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  • Babymoov Thermal Hygrometer
    Babymoov Thermal Hygrometer

    Babymoov Thermal Hygrometer

  • Barometer / Thermometer / Hygrometer, ref BTH1
    Barometer / Thermometer / Hygrometer, ref BTH1

    A wall mountable Barometer/Thermometer/Hygromet er in a highly polished wood case with brass corners, by Wm. Widdop. Complete with engraving plate which we will engrave with up to 70 characters. Engraving plate: 67mm x 20mm, up to 70 characters. Diameter of dials: 10cm. Case measures: 40 x 14 cm approx Wall mounted. P+P: Royal Mail Post £5.50 or Secure, signed-for £7.50 CHOOSE AT CHECKOUT Due to personalisation, we will despatch your item within 6 working days. Express service (despatch within 3 working...

  • Caliber 4R – Digital Round Thermo-Hygrometer
    Caliber 4R – Digital Round Thermo-Hygrometer

    This hygrometer utilizes the same sensor, circuitry and calibration as the Caliber IV. But in the shape of a traditional round design. The classic looks of an analogue but powered by the advanced, accurate digital electronics of the Caliber line! The Caliber 4R retains the legendary accuracy of Caliber digital hygrometers and are designed to eliminate gauge flutter with slow response updating time. Caliber 4R displays both humidity and temperature readings, have the ability to record maximum...

  • ClimeMET Digital Thermometer / Hygrometer
    ClimeMET Digital Thermometer / Hygrometer

    New compact ClimeMET digital thermometer and hygrometer. This neat little display has clear digital digits showing indoor and outdoor temperature and indoor humidity making the CM2011 the ideal gadget for any desk, conservatory or greenhouse.

  • Compact Hygrometer - - - Measurement - Workshop & Maintenance
    Compact Hygrometer - - - Measurement - Workshop & Maintenance

    The thermometer tubes used in these hygrometers have a blue coloured LO-tox™ filling which has a similar accuracy and better legibility than mercury filling.

  • Credo Analogue Hygrometer Chrome
    Credo Analogue Hygrometer Chrome

    Mechanical/analogue hygrometer. Chrome colour finish.

  • Credo Digital Hygrometer
    Credo Digital Hygrometer

    The Credo digital Hygrometer is a precision instrument. Big size LCD gives an excellent reading of moisture and temperature.

  • Credo Gold Analogue Hygrometer
    Credo Gold Analogue Hygrometer

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  • Dial Hygrometer 30/411
    Dial Hygrometer 30/411

    Model: 09-435-015. Shipping Weight: 0.30kgs.

  • Dial Thermo / Hygrometer
    Dial Thermo / Hygrometer

    Qty 1-4 5+ Price £4.99 £3.98 Savings - 20% rrp £5.99 save £1.00 Product Info: Diameter 75mm (3") Humidity Range 0% to 100% Temperature Range -25C to 55C Screw Slot or Sticky Pad Fixing Accurate and easy to read Qty: add to cart

  • Digital Compact Min/Max Thermo-Hygrometer
    Digital Compact Min/Max Thermo-Hygrometer

    Brand: TFA. Calibration: Can be calibrated. Functions: Min Max , Humidity. Humidity Accuracy: +/-5%rh. Main Unit: Table Standing. Manufactures Warranty: 1-Year. Material: Plastic. Maximum Humidity: 100%rh. Maximum Temperature: +60°C. Measurement: °C. Minimum Temperature : -10°C. Minimum Humidity: 10%rh. Style: Digital. Temperature Accuracy: +/- 1°C. Type: Air Temperature.

  • Digital Memory Thermo-Hygrometer
    Digital Memory Thermo-Hygrometer

    This low cost combined RH humidity and temperature meter with 2 separate 23mm hi-contrast LCD displays, one for temperature and one for humidity. Ideal for environmental monitoring of showcases, museums, galleries, store rooms. Case construction incorporates a key way for wall mounting and a flip out desk stand. Min/max memory is continually updated for both temperature and humidity values since the last memory reset. Each instrument is supplied with instructions and 1 x 1.5 volt AAA battery...

  • Digital Min-Max Hygrometer
    Digital Min-Max Hygrometer

    Digital Min-Max Hygrometer Product Details: The Digital minmax Hygrometer is a vital tool for successful growing. The Hygrometer will take minimum and maximum reading of both temperature and humidity so you will know how hot and how cold your growing environment becomes over a 24 hr period. Simultaneously shows both temperature and humidity readings Two temperature alarms Records min/max temperatures and humidity values that can be reset as required. Operating the Hygrometer is very simple. Pushing...

  • Digital Min/Max Combo Thermo Hygrometer
    Digital Min/Max Combo Thermo Hygrometer

    Description High quality modern type Outdoor Indoor Desk Thermometer Hygrometer One cable with probe for feeling the outdoor temperature Indoor and outdoor temperature °C/°F (min. or max.) and indoor humidity (max. or min.) display It is widely used for the measurement of the temperature and humidity in houses, offices, workshops, schools, markets, warehouses, etc. One hole and one stand back of the thermometer that you can use on the home wall or desk table (optional) This Home Wall Thermometer...

