavour and colour into the water. The leaves have plenty of space to move freely around the pot, bringing the very best flavours out of the leaves. Beautifully simple in design, the teapot has a removable metal filter in the spout of the pot, making it perfect for using with your favourite tea leaves. Each teapot comes complete with a Whittard branded gift box. Height...

  • Pagoda Borosilicate Glass Teapot with Infuser
    Pagoda Borosilicate Glass Teapot with Infuser

    This beautiful, tough crystal clear glass teapot with integral glass infuser really shows off your favourite teas to their best effect. The especially attractive colours of green and oolong teas can be fully seen and you and your guests can appreciate the unfurling leaves of our most extraordinary teas. The infuser will retain all the leaf and this infuser can be simply and cleanly removed once your tea has reached the stength you wish. Capacity: 900ml.

  • Qdo glass teapot with clip handle
    Qdo glass teapot with clip handle

    This Qdo glass teapot is a must for all lovers of loose tea. It has a detachable infuser and is made from Borosilicate glass. Extremely stylish thie teapot is an affordable must have for those who simply cannot live without the perfect brew.

  • Simple glass teapot
    Simple glass teapot

    Glass Tea Pot 18th October 2013 Posted by Derek Heath So cheap looking, and so small. Wish that I had read the reviews first. Will probably send it back. Filter doesn't work for loose tea :-( 26th November 2012 Posted by Louise Demarco A beautiful little teapot, but what a shame the filter is so flimsy. It doesn’t fit well so for loose leaf tea you end up with lots of leaves in your cup. Obviously works fine for tea bags and the larger loose tea such as the camomile is fine. However, for...

  • Small Glass Teapot with Infuser - 400ml
    Small Glass Teapot with Infuser - 400ml

    Beautiful borosilicate glass teapot with lid and glass strainer. An essential accessory for any tea connoisseur. The clear glass allows you to enjoy watching your tea leaves unfurl, and can easily control the strength of the infusion. Truly enjoy the tastes and aromas of your quality loose leaf tea. "There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea."Bernard-Paul Heroux