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  • Jam Sessions for Nintendo DS & DSi Games
    Jam Sessions for Nintendo DS & DSi Games

    Players will rock out, or smoothly strum, on the lower screen of the Nintendo DS system, producing an authentic sound digitally remastered from an actual acoustic guitar. The simple interface will guide players into the various easy-to-play modes which include: Performance Mode, allowing users to sing and play along both yesterday and todays hottest artists; Free-Play Mode, where people can play anything they chose; and Tutorial Mode where novice musicians will learn to play guitar without paying...

  • Enlarge Jam-Sessions NintendoDS
    Enlarge Jam-Sessions NintendoDS

    Jam Sessions is a ground-breaking music experience that transforms the Nintendo DS system into a portable guitar. Players will literally strum the guitar via the Touch Screen and select chords with the Control Pad. Now even the most ?non-musical? person to become an instant rock star! The portability of the DS system makes Jam Sessions a concert-on-the-go, perfect for parties, commuting to school/work and anywhere people can enjoy music. Controls can be adjusted for both left-handed and right-handed...

  • Jam Sessions (DS)
    Jam Sessions (DS)

    Description Jam Sessions lets you use your DS as a guitar simulator, allowing you to strum virtual guitar strings with the stylus. Jam Sessions is a ground-breaking music experience that transforms your Nintendo DS into a portable guitar, promoting singing, playing and song-writing while offering the perfect companion for social gatherings, commuting to work/school or just relaxing at home. Whether you are an experienced musician or merely a fan of music, Jam Sessions offers liberation through music...

  • Jam Sessions / Nintendo DS
    Jam Sessions / Nintendo DS

    Designed as a tool for self-expression that places emphasis on the music rather than the game, Jam Sessions offers music enthusiasts a way to take their tunes on the road. Gamers may begin in the tutorial and learn how different movements made on the touch screen affect the sound and intensity of each guitar chord. Players have access to eight chords that can be saved as presets to specific songs and accessed at a later time. In "Performance" mode, gamers must mimic the guitar section in each song...