  • Digital Min/Max Thermometer Hygrometer with External Probe
    Digital Min/Max Thermometer Hygrometer with External Probe

    A nice little hygro-thermometer that includes an extra probe that allows for readings to be taken from two places at once. This allows you to monitor the environment both inside and outside of the grow room more closely. You could also use the extra probe to measure the temperature of your nutrient solution.

  • Digital Thermo/Hygrometer for Terrariums
    Digital Thermo/Hygrometer for Terrariums

    Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer The ideal accessory for ensuring the health and safety of your pet. It will accurately monitor the temperature and humidity levels giving you peace of mind that their needs are being catered for. It is easy to mount within the terrarium using the suction pad and is battery operated, therefore avoiding additional cables and sockets. for precise monitoring of the temperature and air humidity in the terrarium range from 0 °C to 50 °C (32 °F to 122 °F) and 30 % to 90 %...

  • Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer
    Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer

    This accurate device displays and records temperatures from -10˚C to +50˚C (14˚F to 122˚F) in ˚C and ˚F and records and displays humidity readings from 25% to 98%. You can record minimum and maximum levels of humidity and temperatures, so you know what action to take to provide your plants with the best conditions. Simply press reset to record new temperatures and humidity levels.

  • Exo Terra Dial Hygrometer, PT2466
    Exo Terra Dial Hygrometer, PT2466

    Home > Heat & Lighting > Heating > Measurement Exo Terra Dial Hygrometer, PT2466 The Exo-Terra measurement equipment are gauges which can be used for monitoring the humidity and temperature levels in the vivarium or terrarium. The Exo-Terra reptile measurement equipment are easy to read with a clear display and simple to install .Read the Full DescriptionOur Code: CHE015

  • Exo Terra PT2477 Digital Hygrometer
    Exo Terra PT2477 Digital Hygrometer

    Accurate relative air-humidity indication Unique remote sensor Minimum and maximum temperature memory Fits the exo terra compact top and dual top canopies Regulate their body temperature

  • Exo-Terra - Rept-O-Meter Reptile Hygrometer
    Exo-Terra - Rept-O-Meter Reptile Hygrometer

    These are used for monitoring the humidity level in your terrariums.

  • Hilka 34202000 Thermometer Hygrometer
    Hilka 34202000 Thermometer Hygrometer

    Stores and displays maximum and minimum humidity and temperature. Easy to use and suitable for air conditioning, computer rooms, food preparation areas and glasshouses. Temperature Range -5°C to +50°C. Humidity Range 30% to 90%. L x W x D: 110 x 70 x 20mm. AAA battery included., Manufacturer: Hilka

  • HTC-1 Clock and Temperature Hygrometer
    HTC-1 Clock and Temperature Hygrometer

    Details HTC-1 Clock and Temperature Hygrometer. It is characterized at large-character LED display, multi-function, low power consumption and high stability and accuracy. HTC-1 Clock and Temperature Hygrometer Features: 1.Display temperature, humidity and time simultaneously 2.Memory of MAX & MIN measuring value 3.12-hour / 24-hour displaying system selectable 4.℃/℉ unit selectable 5.Integral-hour alarm function 6.Alarm function 7.Clock and calendar function (month and date) 8.Desk-top...

  • Hydrogarden Dial Hygrometer
    Hydrogarden Dial Hygrometer

  • Hygrometer and theremometer (code ofp102)
    Hygrometer and theremometer (code ofp102)

  • Hygrometer, Sandtimer and Thermometer Set
    Hygrometer, Sandtimer and Thermometer Set

    Hygometer. Sandtimer. Thermometer.

  • jacob jensen weatherstation 2 hygrometer
    jacob jensen weatherstation 2 hygrometer

    This hygrometer is part of the new Weather Station 2 Range from Jacob Jensen™ which provides weather forecasting in a stylish and fun way. Get the instant feeling of your indoor climate or whether to wear the heavy overcoat when going out by simply taking a rapid glance at your new weather station, the bars indicate whether it's cold or warm. If more accuracy is needed the bars transform into exact digital numbers by pressing the centre button. The combination of silver aluminium and black elements...

  • Jumbo Memory Thermo-Hygrometer
    Jumbo Memory Thermo-Hygrometer

    -10° to 50°C x 0.1°. 25% to 98%RH x 1%. Displays temperature in °C or °F. Simultaneous display of humidity and temperature. 63 x 80mm large digit LCD display. Min/max memory for both temperature and humidity. Reset clears memory for both temperature and humidity. Impact-resistant ABS case with a flip-out desk stand for free-standing applications and key-way for wall mounting. Supplied with battery.

  • Koch 13309 Solar Thermometer / Hygrometer White
    Koch 13309 Solar Thermometer / Hygrometer White

    hygrometer thermometer solar powered no batteries required gift Solar powered thermometer / hygrometer. Environmentally friendly - doesn't require batteries Displays temperature and humidity Temperature range: -10 °C - +50 °C

  • Komodo Analog Hygrometer
    Komodo Analog Hygrometer

    For monitoring of habitat humidity Accurately monitors humidity in reptile habitats (% R.H) Analogue dial display Colour-coded humidity scale Easy to mount, view and read