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  • Petzl 12mm St'anneau 60cm Dyneema Sling
    Petzl 12mm St'anneau 60cm Dyneema Sling

    Lighter and more flexible than nylon slings. Very abrasion resistant. Width: 12 mm. Strength: 22 kN.

  • Petzl 17cm Polyester Quickdraw Sling
    Petzl 17cm Polyester Quickdraw Sling

  • Petzl 14LED Duo Headlight
    Petzl 14LED Duo Headlight

    Petzl 14LED Duo Headlight. Water resistant body with locking switch, zoom focus 6v .5 amp MES Halogen main bulb + 14LED module and adjustable angle headlight bracket. Battery box is attached to back of elastic headband. Use 4 x AA alkaline batteries (supplied) (MES = Miniature Edison Screw fitting bulb) Halogen = 100 metres with fully charged battery, 70 metres after 30 mins, total 4hrs useful light. LED’s Maximum brightness = 34 mtrs for 3½hrs + 180hrs RPM * = total 183hrs. LED’s Optimum brightness...

  • Petzl 25cm Polyester Quickdraw Sling
    Petzl 25cm Polyester Quickdraw Sling

  • Petzl-Transport.html

    The Tandem Speed has stainless steel sheaves with sealed ball bearings and can be used on wire ropes up to 12 mm Ø (or fibre ropes up to 13 mm Ø) with a maximum working efficiency of 95%.

  • Petzl 12cm Polyester Quickdraw Sling
    Petzl 12cm Polyester Quickdraw Sling

  • Petzl 8mm Simple Bend Hanger
    Petzl 8mm Simple Bend Hanger

    In most placements this "Bend" hanger is better than the "Twist" because it orientates the carabiner or Maillon Rapide connector 90° to the rock, this in turn gives more clearance between the rock and the rope knot reducing the risk of contact and abrasion.

  • Petzl-Charlet Irvis Flex Lock
    Petzl-Charlet Irvis Flex Lock

    Beware! Crampons have to fit boots correctly and the boot must be compatible with the crampon. If you are unsure about compatibility or fitting, contact us, or better still, visit our shop and bring your boots with you. The size ranges indicated here are only a guide and will differ depending on the type and make of boot, and the type of sole unit it has.

  • Petzl E+Lite Zip Headlamp
    Petzl E+Lite Zip Headlamp

    The incredibly lightweight, durable, weather resistant and compact Petzl E+Lite Zip Headlamp is the perfect companion for any camping, hiking or fishing trip.

  • Petzl - Swivel S - Swivel
    Petzl - Swivel S - Swivel

    Petzl - Swivel S - Swivel

  • Petzl Zipka 2 Headlamp
    Petzl Zipka 2 Headlamp

    A combination of function and style but designed to shine in all rspects, the Petzl ZIPKA 2 headlamp features 4 LEDs, 2 power settings, battery indicator, retractable Dyneema cord and flash and an electronic push-button switch.

  • Petzl Spiky Plus
    Petzl Spiky Plus

    The Petzl Spiky Plus is an anti slip sole that can be put over any pair of shoes or boots for added traction on icy, slippery surfaces.

  • Pixa 1 Head Torch
    Pixa 1 Head Torch

    When a task needs completing and light is sparse, this handy headlamp allows you keep both hands free. The Petzl Pixa 1 Head Torch has a comfortable adjustable headband, a mount for attachment to a helmet or can be placed on the ground.

  • Tikkina 2 Head Torch
    Tikkina 2 Head Torch

    When you need a light to carry out a task that requires both hands then this Tikkina 2 Head Torch from Petzl is just what the doctor ordered! It shines up to 23 metres of pure LED light.

  • Petzl Tactikka Head Torch
    Petzl Tactikka Head Torch

    Petzl Tactikka Head Torch: Ultralight 3 LED headlamp with pivoting red filter. Alternates easily between white and red light simply by pivoting filter over the LEDs Long light duration up to 150 hours with maximum light output for the first 24 hours Lightweight and comfortable to wear Water-resistant for all-weather use Ergonomically designed elastic headband Requires 3 AAA/LR03 batteries (included) 70g with batteries

  • Tikka RXP Headlamp
    Tikka RXP Headlamp

    Petzl have revolutionised head lighting yet again. The Tikka RXP Headlamp features Reactive Lighting technology, which automatically alters the light output and beam pattern to suit the environment.

  • Petzl FIXO DUO LED 14 Hybrid headlamp
    Petzl FIXO DUO LED 14 Hybrid headlamp

    FIXO DUO® LED 14Hybrid headlamp for attachment to helmet: halogen and 14 LEDs with 3 constant lighting modesFIXO DUO LED 14 responds to the needs of cavers looking to customize their lighting. This waterproof headlamp is compatible with most helmets. It comes with an adapter plate and drilling template for ECRIN and VERTEX helmets. It has two light sources that can be directed: a halogen bulb for lighting over long distances with a focused beam and 14 LEDs for proximity lighting with a longer burn...

