Nappy Tote Laundry Bag Sack Wet Cloth Nappies
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  • Cloth nappy laundry buckets bags and detergents - Babi Pur - Real Nappies - Organic Baby Clothes - Wooden Toys
    Cloth nappy laundry buckets bags and detergents - Babi Pur - Real Nappies - Organic Baby Clothes - Wooden Toys

    Cloth nappies need to be washed so you'll need somewhere to store them when they're soiled and the right washing powder to wash them in. Here we have a all the laundry accessories you need for your cloth nappy journey

  • FuzziBunz Nappy Tote Bag with Zip Closure
    FuzziBunz Nappy Tote Bag with Zip Closure

    FuzziBunz make one of the best and most durable cloth nappies on the market, the FuzziBunz Elite one size nappy. FuzziBunz nappies were created by a Mum, Tereson Dupuy, after her son suffered terrible nappy rash and since 2000 FuzziBunz nappies have evolved and been perfected. FuzziBunz nappies are made in Turkey and the company is proud of its production process and the quality of its nappies. Well known for the unusual way you change the size of the Elite nappy using leg elastic instead of...

  • Personalised My Nappies Bag
    Personalised My Nappies Bag

    The drawstring nappy bag is the perfect place to store your nappies & wet wipes at nursery, childminders, Grandma's house, on the buggy, in the car or at home. Bright, colourful and easily recognisable with any name on you will always know where YOUR nappies are! The bags are made from unbleached cotton cloth woven using cotton which is grown organically i.e. using only natural fertilisers and without the use of harmful pesticide sprays. SMALL £10 For nappies & wet wipes. (25cm x 30cm)LARGE £1...

  • thirsties - wet nappy bag
    thirsties - wet nappy bag

    If you're considering reusable baby wipes but think it will be too hard to manage, think again. The Cheeky Wipes kit contains all you need to change over to reusable wipes full time. The mini kit is perfect for cloth nappy users, while the all in one kit contains extra bits for those who don't use cloth nappies full time yet.

  • Bambino Mio | Mesh Laundry Bags For Cloth Nappies
    Bambino Mio | Mesh Laundry Bags For Cloth Nappies

    We want you to enjoy each shopping experience with us but we know occasionally you may want to return items you’ve bought or had given to you as a gift. And because we know you’ve probably more important things to think about we’ll do whatever we can to make sure you’re happy with the way we handle your situation.

  • Nappy And Toiletry Bag
    Nappy And Toiletry Bag

    Made in Britain A stunning nappy bag with 2 compartments. Ideal for use with cloth nappies to store wet and dry nappies. Our nappy bags have two compartments - ideal to store cloth nappies when out and about, with one compartment being for used nappies and one for dry nappies. These bags are a must for mums whether using cloth nappies or not. They are fully waterproof making them perfect to use...

  • Knot it Nappy sacks
    Knot it Nappy sacks

    * Useful for dirty nappies, food waste, wet swimsuits, dog waste, etc!. * Dispenser Clips to a bag or belt. * Portable, compact, lightweight, and easy to store. * Pleasantly scented bags. * Refills again and again. * 30cm wide by 10 m long means Knot-It gives customers the most for their money.

  • Nappy Sacks Original 100 Sacks
    Nappy Sacks Original 100 Sacks

    Odour neutralising. Nappy sacks are essential to ensure the hygienic disposal of nappies after every nappy change. Each sack is the perfect size for a nappy, baby wipes or tissues used during each nappy change. The baby fresh fragrance has been specially designed to not just mask the smell but actually NEUTRALISE THE ODOUR. Nappy Sacks are the convenient, hygienic and fuss free way to dispose of nappies and trainer pants or even to carry soiled terry nappies or wet cloths when you are out and about...

  • Close Nappy Tote Bag 3 Pack of 1S, 1M, 1L Pastel
    Close Nappy Tote Bag 3 Pack of 1S, 1M, 1L Pastel

    These waterproof tote bags really should be in every mum's nappy change armoury - great for storing dirty nappies or wet clothes after little accidents. They comes in 3 useful sizes so you can select a bag depending on the outing. The small will hold around 6 nappies whilst the large is great for longer day trips with the capacity to hold around 15!. Each Close Tote Bag is lined with waterproof polyurethane and finished in the same ''Pastels' stripe print from their new generation pop-in collection...

  • Chic O Bello Hobo Marsaille Bag (Blue)
    Chic O Bello Hobo Marsaille Bag (Blue)

    large 50 x 70 cm changing pad; Insulated bottle holder to keep food/drinks hot or cold Plastic case to hold wet-wipes; Separate zipper bag for nappies, cream, nappy sacks etc... Additional handy pockets and pouches inside and out; Chic 'o' bello CubiTM, removable internal structure to organise all those baby accessories Phthalate free PVC bag for dirty or soiled clothes; Waterproof interior and wipe clean exterior for high quality durability External phone pouch, for easy access; Universal pushchair...

  • Bambino Mio Laundry Bags
    Bambino Mio Laundry Bags

    Product Description The Bambino Mio Laundry Bags come in a handy pack of 2 so one can be used in the nappy bucket whilst the other is in the machine. The Bambino Mio Laundry Bag is practical and ideal for transferring nappies from the nappy bucket to the washing machine without the need to re-handle. FEATURES:- Handy pack of 2 No need to re-handle the soiled nappies Fits on the Bambino Mio One life Bucket (Bucket not included) Elasticated top


    The convenient hygienic way to dispose of soiled nappies, baby wipes and tissues. Each bag is scented to help neutralise any unpleasant odour whilst the colour subtly disguises the contents. Particularly useful on holiday, travelling or visiting.

    Kozy Homes
  • Close Stuff Sack Wet Nappy Bag
    Close Stuff Sack Wet Nappy Bag

    Close Pop-in Nappies at Babi Pur. Close are best know for the Pop-in nappy in fabulous +bamboo and + minkee fabrics, the beautiful Close Caboo carrier and a range of other practical baby products including change mats, towels and the Close baby carrier. The Pop-in Bamboo launched in 2008 was a massive success and a year later followed the Pop-In dream dri microfiber nappy (now called +minkee) which offered a faster drying alternative. Strong ethics and a desire to enable parents to raise their children...

  • HipHipBaby wet nappy tote bags
    HipHipBaby wet nappy tote bags

    This is a lovely wet nappy tote bag for out and about storage. Waterproof with a drawstring and toggle and with enough space for around 5 nappies - great practical use. But also comes in lovely vibrant and funky and colourful patterns and colours. A must have purchase!

  • Weehugger wee-be-gone hobo style laundry bag
    Weehugger wee-be-gone hobo style laundry bag

    Washable and infinitely reusable, this embroidered patch will absorb the organic compound Trimethylamine" - an ammonia-like gas present in soiled nappies. The patches will also help to eliminate smell from gym clothes (perspiration), wet bathing suits (fungi), or even decomposing rubbish. Wash your bags along with your nappy load to renew the patch's odour neutralizing properties. The patch works best with ammonia odours and is not recommended for heavy duty smells. For best results, remove the solids...