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  • Smash Hits Karaoke [DVD]
    Smash Hits Karaoke [DVD]

    Release Date: 2004-04-05, Rating: Exempt

  • The Greatest Karaoke DVD...Ever! - Vol. 2 [2000]
    The Greatest Karaoke DVD...Ever! - Vol. 2 [2000]

    Release Date: 2000-11-20, Rating: Exempt

  • The Ultimate Karaoke Chart DVD
    The Ultimate Karaoke Chart DVD

    Release Date: 2001-11-05, Rating: Exempt

  • Ultimate Karaoke Love Songs [2003] [DVD]
    Ultimate Karaoke Love Songs [2003] [DVD]

    Release Date: 2003-02-10, Rating: Exempt

  • Goodmans XB4CDG Children's Karaoke
    Goodmans XB4CDG Children's Karaoke

    Show off your vocal skills with the Goodmans XB4CDG Karaoke Machine. This Goodmans children’s karaoke machine features CD/CDG compatibility so you can read the lyrics straight off your TV. Other great features include auto voice control, 8 adjustable echo settings and auto balance control so you are sure to bring the house down! Featuring funky purple design, this karaoke machine is kitted-out with a microphone, CD player and 2 microphone sockets - perfect for duets with friends...

  • Easy Karaoke Party Hits CD+G and DVD Pack
    Easy Karaoke Party Hits CD+G and DVD Pack

    This was a great Christmas gift, however it was advertised with a free Christmas cd......the free cd never materialised. I feel this was was just to get people to buy the karaoke cd's. I will be interested to know how many people actually received the free cd!!!!

  • Karcher Magic Sing Karaoke Chip Swiss Dialect Vol 1."
    Karcher Magic Sing Karaoke Chip Swiss Dialect Vol 1."

    with 131 Swiss Hits

  • (Music) Karaoke Products
    (Music) Karaoke Products

    The Czech Symphony Orchestra provides the backing to these 23 classic Gilbert and Sullivan songs, designed for a karaoke sing-along at home. From 'The Mikado' songs are 'A Wand'ring Minstrel I', 'Behold the Lord High.. ... more info

  • Children’s Karaoke Machine | Goodmans
    Children’s Karaoke Machine | Goodmans

    Play, pause, skip, repeat and stop all your favourite CDG tracks. The 2 microphone sockets on the Goodmans XB6CDG Karaoke Machine means the soon-to-be celebrity can sing along to her favourite song with her favourite friends. All the words will be visible on your TV screen connected via the RCA output. The Goodmans XB6CDG Karaoke Machine’s dual speakers have a crisp clear sound to fill a room so you don’t have to worry about the people in the back not hearing you. The fun features the Goodmans XB...

  • England's Glory - Football Karaoke
    England's Glory - Football Karaoke

  • Karaoke & Cold Lazarus Dennis Potter
    Karaoke & Cold Lazarus Dennis Potter

    In the first part, Karaoke , Daniel Feeld, a writer, is in a physical crisis: he is dying. He more than half-imagines that something he has recently written has escaped into the world outside. Or is he imagining it? Fact and fiction collide. In this extremity, he has to struggle back towards the relationships and understandings he thought he had managed to do without. In the meantime, the screenplay he's written is being arranged by the director who is blinded by his lust for the leading lady - who...

  • Karaoke Kit (CDG)
    Karaoke Kit (CDG)

    100 Karaoke Tracks (Inc Vocal Versions of Childrens Songs) made up from outstanding artists such as The Carpenters, The Drifters, Perry Como, Coldplay. Whitney Houston, Sugababes and many more. If you like this, you might like our Family Karaoke Jukebox, please see stock code 1755.

  • Karaoke Party #1
    Karaoke Party #1

    Please note the disc & sleeve has a track listed as "The Best" when in fact it is as our listing below, Brown Girl In The Ring.

  • Karaoke Tracks of Kishore Kumar
    Karaoke Tracks of Kishore Kumar

    An AUDIO VISUAL experience - This features length DVD exposes scenes the horizon of the mind, together with KARAOKE GRAPHICS for esteem Karaoke Lovers.

  • Maximo Park - Karaoke Plays
    Maximo Park - Karaoke Plays

    This item is In stock and ready for immediate dispatch! We aim always to post your order within two working days. You'll have it in double-quick time! We offer reduced postage when you order additional items from us. We also guarantee a full refund or replacement on everything which is wrongly-described or is sent in error - no quibble! Need more information? A picture or a tracklisting? Contact us...

  • Midnight Mike Midnight Karaoke
    Midnight Mike Midnight Karaoke

    Sealed - 1. Be-Bop-A-Lula 2:43 2. Who Do You Love? 4:30 3. United 5:05 4. Boys (Summertime Love) 5:06 5. Mongoloid 3:37 6. Money For Nothing 5:03 7. In Every Dream Home A Heartache 4:44 8. All Shook Up 2:19 9. Amputee 2:16 10. I Need Y

  • MRH72 Karaoke CDG Disc
  • Norman Whai Karaoke A Capella
    Norman Whai Karaoke A Capella

    Active Suspension bring us a rather fantastic CD by Hypo which we've been loving big time loving time big over the last few weeks. Christ this is good.... Cut up electronica but unusually it focuses more on melody thus making a right good album. It's absolutely bonkers and reminds me of Joseph Nothing ( Planet Mu ) in places. Very new and interesting sounding and probably unlike much else you've heard. Most recommended... Karaoke A Capella is superb

