Othello Board Game
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  • Othello Board Game
    Othello Board Game

    ''Use cunning tactics to outwit your opponent with the Othello Board Game. In this classic fast-paced strategy game, you must try to trap your rival's playing pieces and turn them over. The lead can change at any moment with a flip of a disk and the player with the most pieces of the same colour wins. Othello is suitable for 2 players aged 7 and up and comes with: 64 x Reversible disks Game board Instructions''

  • Othello Board Game
    Othello Board Game

    Othello 35th anniversary edition with new modern board.

  • Othello Game
    Othello Game

    A minute to learn...A lifetime to master! The internationally acclaimed two player strategy game. Trap and capture opponent by placing your disks on the board. "Sandwich" at least one of your opponent's pieces to turn their disk to your colour...but look out, your opponent will do the same to you! The lead can change with the flip of a disk in this fast-paced game! Contents: 64 Reversible Disks, 1 Playing Board, 4 Playing Board Feet & Instructions. 2 or more players. For ages 7 years and...

  • Othello /Board
    Othello /Board

    Othello - a minute to learn, a lifetime to master! 2 Player from 8 +.

  • Othello by Professional Software
    Othello by Professional Software

    1984 SUPER RARE Computer version of the classic board game.

  • Othello

    Play is simple. Players are represented by either black or white discs on the board. On each turn, players flank the discs of the opposing player between two of their own. Once captured, the doublesided discs are flipped over and become the opposite colour. If you have a move, you have to take it. Play ends when one player can’t make any more moves or the game board is full. The player with the most pieces of their colour facing up wins!

  • Othello by Sinclair
    Othello by Sinclair

    1983 Computer version of the classic board game. French issue.