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  • Notice Sur La Vie de Jean-Auguste Grunert (1872)
    Notice Sur La Vie de Jean-Auguste Grunert (1872)

    Notice Sur La Vie de Jean-Auguste Grunert (1872) : Paperback : Kessinger Publishing : 9781167319655 : 10 Sep 2010

  • Publication Details: Agricultural Marketing and Consumer Behavior in a Changing World
    Publication Details: Agricultural Marketing and Consumer Behavior in a Changing World

    As in many other sectors, in agribusiness major changes are taking place. On the demand side, consumers are changing lifestyles, eating and shopping habits, and increasingly are demanding more accommodation of these needs in the supermarket. With regard to the supply: the traditional distribution channel dominators - manufacturers of branded consumer products - are trying hard to defend their positions against retailers, who gather and use information about the consumer to streamline their...

  • Timeout

    Central to the exhibition were various artistic statements on the relationship of man to history, nature, ecology, the accelerated rhythm of life, and sustainability. Works from the 1970s entered into a dialogue with contemporary works made by artists such as Giovanni Anselmo, Michael Buthe, Gloria Friedmann, On Kawara and Lia Perjovschi in such a way that the substantive relationship were often only revealed after a second glance.

  • Champignons [French] - 9782940365616: NHBS: Helmut Grünert and Renate Grünert
    Champignons [French] - 9782940365616: NHBS: Helmut Grünert and Renate Grünert

    Language: FrenchA field guide to 420 species of European mushroom. Summary in French: Toute la nature en poche! Identifiez facilement 420 espèces de champignons: - Chaque espèce est illustrée par une photo, dans son environnement naturel. - Les espèces proches sont aussi présentées. - Chaque espèce est décrite en détails (chapeau, lames, pied, chair, sporées,...) par le texte ainsi que l’habitat et la comestibilité.

  • Evolution - Vol. 1 [DVD]
    Evolution - Vol. 1 [DVD]

    Release Date: 2005-07-05, Rating: Universal, suitable for all

  • High-quality jersey jacket
    High-quality jersey jacket

    High-quality jersey jacket Elena Grunert, Women, camel, 30, Jersey jacket by Elena Grunert: 95% viscose, 3% nylon, 2% elastane. High-quality interlock [...]

  • Evening dress with square neckline
    Evening dress with square neckline

    <strong>Editor's Notes: </strong>Get ready to enjoy precious moments in this evening dress with a square neckline by the label Elena Grunert! Its composition enchants with elegant details like the gathering and shimmering sequins on the front of the shoulders and the innovative, square neckline which creates a harmonious overall look that will make you the highlight of every evening event! Subtle emphasis of the waistline accentuates female curves. Elegant, sparkling jewellery and heeled shoes are...

  • Shirt from crepe chiffon
    Shirt from crepe chiffon

    <b>Description </b>Elena Grunert has created a romantic yet remarkable design. The allover pattern with animal print and soft shapes make this shirt into a tough companion. The delicate, transparent and loosely falling crepe chiffon make this shirt look romantic. A perfect mix. The wide cut and the slits on the sides and open button border provide a lot of freedom of movement.<br /><br/><b>Editor's Notes </b>We recommend to add a top in neutral colors and faux-leather leggings and pumps-

  • Cotton dress with all over pattern
    Cotton dress with all over pattern

    <b>Description </b>The latest collection by Elena Grunert offers the perfect piece with an all-over pattern for you ladies who are constantly on the look out for classic dresses. This shift dress features a square neckline with a centred slit for an elegant twist while the stylish pattern makes the dress look even more sophisticated. It takes a second look to discover the true highlight: this dress is composed of two layers of fabric in different lengths. Cotton guarantees total comfort.<br /><br...

  • Cotton dress with drop neckline
    Cotton dress with drop neckline

    <b>Description </b>Pure elegance. That is what this sheath dress from cotton by Elena Grunert shows. It has more to offer than what it seems at first sight. The outer fabric layer features a ornamental all-over pattern that underlines the elegance of the cut. The short walking slit at the seam and the drop neckline underline this as well. The cotton fabric provides high wearing comfort.<br /><br/><b>Editor's Notes </b>The slightly flared cut conceal your waist, stomach, butt and thighs. Complete...

  • A-cut skirt with stitched pleats
    A-cut skirt with stitched pleats

    <strong>Editor's Notes: </strong>For women who love skirts that slightly frame their legs, this A-cut skirt with stitched pleats is an absolute must-have! Thanks to the A-cut and the lightweight jersey fabric, the skirt is swinging with every step you take and thus perfectly underlines your femininity! The draped, stitched pleats at the hemline additionally underline this dynamic. The double-layered fabric ensures a secure and comfortable wear-feel! Try teaming the skirt up with a tailored blouse...

  • Linen jacket with eyelet pattern
    Linen jacket with eyelet pattern

    <strong>Editor's Notes: </strong>This linen jacket by Elena Grunert was adorned with a pretty eyelet pattern that turns it into a real statement piece! Made with 90% linen, it provides a lightweight, breathable feel that is perfect for the spring and summer season. The eyelet pattern on the shoulder area and hemline gives this jacket a very modern, yet romantic appeal. The short, tailored design makes it the ideal match for longline tunics and dresses. For example, try wearing it with a maxi dress...