  • Okinawa DVD Karaoke 1
    Okinawa DVD Karaoke 1

    1. Hiyamikachi Bushi, Keibin Tetsudo no Uta (Tabunka Kyosei Festival - Tokyo, August 2003) 2. Chikutanume, Inashiri Bushi (Shitamachi Tanabata Matsuri - Tokyo, July 2000) 3. Toichinsa, Shinkawa Kodaijin (Manda-La 2 - Tokyo, January 1999) 4. Urayama Rap (Electric Church Love - Tokyo, August 2001) 5. Yoochiire, Shisas no Theme (Star Pine's Cafe - Tokyo, February 1998) 6. Agari Kuduchi (Dogura - Tokyo, February 1999) 7. Umi no Sasakusa, Nakasato Bushi, Mamidooma - Kuichabuduri, Yakko Oodori (Okierabu...

  • Our Singing School Karaoke - 7 DVD Set
    Our Singing School Karaoke - 7 DVD Set

    This 7-DVD set contains 200 fabulous songs, each with an illustrated background and lyrics that appear in time to the music, giving children the confidence they need to sing along to their heart’s content.

  • s Cartoon Karaoke DVD Plus free CD
    s Cartoon Karaoke DVD Plus free CD

    This DVD has been requested by parents who have been going slightly crazy as their children have kept watching the same song on the website ! Now parents, at least you will have all eight to give you variety !

  • Scottish Karaoke - Sing Along Album
    Scottish Karaoke - Sing Along Album

    There are 20 tracks in total

  • Smash Hits Karaoke (DVD)
    Smash Hits Karaoke (DVD)

    We have collected 10 of the hottest pop hits for this sensational collaboration between the "kings" of karaoke and the "queens" of teen! In the guise of Pop Idol and Fame Academy, karaoke (for that's what these shows really are!!).. has really caught the public's imagination in the last couple of years. No longer is it just a Christmas party diversion but an all year round entertainment (which could lead to a spectacular career as a pop star!!)

  • South Pacific Karaoke CD
    South Pacific Karaoke CD

    There are 34 tracks on this album: Tracks 1-17 contain the background tracks and guide vocals tracks 18-34 contain the accompaniment tracks alone. This album is a re-recording in the original show key and show tempo. The tracks on this album are fully-orchestrated.

  • Storyteller: Groovy Gran and the Karaoke
    Storyteller: Groovy Gran and the Karaoke

    Storyteller has a wealth of titles at every Book Band Level, making it ideal for developing children's reading and writing skills simultaneously. Key Skills: The books are ideal for guided reading and writing. They are also great for independent reading and writing. Suitable as take home readers. The writing cards are excellent for shared, interactive and guided writing. The non-fiction titles in particular, are good for children who are high-interest, lower ability.

  • Sunfly Hits 005 karaoke album
    Sunfly Hits 005 karaoke album

    Description: Karaoke, Sunfly, hits, SF005, karaoke disc, CDG, CD+G

  • Various Artists - Greatest Ever Karaoke - CD
    Various Artists - Greatest Ever Karaoke - CD

    Greatest Ever Karaoke is a party in a box, with vocal-free recordings of 60 classic and contemporary hit songs with lyrics. With everything from ‘I Will Survive' and ‘Dancing Queen' to ‘Poker Face' and ‘I Kissed A Girl', this collection has something for everyone, no matter what their age or musical taste.

  • ZOEgirl - Open Mic Karaoke: ZOEgirl Vol 2
    ZOEgirl - Open Mic Karaoke: ZOEgirl Vol 2

    EMI CMG have seemingly found a small but (judging from the stream of releases in the 'Open Mic' series) lucrative market for Nashville CCM karaoke. But while it makes sales sense to quickly whisk the original girl group's multi-tracks into the studio to remix songs without the vocals it doesn't exactly make for exciting listening for a reviewer not intending to practice these ditties in front of the mirror or hold sanctified karaoke parties. The songs here, "Dismissed" and "Even If" from 2001's ...

  • Zoom Karaoke Irish karaoke DVD
    Zoom Karaoke Irish karaoke DVD

    Bachelors Charmaine Bachelors Diane Bachelors I Wouldn't Trade You For The World Bachelors No Arms Can Ever Hold You Bachelors Ramona Boomtown Rats I Don't Like Mondays Boomtown Rats Rat Trap Boyzone Words Charlie Landsborough What Colour Is The Wind Corrs Breathless Corrs Dreams Corrs Runaway Corrs So Young Corrs What Can I Do [Tin Tin Out Remix] Cranberries Zombie Dana All Kinds Of Everything Dana Fairytale Daniel O'Donnell Danny Boy Daniel...

  • World of Karaoke 60`s Karaoke Party DVD
    World of Karaoke 60`s Karaoke Party DVD

    World of Karaoke '60s Karaoke Party DVD - included songs: A Hard Days Night (Beatles), Baby Love (The Supremes), Bad Moon Rising (Creedence Clearwater Revival), California Dreaming (The Mamas & Papas), Delilah (Tom Jones), Georgy Girl (The Seekers), Honky Tonk Woman (The Rolling Stones), Jailhouse Rock (Elvis), Keep On Running (Spencer Davis Group), The Mighty Quinn (Manfred Mann), Oh Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison), Runaway (Del Shannon), Sheila (Tommy Roe), Son Of A Preacher Man (Dusty Springfield...