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  • Kayland Super Ice
    Kayland Super Ice

    Kayland Super ice is an extreme performance technical boot, that is great for Winter Mountaineering, Glaciers, and Climbing Ice Falls. A rigidity level of 9, plus front and rear bailes makes it perfect for use with a (C3 ) fully rigid Step in Crampon. The addition of the primoloft linning gives this boot that extra warmth needed at altitude

  • Kayland, Airborne Wings Online Paragliding Store
    Kayland, Airborne Wings Online Paragliding Store

    After over 7 years of field trials on professional feet, we can recommend this boot as being hard wearing & waterproof. This is a lighter boot at only 600g and will be appreciated by pilots who want to wear their paragliding boots for other uses too. Technical features: Closed cording system, no open hooks New Carbon reinforced Ankle Lock-system provides optimum stability and comfort in the areas of heel and ankle with simultaneous front flexibility Integrated Absorbing Drive-system maximises...