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  • 250g Onions 250g Shallots
    250g Onions 250g Shallots

    Great for pickling250g Onions:This all weather tolerant, Centurion F1 produces an early round onion which will add loads of extra flavour to your stews, casseroles, curries, soups etc. Variety is Centurion F1.250g Shallots:Round shaped shallot with mild tasting, pink flesh. Great for pickling and will add lots of extra flavour to your stews, casseroles, curries, soups etc. Variety is PicassoCan't decide between the Onions or Shallots? Why not try both! 250g of Onions and 250g of Shallots

  • Spear and Jackson Carbon Steel Onion Hoe 13
    Spear and Jackson Carbon Steel Onion Hoe 13

    Strong, durable carbon steel head, epoxy-coated for good rust and scratch resistance. Ideal for onions and similar sized vegetables. Features: Carbon Steel; Hilt Size: mm Opening; Rust-Resistant; Cultivates Between Rows; 5 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee. Specifications: Blade W x H: " x " ( x mm). Handle length: " (mm).

  • Spring Bulbs Onion Set Stuttgarter Giant 50 on Sale | Fast Delivery
    Spring Bulbs Onion Set Stuttgarter Giant 50 on Sale | Fast Delivery

    A firm favourite, Stuttgarter Giant are characteristically flat shaped, yellow skinned onions, with a good yield and storing qualities. Plant the onion sets from mid-March to mid-April, 15cm (6”) apart in rows 30cm (12”) apart. Lift the onions when they are mature and allow them to dry before using. Position: Full sun Soil: Any soil Hardiness: Fully hardy 50 bulbs per packet

  • Old India Fried Onions 1 Kg
    Old India Fried Onions 1 Kg

    Our branded world-class Old India products are 100% natural, additive free and GMO free. It can be added to curries, vegetable dishes, sauces, soups, stews and much more. Comes in a heat sealed bag to retain freshness and has up to a two year shelf life. Sourced from origin of the ingredient and packed in a vegetarian atmosphere.

  • Elnar Ceramic Garlic And Onion Pot
    Elnar Ceramic Garlic And Onion Pot

    We’re thrilled to have this piece within our new ceramic range. At last the most practical of pieces has been given a contemporary update so that it looks as good as it is functional. The holes at the base of our Elnar pot allow air to circulate around the garlic and onions giving them a longer shelf life whilst keeping them neatly stowed away. Perfectly finished with a rubber seal to hold the lid securely and a red elastic fasten to add a contemporary coloured detail. We have several items available...

  • The Beatles: Glass Onion
    The Beatles: Glass Onion

    Description No description available. Contact info@musicroom.com for more information.

  • spring onion 'North Holland Blood Red
    spring onion 'North Holland Blood Red

    Position: full sun. Soil: fertile, well-drained, medium to light soil Gorgeous burgundy-red bulbs with a topknot of deep green which look fabulous on the plot or as edging to a flower or herb bed. Despite the high-class looks it's very easy to grow, and versatile too: harvest the bulbs young as slender, mild spring onions for brightening up your salads, or give them more space to bulb up for cooking. Growing Instructions:Sow in trays of dampened seed compost in spring, potting on seedlings as...

  • Spring Onion - Blood Red
    Spring Onion - Blood Red

    Details Sow: February - July H: April - October Attractive and versatile variety with mild flavour and crisp flesh. Use young as salad onions or grow on as bulbing onions. Colour intensifies with maturity. 500 seeds

  • Spring Planting Onion Set Sturon 50 Bulbs on Sale | Fast Delivery
    Spring Planting Onion Set Sturon 50 Bulbs on Sale | Fast Delivery

    A RHS Award of Garden Merit 2002 winner, Sturon is a rounded onion with high yields, pungent white flesh and firm, brown skinned bulbs. Why not combine these tasty onions with fresh sage for a classic stuffing mixture. Usefully, these onions also have good storage ability. 50 bulbs per pack

  • Onion Garland
    Onion Garland

    Onion Garland, with 12 pieces. Ideal for a Frenchman costume to make it authentic! Pair up with a little tash and one of our berets!

  • Aix & Terra Onion Preserve with Salted Butter Caramel
    Aix & Terra Onion Preserve with Salted Butter Caramel

    An unforgettable sweetness that will go perfectly well with cold meats and goat cheese tarts.Hand made.

  • Ornamental onion
    Ornamental onion

    Description Growth: 60cm High x 15cm Spread Amazing globular flower heads, the size of a small football, made up of metallic lilac-purple stars. Please note: This plant will be in a dormant state until the spring

  • Dame Edna 'No Tears' Onion Glasses
    Dame Edna 'No Tears' Onion Glasses

    Why is it that every time you try to prepare a simple spag bog, the simple task of cutting up the onions sends you into a frenzy of tears as if you have just seen The Notebook for the first time. Well make sure that any man doesn't look like a soppy ball of tears with these hilarious Dame Edna style Onion Glasses.  These novelty glasses will leave everyone around you crying with laughter, but the wearer will have perfectly dry eyes as these glasses have foam seals around the edges to prevent onion...

  • Industrial Onion And Potatoes Box
    Industrial Onion And Potatoes Box

    Farmhouse Vegetable Storage for that French farmhouse look, great for when you want something different and French. It has three generously sized wicker drawers to separate your vegetables and a top section for your potatoes.

    Furniture UK
  • 500g Onions (120-135 Sets)
    500g Onions (120-135 Sets)

    Add some flavour to you stews, casseroles and curries etcRHS AGM Award WinnerHarvesting time - When the foliage turns yellowy brown leaves begin to die back.This all weather tolerant, heavy cropping, Centurion F1 produces an early round onion which will add loads of extra flavour to your stews, casseroles, curries, soups etc

  • Highgrove Onion Marmalade
    Highgrove Onion Marmalade

    This savoury preserve is handmade in Wiltshire, just a few miles from the Highgrove Estate. Produced in small batches in the traditional way, it is made to Highgrove's own recipe using organic ingredients from the estate. Superb with sharp cheeses and sausages.This item is temporarily out of stock, we apologise for any inconvenience.

