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  • Copic Ciao Manga Sets
    Copic Ciao Manga Sets

    Copic Ciao manga sets, containing 5 Copic Ciao double ended marker pens, with one brush tip and one 0.3mm tip, as well as a black Copic Multiliner SP pen.7 sets available.Price per set.

  • Nobby Cat Tree Manga
    Nobby Cat Tree Manga

    Cat tree "manga" Grey-anthracite

  • Reeves Painting by Numbers Manga Warrior Girls
    Reeves Painting by Numbers Manga Warrior Girls

    Painting by numbers is the perfect introduction for artists. No need to worry about subject matter or composition, the board has been pre-printed so all you have to do is simply read the instructions and start painting right away. Since the 1950s the Japanese cartoon style Manga has steadily become a major part of the Japanese culture. Manga has also become increasingly popular worldwide. This great kit contains a pre-printed board, 1 brush, 7 acrylic paints, 1 desk easel and 1 paint organiser. Warning...

  • L'Oréal Paris Mega Volume Miss Manga, Black 8.5 ml
    L'Oréal Paris Mega Volume Miss Manga, Black 8.5 ml

    Loreal Paris Mega Volume Mascara Miss Manga

  • Discover Manga Drawing Kit
    Discover Manga Drawing Kit

    Offers advice for drawing characters in the popular 'Manga' style. This kit features instructions for taking characters from basic sketches to full-colour finished illustrations.

  • Wizard Manga Fairies Shrinkles
    Wizard Manga Fairies Shrinkles

    Wizard Manga Fairies Shrinkles a great fun kit of colouring and making. Have hours of fun making badges key fobs figurines pencil toppers jewellery and lots more all with wiggly eyes. Any picture you colour shrinks seven times smaller and seven times thicker when baked. Kit makes 30 shrinkles from 2 printed sheets 262mm x 202mm and two blank sheets 101 x 131mm. Twelve coloured pencils key rings ball chains self adhesive wiggly eyes and much more are included. Suitable for children ages 5 to 15 years...

  • InuYasha Ani-Manga, Volume 26
    InuYasha Ani-Manga, Volume 26

    InuYasha Ani-Manga, Volume 26 : Paperback : Viz Media : 9781421516844 : 01 Apr 2008 : Using his blade Tetsusaiga, Inuyasha uncovers the Panther Demons' hideout. While he searches for the kidnapped Kagome and battles hoards of Panther Demons, his older brother Sesshomaru arrives on the scene and orders him to leave. Older teens.

  • Faber Castell Pitt Manga Set - Kaoiro 6pk
    Faber Castell Pitt Manga Set - Kaoiro 6pk

    Colour:Multi. Pack Size:6. Type:Pen. Ink Type:Pigment Ink. Nib Type:Bullet.

  • Fructis Style Manga Head Puttymatte
    Fructis Style Manga Head Puttymatte

    Write a Review for Fructis Style Manga Head Puttymatte

  • Soulless: The Manga, Vol. 2
    Soulless: The Manga, Vol. 2

    Alexia Maccon, the Lady Woolsey, awakens in the wee hours of the mid-afternoon to find her husband, who should be decently asleep like any normal werewolf, yelling at the top of his lungs. Then he disappears; leaving her to deal with a regiment of supernatural soldiers encamped on her doorstep, a plethora of exorcised ghosts, and an angry Queen Victoria. But Alexia is armed with her trusty parasol, the latest fashions, and an arsenal of biting civility. So even when her investigations take her to...

  • 8 PITT Artist Pen Manga Set
    8 PITT Artist Pen Manga Set

    Light-fast and Waterproof Drawing Ink Contents8 Pens Black in Superfine, Medium and Brush pens, Brush pens in Cold Grey III, Cold Grey IV, Cold Grey VI, Warm Grey IIIWarm Grey IV

  • Copic Ciao Manga 3 set 5+1 (COPICMANGA3)
    Copic Ciao Manga 3 set 5+1 (COPICMANGA3)

    Colours Included are: E71, E51, V12, RV34, G02. Plus a Multi Liner Pen.

  • Hideyuki Kikuchis Vampire Hunter D Manga Volume 5
    Hideyuki Kikuchis Vampire Hunter D Manga Volume 5

    In a world where even the smallest and most remote village is being terrorized by the monsters that stalk the night there is a hamlet prosperous and peaceful where mortals and vampires have lived in peace for years It is there that sleeping beauty Sheavil Schmidt has slept neither waking nor aging for thirty years since first receiving the vampire's immortal kiss The mysterious Vampire Hunter D is lured to the tranquil oasis by recurrent dreams of the beautiful undying girl bathed in an eerie blue...

  • La Manga Las Lomas Village
    La Manga Las Lomas Village

    South Course The South Course is widely regarded as La Manga's premier layout, and frequently hosts prestigious regional and national events, including the Spanish Open and European Tour Qualifying School. Originally designed by Robert Putman prior to opening in 1971, the South was reworked by the great Arnold Palmer in the early 1990s, and was sharpened up in 2004. As a result, this is now a fair but thoroughly exacting test of golf. The front nine is the tougher, with a number of long, demanding...

  • La Manga Las Lomas Village 4
    La Manga Las Lomas Village 4

    La Manga Club, Los Belones, Cartagena, Murcia, Spain, 30385

  • Letraset Tria 24 Manga and Comic Set
    Letraset Tria 24 Manga and Comic Set

    Hand picked by design industry professionals, Tria Marker 24 Pen Sets give you the optimum colours for a variety of creative disciplines. Each set comes with a stylish wallet for easy carrying and storage.