  • Bi-coloured rivet dress
    Bi-coloured rivet dress

    <strong>Editor's Notes: </strong>Sleek, contemporary and elegant all at once, this bi-colour rivet shift dress designed by Elena Grunert ticks off so many fashion wants, it is hard to resist! The basic shift cut is upgraded by the contrasting fabric stripe below the breast, a chic addition which also optically slims down the silhouette. The rivets attached all over the dress create a sparkling, shiny look, making the dress a great companion for any festive event! Simply add pumps and eccentric, modern...

  • Dress with fancy neckline
    Dress with fancy neckline

    <strong>Editor's Notes: </strong>With this patterned dress with fancy neckline, label Elena Grunert provides a perfect base for a autumn-like, feminine appearance at the office and best of all, you will feel great in it! The smooth, sturdy fabric of the dress creates a comfortable wear for hours and is also very elegant. Elegance you will also find with the decorative neckline and the classic pattern on the front and back. Opaque tights, square leather purse and pumps complete your outfit!<br />...

  • Jersey dress with dot pattern
    Jersey dress with dot pattern

    <strong>Editor's notes: </strong>This dress by the label Elena Grunert combines a simple cut with an appealing pattern. Dividing seams are used in order to ideally shape the body. The subtle waterfall neckline creates a similar effect. With its 3/4-sleeves and knee length, it becomes a favourite item which spices up your everyday life. The jersey fabric is figure-hugging and comfortable and getting dressed is made easy. Under the actual dress, there is an underdress made of fishnet fabric, which...

  • Dress with extravagant neckline
    Dress with extravagant neckline

    <strong>Editor's Notes: </strong>Dress yourself elegantly: with Elena Grunert's beautiful dress here. Starting from the round neckline, you can find ruffles and panel seams creating a figure-flattering A-cut. The long sleeves and the knee-long cut create an elegant look. The sold jersey fabric comes with a great fall and is so flexible that you can easily slip into the piece and feel comfortable. Try teaming the piece up with large earrings, opaque tights and beautiful pumps!<br /><br /><strong>Details...

  • Elegant dress with ruffles
    Elegant dress with ruffles

    <b>Description </b>Raise the curtain for this elegant dress by Elena Grunert for the modern woman! A classic piece with beautiful ruffles at the sleeves make this dress look very elegant. Slits on the hem and back as well as stretchy, soft jersey provide more freedom of movement. The beautifully set folds in the front make the neckline look like a waterfall collar.<br /><br/><b>Editor's Notes </b>The ruffles at the sleeves and the wide round neckline accentuate the shoulders and arms. The cut that...

  • Elegant shirt with pepita pattern
    Elegant shirt with pepita pattern

    <strong>Editor's Notes: </strong>The 60s were a good time - so why not take a part from then into the present? No problem with Elena Grunert's elegant pepital-patterned shirt! The patterned satin fabric is the highlight and is surrounded by uni-coloured elastic jersey fabric. The neckline is topped off with a retro scarf. The elastic side parts simplified dressing and undressing and ensure a comfortable fit. Simply add a knee-long skirt in the same or a contrasting shade. Of course, you can also...

  • Jersey dress with pattern mix
    Jersey dress with pattern mix

    <b>Description </b>This jersey dress with pattern mix by Elena Grunert disperses the last thought about the dull winter from your head! The dynamic pattern mix of animal print and floral, ornated elements appears very vivid, getting you into the mood for the coming warm seasons. The uncomplicated jersey fabric lies very pleasantly on the skin, being perfectly suitable for spring and summer temperatures.<br /><br/><b>Editor's Notes </b>The V-cut has a fancy wrap look, flattering your cleavage. The...

  • Long-sleeved allover print shirt
    Long-sleeved allover print shirt

    <strong>Editor's Notes: </strong>Elena Grunert's long-sleeved shirt perfectly combines diffuse imagery and colour contrasts with an allover print. Long sleeves, a loose cut, slitted side seams and an underlying shawl collar are comfortable and sovereign. The two panel seams at the front and back ensure a high-quality fit. The shoulders have been embellished in a brilliant way with ruffles and thin shoulder paddings. We recommend you add a rather basic companion, such as dark slim-cut trousers and...

  • Shirt with pattern insert at the front
    Shirt with pattern insert at the front

    <strong>Editor's notes: </strong>This longsleeve shirt by the label Elena Grunert strikingly spreads its noble charm. An explanation for it is among others the insert of elegant shining jersey fabric and appealingly structured material, which reminds us of leather. Dividing seams and the insert of elastane guarantee the ideal fit, while the advantageous loose cut has a good concealing effect. Combine this shirt for example with moderately slim-fit trousers made of faux leather and high pumps with...

  • Colourful longtop
    Colourful longtop

    <strong>Editor's Notes: </strong> You can count on looking fabulous in this colourful longshirt by the label Elena Grunert. The slightly stretchy material playfully hugs each individual silhouette while side slits add a highlight as well as a casual touch to the design. Add a pair of jeans and trainers.<br /><br /><strong>Details: </strong>4% elastane; all-over pattern; long sleeves; slits; round neckline.<br />

  • Silk shirt
    Silk shirt

    <strong>Editor's Notes: </strong>Be seduced! This elegant silk shirt by Elena Grunert will indulge your senses with this luxurious silk fabric. Because of the use of high-quality material, the fabric falls gentle and soft on the skin. The incorporated spandex guarantees an optimal wearing comfort. Especially women with a distinct mid-section will profit from this straight cut. The shirt can be worn very well with narrow-cut business trousers.<br /><br /><strong>Details: </strong>100% silk; 6% spandex...