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  • Mega Monopoly
    Mega Monopoly

    Manufacturer: Winning Moves

  • Ambush Marketing & the Mega-Event Monopoly
    Ambush Marketing & the Mega-Event Monopoly

    This book undertakes a critical examination of commercial rights to sports mega-events (focusing on sponsorship), the exclusivity of such rights and the legal implications of the modern mega-event sponsorship model. It examines ambush marketing of events and the law’s treatment of ambushing (specifically in the form of sui generis event legislation) in a review of 10 major jurisdictions selected on the basis of the importance of the events they are to host in the near future or have hosted recently...

  • Mega Monopoly
    Mega Monopoly

    The new way to play the world’s favourite board game!Everybody loves the timeless game of Monopoly. Now with Mega Monopoly you can own more squares and handle more cash as well as building train depots and skyscrapers! T...

  • Monopoly The Mega Edition
    Monopoly The Mega Edition

    Bigger, Faster, Own It All and More! The same classic board we all know and love PLUS 9 new properties including 7 new states! In Monopoly®: The Mega Edition, you'll be able to build skyscrapers after you've built your hotels AND the game will play faster thanks to the all new Speed Die!

  • Monopoly: The Mega Edition
    Monopoly: The Mega Edition

    Monopoly: The Mega Edition is bigger than ever before! With this new edition, you can own more squares, build more properties and handle more cash. Get ready for game of Monopoly that's faster and just as intense. Which properties will you buy?

  • Ambush Marketing and the Mega-event Monopoly: How Laws are Abused to Protect Commercial Rights to Major Sporting Events
    Ambush Marketing and the Mega-event Monopoly: How Laws are Abused to Protect Commercial Rights to Major Sporting Events

    Subjects: Intellectual Property Law , Sports Law Contents: Introduction: 'Two million reasons not to wear Reebok'.- The Commercial Monopoly in Sports Mega-Events.- Ambush Marketing of Sports Mega-Events.- Harnessing Special Laws to Protect Commercial Rights to Events.- Mega-Event Rights Protection and Intellectual Property Laws.- the legitimacy of 'IP+' event protection in light of the traditional theories of IP law.- Mega-Event Rights Protection and Competition (Antitrust) Laws.- Mega-Event Commercial...

  • Monopoly Empire
    Monopoly Empire

    Experience everyone's favourite property trading game in a whole new way! With the Monopoly Empire game, kids can now buy and sell some of the world's favourite brands. Twenty-two top brands line the game board, letting players live out the fantasy of owning it all! Make your way around the board buying up your favourite mega brands and adding them to your billboard tower. Collect rent from your opponents based on your billboard and be the first to complete your tower to win the game!

  • Monopoly Empire
    Monopoly Empire

    Collect and spend Clubcard points Free next day Click & Collect * Returns are easy Home Toys Games & Puzzles Family Board Games Monopoly Empire Monopoly Empire Monopoly Empire Monopoly Empire Catalogue Number: 582-3446 /direct/monopoly-empire/582-34 46.prd;jsessionid=3D4A0A29B846 0374B5C0692135229183.UKTUL02LF 66V_slot1?skuId=582-3446 Previous Next Previous Next Images Video 360° Buy up your favourite mega brands & add them to your billboard tower Includes 4 towers, 30...

  • Mega Jackpots | Betfred Games
    Mega Jackpots | Betfred Games

    You could be one of 250 lucky players in for a £1,000 bonus when you play Cluedo, Monopoly Pass Go or Cleopatra! Simply stake £1 or more on any of these titles every day to be automatically entered into a prize draw! Five prize draws will take place throughout May, with 50 winners for each one!

  • Monopoly Hotels Game
    Monopoly Hotels Game

    If you thought original Monopoly was an argument starter, just wait until you try Monopoly Hotels! Hotels challenges two players to build a five story hotel, with the first person to complete their tower being crowned the winner. Players draw cards each turn that allow them to collect rent and add to their own hotel or sabotage their opponent's mega structure. With hazards such as rats, floods and dirty laundry in the draw pile, it's going to be a battle if you want to reach the top!