Kona Cinder Cone 2010 Mountain Bike
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  • Kona Cinder Cone
    Kona Cinder Cone

    Plan on having this bike for the rest of your life, because we designed it that way. We've focused solely on providing you with endless freedom and fun on one of the mountain bike industry's longest-running models. While our 2012 Cinder Cone is by far the most refined to date, with contemporary geometry and a modern look, the legend still has a long life ahead. Feel free to jump on for the ride.

  • Kona 2014 Cinder Cone
    Kona 2014 Cinder Cone

    One of our longest-running models gets a radical facelift this year. Using the rocket-quick and phenomenally light Kona Race Light Scandium 6069 frameset, and with the advent of better rolling and obstacle-annihilating-yet-stil l-nimble 27.5-inch wheels, we're able to take the Cinder Cone into a modern manifestation as a confident, quick, smooth-riding Cross-Country/Trail bike. Ride forever, everywhere, well.