  • Onion News Network - Series 1 and 2
    Onion News Network - Series 1 and 2

    Onion News Network provides a 30-minute glimpse into the world's most powerful 24-hour news network. With more attack satellites than any other network and nearly a million surveillance cameras in cities homes and high-level government offices across the nation the Onion News Network is the nation's number-one source for breaking news screaming political arguments and vital information on missing teenage Caucasian girls. Onion News Network will showcase the network's top-rated primetime show...

  • JustIngredients Organic Onions Kibbled Loose 1 Kg
    JustIngredients Organic Onions Kibbled Loose 1 Kg

    Shelf life of up to two years provided that goods are stored in an airtight container in ambient conditions. We are JustIngredients! A young and vibrant business, aiming to provide the UK and European markets with Quality Ingredients. We are passionate about culinary and botanical ingredients, seeking out the best herbs and spices from the top producers around the world. We only source the highest standard products and by purchasing from source, we can pass these saving on to our customers.

  • Discos Cheese & Onion
    Discos Cheese & Onion

    Ingredients Wheat Starch, Dried Potato, Sunflower Oil (25%), Wheat Flour, Cheese & Onion Flavour [Dried Onion, Rice Flour, Dried Autoylsed Yeast, Salt, Sugar, Dried Cheese, Vegetable Oil, Citric Acid, Flavourings, Spice Extract], Emulsifier: E471

  • Spring Onion 'Lilia' (Red Onion)
    Spring Onion 'Lilia' (Red Onion)

    A dual purpose Italian variety with a pungent flavour. Spring Onion Lilia is best grown as a salad onion with nice, dark green leaves and a shiny, intense red inner core. Onion Lilia can also be grown as a maincrop, storing bulb onion. When fully mature it shows off its defined red and white inner rings.

  • Onion (Spring) Evergreen Bunching Seeds
    Onion (Spring) Evergreen Bunching Seeds

    Hardy salad onions which stand through winter. Crispy and non-bulbing with a mild flavour. Good source of vitamin C.

  • Darlac Onion Hoe
    Darlac Onion Hoe

    Don't be fooled by the name! This Onion Hoe is not just for weeding amongst onions - although its size and shape do make this ideal. This hoe is suitable for weeding amongst any closely grown plants. The compact blade makes it easy to slide under foliage, where a standard hoe would be too big and cumbersome. So for crowded spaces, the narrow head, fine points and curved neck of this hoe, makes weeding quick and easy. And, if your sowing rows of seeds, this hoe is also perfect for making seed drills...

  • Esmeyer 199-353 Onion and Spice Slicer
    Esmeyer 199-353 Onion and Spice Slicer

    Stainless steel blades and PS (polystyrene) plastic casing with colourful lid Includes garlic slicer In an attractive gift box with a photo, Manufacturer: Esmeyer GmbH & Co. KG

  • Wilko Garden Starter Ramrod Spring Onion
    Wilko Garden Starter Ramrod Spring Onion

    Easy to grow with a mild flavour. Sow Mar-Jul, harvest May-Oct. Average contents 250. Always read instructions.

  • French's French Fried Onions 680 g
    French's French Fried Onions 680 g

    Made from real onions Full of crunch and flavour Delicious with everything from salads to soups to burgers Also great as an alternative coating to breadcrumbs for chicken or fish

  • Urban Seed Collection Spring Onion Pompeii Seeds on Sale | Fast Delivery
    Urban Seed Collection Spring Onion Pompeii Seeds on Sale | Fast Delivery

    Spring Onion Pompeii is a quick growing, small round and succulent silver skinned cocktail or pickling onion. Ideal for sowing in containers or window boxes, Onion Pompeii is fantastic in salads, stir-fries or for pickling. Plant Type: Salad Vegetable Cropping: June to October Ideal for: Windowboxes, Containers Sow: Sow seeds thinly direct outside or in containers, 13mm deep. Growing: No thinning should be necessary. Aftercare: Keep well watered during dry weather. Quantity: 300 seeds

  • Onion Chopping Board
    Onion Chopping Board

    Made in Britain Our onion shaped chopping board is part of a series of quirky shaped chopping boards by Earthome. It is a really chunky solid natural product inspired by the environmental principal of using a timber merchants left over timber. Onion chopping board is the perfect choice for the customer with an environmental conscience as it is made of solid oak finished in vegetable oil. The dimensions...

  • Swanson Full Spectrum Onion (Bulb)
    Swanson Full Spectrum Onion (Bulb)

    Onions not only taste great and add a kick to your food, they can provide some overall health benefits as well. Onion has been eaten for many centuries, but it was also a popular folk remedy for a wide range of things. Today, natural health practitioners use onion herbal supplements for uses similar to what they would also use a garlic supplement. Full Spectrum Onion is an excellent general herbal supplement for overall health and wellness.

  • Meat-Free Sage & Onion Slices (100g)
    Meat-Free Sage & Onion Slices (100g)

    Details These tasty and versatile sage and onion slices make great veggie and vegan sandwich fillings with chutney or pickle. They're good in salads, too. Perfect for lunchboxes and popular with children. Having one of our veggie 'roasts'? Serve some of these alongside for added flavour. Vegetarian and vegan friendly. Also egg free, dairy free and cholesterol free. Kosher and halal certified.

  • Onion Garland
    Onion Garland

    Fake onion garland with 12 onions. Ideal accessory for French themed party.