  • Manga Darkchylde #1
    Manga Darkchylde #1

    Manga Darkchylde #1. The ALL-AGES re-interpretation of an enduring fan favorite starts right here! In this first- ever, comic book release of Manga Darkchylde, the Sinister Sisters of Shadow have come to Salem, Georgia to seek an audience with a girl named Ariel Chylde! The same girl who just discovered she can become any of the creatures from her nightmares! Poor Ariel’s still just trying to adjust, and only wants to use her curse for good, but these creepy Sisters surely have something more sinister...

  • Manga Fairies - Yumi
    Manga Fairies - Yumi

    Dressed all in white, except for her pale grey gloves which match her wings, Yumi is part of the Nemesis Nows Manga Fairies collection.

  • Manga Shakespeare (A Midsummer Night's Dream)
    Manga Shakespeare (A Midsummer Night's Dream)

    William Shakespeare was a poetic genius, but wading through endless verses loaded with elaborate metaphors and romantic soliloquies isn't everyone's cup of tea. They needs illustrations, something visual to drive the stories along. Manga Shakespeare is th...

  • Manga: v. 8 by David Orme, 9781841675930
    Manga: v. 8 by David Orme, 9781841675930

    Book description Manga describes the history and different styles of Manga. 'Boffin Boy vs. Mogon the Mighty' pits the boy-genius Rick Shaw against a century-old robot hell-bent on destroying humanity! Manga is part of the Trailblazers series, published by Ransom Publishing. It is ideal for older children and young adults with a reading age of 5 - 8. The books are suitable for general reading or as part of a more structured reading programme. Each book is on a strong, popular topic, with a colourful...

  • Mini Manga Faces & Hair- Yishen Li
    Mini Manga Faces & Hair- Yishen Li

    This book introduces the concept of realistic abstract painting - a loosely impressionistic form of painting that leaves much to the imagination of the viewer. The subject, though recognisable, is executed with freedom and fluidity, resulting in a painting that is far from photographic. It has been described as the 'grey' area between figurative and abstract painting, yet there is nothing dull about this style, as the numerous colourful examples in this book show.

  • NLT Manga Bible - Paperback
    NLT Manga Bible - Paperback

    The Manga Bible is something unique. Some of the best Manga artists in Japan have traced major events in the Bible's story. Experience Creation, the plagues in Egypt, David and Goliath, and the life of Christ - plus a whole lot more - in a whole new way.

  • Shrinkles Manga Fairies
    Shrinkles Manga Fairies

    Product Information SHRINKLES BUMPER BOX MANGA FAIRIES These fairies are really “cool” - drawn in the Japanese “Manga” style they will make lovely badges, finger ring, key chains and lots more. Contains 30 Shrinkles, lots of accessories and 12 coloured pencils. Shrinkles Manga Fairies, Order Shrinkles online, Shrinkles Arts and Crafts for Children UK, Gifts for Girls, Crafts for Girls, Make key rings, fridge magnets etc, Girls presents

  • Subaru Pig Manga Mascot
    Subaru Pig Manga Mascot

    Pair (2) of Subaru Pig Manga Mascot logo decals. The pig is a mascot for the Japanese manga (comic) magazine Young Magazine. It's always somewhere on the cover... The pig appears on Petter Solberg's rally car. For the past two years the pig has only been on the driver's side mirror. Back in 2002 it showed up on the co-driver's side as well, but that seems to have been dropped now. It ONLY appears on Petter's car -- Mikko's car doesn't have it, and Tommi's (when he was with Subaru) did not either...

  • The Manga Guide to Calculus
    The Manga Guide to Calculus

    Teaching calculus in an original and refreshing way, this guide combines Japanese-style manga cartoons with mathematical content as it follows the story of heroine Noriko. Noriko takes a job with a local newspaper and quickly befriends math whiz Kakeru, who wants to help her understand the practical uses of calculus in journalism.

  • The Manga Jesus 2
    The Manga Jesus 2

    This is the second volume in a series of three retelling the story of Jesus Christ in amazing Manga comic strip form. Siku's MANGA BIBLE was acclaimed for its edgy, provocative yet faithful interpretation of the Bible which opened up this classic text to a new generation of readers. Now he has turned his attention back to the full life story of Jesus, and retells it in an epic 300-page, three-volume manga opus, repitching Christ as the hardened political rebel of his day.

  • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Manga: v. 1
    The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Manga: v. 1

    Description When Haruhi Suzumiya introduces herself to Kyon by asking if he's an alien, time traveler, or psychic, he knows his chances for a normal high school experience are ruined. Bold Haruhi takes a shine to him and uses the force of her irrepressible personality to draft him into her club to find paranormal beings. Kyon soon discovers what she's looking for: Haruhi herself has the power to destroy and create entire universes at her whim. But if she knew about her ability, it could spell disaster...

  • TNIV Manga Bible
    TNIV Manga Bible

    TNIV Manga Bible Full Product Description TNIV Manga Bible by Artist Siku is a dynamic translations of the Bible for children packed with, action-based artwork, with text that tells the stories from the Bible in an emotional style - particularly popular amongst teens and young adults. The Manga Bible is a faithful adaptation of the Bible, injected with new energy by Siku`s beautiful and dramatic artwork - one of the UK`s hottest comic talents. TNIV Manga Bible by Siku was published by Hodder...

  • Witch and Wizard: The Manga: v. 1 (Paperback)
    Witch and Wizard: The Manga: v. 1 (Paperback)

    Imagine waking up to find that the world around you - life as you know it - has changed in an instant. Whit Allgood and his sister, Wisty, are just your average teenagers - until they are rudely awakened one morning by helicopters on their lawn and a unit of armed policemen hauling them out of bed. Accused of holding incredible powers they'd never dreamed possible, Whit and Wisty are shocked to find that their alleged dangerous magical powers are very real. And now, just how different they are ...