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  • Grey Gardens
    Grey Gardens

    Directed by the Maysles brothers, the filmmakers behind Salesman (1968) and The Rolling Stones' Gimme Shelter (1969), Grey Gardens is a spellbinding documentary about two eccentric and reclusive women, aunt and cousin to Jackie Onassis, living in a squalid mansion in New York's affluent East Hampton district. Big Edie and Little Edie's world is a stage upon which their disappointments and pleasures are played out in front of the camera.

  • Grey Gardens [DVD] [NTSC]
    Grey Gardens [DVD] [NTSC]

    Release Date: 2007-04-30, Rating: Exempt

  • Grey Gardens [DVD Video Disc] EKA40234 DVD
    Grey Gardens [DVD Video Disc] EKA40234 DVD

  • Grey Gardens: The Criterion Collection / Blu-ray
    Grey Gardens: The Criterion Collection / Blu-ray

    Meet Big and Little Edie Beale: mother and daughter, high-society dropouts, and reclusive cousins of Jackie Onassis. The two manage to thrive together amid the decay and disorder of their East Hampton, New York, mansion, making for an eerily ramshackle echo of the American Camelot. An impossibly intimate portrait, this 1976 documentary by Albert and David Maysles, co-directed by Ellen Hovde and Muffie Meyer, quickly became a cult classic and established Little Eddie as a fashion icon and philosopher...