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  • In House: McInturff Architects
    In House: McInturff Architects

    Following on from In Detail and In Residence, In House features more of the kinds of homes we all wish we could own. Showcasing the work of US architectural firm, McInturff Architects, with photography by Julia Heine, this volume highlights the innovation and craftsmanship that has won the firm commissions from all over North America. The firm has an orientation towards contemporary design that involves considerable client interaction in order to ensure a highly-crafted finished product. This richly...

  • In Residence: Mark Mclnturff Architects: House Design Series 2
    In Residence: Mark Mclnturff Architects: House Design Series 2

    Mark Mclnturff is famous for designing houses that blend harmoniously with their surroundings. His attention to detail results in inspired architecture and as such he is often commissioned by musicians and artists to build their full-time homes, along with their weekend and holiday retreats. Whether in the leafy environs and culturally rich areas of Maryland and Virginia, or more urban locales, this book presents a visual feast of spaces that promote a creative lifestyle, and ensure artistic focus...