Jane Unlimit Pushchair Stylon
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  • Jane Unlimit Pushchair J49
    Jane Unlimit Pushchair J49

    The sleek, state-of-the-art chassis of the new Unlimit is fitted with four striking large diameter wheels which run smoothly over all terrains to give baby a comfortable ride. This pushchair has a reversible seat unit offering parents the option to chat with baby face to face or let baby look out at the world. The 100% aluminium oversized oval tubular chassis (43x25mm) is exceptionally strong yet lightweight, while the low profile wheels with ball bearings make it far lighter to push. FeaturesMulti...

  • Pushchair Bottle Holder (2014)
    Pushchair Bottle Holder (2014)

    Original and practical accessory, for parents and the baby. This means that a feeding bottle, water, or any other receptacle can always be carried within reach. The bottle holder is compatible with the following models of Jane pushchairs and strollers: 2008+ models of : Unique, Sonic, Nomad Pro, Slalolm Pro, Slalom 'R', Unlimit, Rider and Powertwin Pro. Features: Simply clips on or off. Can't be simpler! Connects by using the housing already applied on the 2008 models.

  • Jane Unlimit Rear Wheel
    Jane Unlimit Rear Wheel

    A replacement wheel or the new Jane Unlimit pushchair. This is supplied with brake cog and rear axle. As this is a genuine Jane part its a straight swap for a worn or damaged wheel on your Unlimit buggy.

  • Jane Rider & Strata Stylon with FREE Raincover & Pram Bag
    Jane Rider & Strata Stylon with FREE Raincover & Pram Bag

    The Rider is fitted with the Pro-Fix system patented by Jane which is used on all of the Jane pushchair range. This allows the Pro-Fix carrycots and carseats from the Jane range to be attached to and removed from the chassis quickly with just one hand. Additional fixings are not needed.

  • Pushchair Unlimit 475 Stylon
    Pushchair Unlimit 475 Stylon

    Jan�aises the bar in the four-wheel pushchair market with its light and versatile new �Unlimit�. ...

  • Footmuff Nest-plus 475 Stylon
    Footmuff Nest-plus 475 Stylon

    The Nest Plus universal footmuff can adapt to fit all kinds of pushchairs on the market, and ...