  • Headlamp for Headlamp
    Headlamp for Headlamp

    By Unit. The TACTIKKA headlamps are designed to meet the demands of soldiers looking for backup light for activities on the campsite or during training. They can be worn directly on the head or on a helmet. They give off a mixed beam with a wide base for close range vision and a focused component for movement. Different lighting modes allow you to adapt the power level for each situation. They use CONSTANT LIGHTING technology to ensure brightness does not decrease as the batteries are drained. Mixed...

  • 59.99 (inc VAT)
    59.99 (inc VAT)

    Rope Gift Set I. Features 1 x Splicing Handbook by Barbara Merry, 1 x Marlow splicing kit (includes splicing needles, small swedish fid, whipping twine and rigger's tape in a handy carry bag) plus 5m of each of 10mm doublebraid rope, 10mm Marlowbraid rope and 10mm Hardy Hemp rope

  • Ascension - Right Hand
    Ascension - Right Hand

    The benchmark ascender features an ergonomically shaped grip that provides comfort and pull-efficiency on long ascents.

  • Green 11"/27Cm Double Dip PVC Gauntlet
    Green 11"/27Cm Double Dip PVC Gauntlet

  • Ouistiti Kids Full-Body Harness
    Ouistiti Kids Full-Body Harness

    The Petzl Ouistiti Full body harness for children covering ages 4 to 9 years old and weighing less than 30 kg. Petzl Ouistiti Safety: the adjustment buckles are located on the back of the harness and are out of reach of the wearer. Petzl Ouistiti is Easy to put on: bicolored webbing, black on the inside, color on the outside, DoubleBack adjustment buckles, double chest tie-in point. Certification CE - UIAA Petzl Ouistiti Technical specifications 352 g

  • Outdoor Pursuits Co-operative Petzl Head Torches
    Outdoor Pursuits Co-operative Petzl Head Torches

    Powerful focused beam with 3 lighting levels (maximum, optimum, economic) and strobe mode, to adapt the light beam to activity and light duration needs.

  • PAW Rigging Plate Large
    PAW Rigging Plate Large

    For easy organization of the work area and for creating multiple anchor systems19 mm holes allow the locking sleeves of most carabiners to pass throughMade of aluminum: excellent strength-to-weight ratio Specifications Breaking strength: 36 kN - PAW L (P63 L): large (weight: 350 g) Certification: CE, NFPA 1983 G

  • Petzl - Corax Size 2 M-XL
    Petzl - Corax Size 2 M-XL

    If you're planning a big trip or embarking on something like the Three Peaks Challenge from scratch this summer, take inspiration from the amazing tennis we've seen at Wimbledon this week as both Andy Murray and Djokovic displayed how well their own preparation paid off. And remember, the summit is only half way there but the beer and stories in the pub at the end are a fantastic trophy!

  • Petzl : Vertex Vent
    Petzl : Vertex Vent

    The Petzl Vertex Vent sets the standard in climbing head protection with its sixpoint mesh headband; strong chin strap and adjustable air shutters ensuring optimum stability and comfort. Weight: 455 grms

  • petzl Bandi Chalk Bag
    petzl Bandi Chalk Bag

    The BANDI's classic round shape with reinforced large opening allows for easy access. Its soft fabrics won't cause discomfort when wearing a pack or when your back is against a rock wall. The chalkbag can be opened with only one hand should you ....

  • Petzl Basic Ascender
    Petzl Basic Ascender

    Material: aluminium for the frame, stainless steel for the cam, nylon for the trigger. Compact ascender with excellent grip&8232;. Can be used for rope ascent on a fixed line or as progress capture in a hauling system&8232;. Toothed cam with self-cleaning slot optimises performance under any conditions (e.g. frozen or dirty ropes)&8232;. Stainless steel cam has better resistance to corrosion&8232;. Lower attachment hole large enough for two carabiners (lanyard and foot loop)&8232;. Upper connection...

  • Petzl e+LITE LED headtorch
    Petzl e+LITE LED headtorch

    The ultra-compact ZIPKA² headlamp is equipped with the ZIP retractable cord system. This feature allows the headlamp to be worn on the head or wrist, or attached to any other support, like a tent pole, etc. This headlamp is extremely versatile, thanks to its three lighting levels (maximum, economic and strobe), which are accessed with a simple electronic push-button switch. In maximum mode, the four LEDs deliver 40 lumens of light and provide enough light to see over a distance of 29 meters.

  • Petzl Figure Of 8
    Petzl Figure Of 8

    Square shape to reduce twisting of the ropes and formation of a lark & apos;s head knot