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  • Devil's Guard: The Real Story
    Devil's Guard: The Real Story

    Following the myths and legends about Nazis recruited by the French Foreign Legion to fight in Indochina, Eric Meyer's new book is based on the real story of one such former Waffen-Ss man who lived to tell the tale. The Legion recruited widely from soldiers left unemployed and homeless by the defeat of Germany in 1945. They offered a new identity and passport to men who could bring their fighting abilities to the jungles and rice paddies of what was to become vietnam. These were ruthless, trained...

  • The Coast Guard Oracle
    The Coast Guard Oracle

    A former cook looks for a new means of life and soon finds himself in the life saving branch of the military. After graduating Basic Training, Daniel Pearce becomes possessed by a wild drinking alter-ego entity while studying at an electrical school. After electrical school graduation, Daniel Pearce finds himself stationed on the island of Guam. Another form of identity takes upon Daniel, an identity of the mustache variety. Daniel Pearce finds himself in perplexing situations while experiencing...

  • The Uninvited (Guard, 2009)
    The Uninvited (Guard, 2009)

    Supernatural horror starring Emily Browning as Anna, a young woman who returns home to her family, including her much-loved sister Alex, after a spell in a mental hospital following the death of her mother. Her recovery is hampered by the presence of a mysterious new stepmother, Rachael (Elizabeth Banks), and various ghostly happenings in the family home. When Anna sets out to discover the true identity of her father's new wife, she uncovers a truth more shocking than she could have imagined.

  • The Cobra Identity
    The Cobra Identity

    The Cobra ConspiracySynopsisAs the second book in this series, following Recall to Arms, Army Major Peter Shields, is on top of the world. As the new Director of Counter-Terrorism with the National Guard Bureau, he now works in Washington, DC. He’s gained Presidential attention and fallen in love with the most fabulous girl in the world, Rachael Aston. She’s well educated, beautiful and successful as a civilian intelligence officer in the Defense Department. They met almost a year earlier on a task...

  • Deception's Guard
    Deception's Guard

    DEA agent Skye Mathews is a celebrated DEA agent assigned to the South/Central America Region. A consummate bilingual actress and pilot her successes are renown in the DEA. She is assigned to her most difficult mission, that of guarding CEO Rhys Wielde of Genoreach Technologies, Inc. in his quest to bring his colleagues to justice after they create a deadly biological weapon. Despite not knowing the identity of his multi-disguised bodyguard, Skye and Rhys's adventures take them through three countries...