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  • O'Henry's Full House
    O'Henry's Full House

    Hollywood's top stars and directors were assembled for this stunning 1952 adaptation of O.Henry's finest short stories each with a delicious twist in the tail! The Cop and The Anthem (Directed by Henry Koster) A tramp decides to spend winter in a nice warm jail cell - only to find it impossible to get arrested! Guest-starring Marilyn Monroe. The Clarion Call (Directed by Henry Hathaway) A cop (Dale Robertson) discovers an old friend (Richard Widmark) is a murderer - an old friend to whom he owes...

  • Jane Austen - Collected Works
    Jane Austen - Collected Works

    Take a quick look at a comprehensive classics bookshelf, or perhaps a definitive video and DVD collection, and chances are you'll find at least one of Jane Austen's works. Austen's novels are prized not only for their light irony, humour, and depiction of contemporary English country life, but also for their underlying serious qualities. Highly readable, full of dry wit and sage advice, Austen makes for a delightful change of pace from today's usual modern fare. This ebook gives you all six of her...

  • O'Henry's Full House
    O'Henry's Full House

    Five short film adaptations from the stories written by O. Henry. In 'The Cop and the Anthem' a homeless man (Charles Laughton) attempts to get arrested in order to escape the winter weather. The film features an early appearance from Marilyn Monroe. In 'The Clarion Call' a policeman (Dale Robertson) realises his friend (Richard Widmark) is a killer. In 'The Last Leaf' a young woman (Jean Peters) asked her artist neighbour (Gregory Ratoff) to help save her dyring sister (Anne Baxter). In 'The Ransom...

  • A Collection of Classic Short Stories: Volume Two Audiobook
    A Collection of Classic Short Stories: Volume Two Audiobook

    An entertaining selection of short stories including tales by George Eliot, O'Henry, Saki and Charles Dickens.

  •  Prized!

    Prized! Your Journey as His Daughter, is a fresh and inspiring new perspective on how to live for and love God in a dark world. The teenage years bring some of the most difficult experiences that life has to offer. However, it can also be an amazing time of growing spiritually and making decisions to be proud of. Prized! Your Journey as His Daughter, is filled with relatable stories, helpful tips, and the truth of God's Word that will offer inspiration as you navigate the wonderful world of dating...

  • Love Stories
    Love Stories

    In this new Rupa anthology, Ruskin Bond has brought together some wonderfully moving love stories written by master story tellers such as Oscar Wilde, O'Henry, Anthony Hope and Guy de Maupassant.

  • The Eden Express
    The Eden Express

    The Eden Express describes from the inside Mark Vonnegut’s experience in the late ’60s and early ’70s—a recent college grad; in love; living communally on a farm, with a famous and doting father, cherished dog, and prized jalopy—and then the nervous breakdowns in all their slow-motion intimacy, the taste of mortality and opportunity for humor they provided, and the grim despair they afforded as well. That he emerged to write this funny and true book and then moved on to find the meaningful life that...