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Longworth Lawn Croquet Set

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  • Longworth Full Size Lawn Croquet 6 Player Set by Garden Games
    Longworth Full Size Lawn Croquet 6 Player Set by Garden Games

    Mallet Length: 97cm. Bag Dimensions: 100 x 27 x 27cm. Ball Dimensions: 9.2cm diameter. . Includes 6 full sized natural hard wood mallets with leather bound handles. Full sized 12oz wooden balls. Steel hoops. Hoop mallet. Corner flags and pegs. Yard Markers. Plastic clips. Hardwood winning post and rules. Packed in zip fastening bag.

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    Longworth Croquet Set
    Longworth Croquet Set

    The Longworth Croquet Set is a full sized, adult set which is as popular today as when it was first launched, proving the lasting appeal of this traditional lawn game. Made from high quality, natural hardwood this durable set will ensure that you, your family and friends will have hours of enjoyment playing this game of skill and tactics. The mallets have hardwood heads on a spliced wood shaft with an attractively designed leather grip for comfort and the set has its own nylon carry bag making it...

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