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  • Lighted Pin Picker Upper
    Lighted Pin Picker Upper

    Illuminate those dark, hard to reach areas. 8 lbs. pick up capacity. Extends to 28". Cushion grip handle to prevent slipping. Turn head to activate.

  • Rhinestone Picker Upper
    Rhinestone Picker Upper

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  • Rhinestone Picker Upper - Pink
    Rhinestone Picker Upper - Pink

    Rhinestone Picker Upper. Creates a Suction to Pick Up and Place Rhinestones

  • Sticky Buddy Picker Upper
    Sticky Buddy Picker Upper

    Sticky roller picks up dust, dirt etc whilst you roll it. Washable and reusable. Use on carpet, clothing, couches, and more.

  • Rhinestone Picker Upper
    Rhinestone Picker Upper

    Easy way to pick up rhinestones and other nail art and place onto your nail - 1 supplied

  • Lightweight Telescopic Apple & Fruit Picker
    Lightweight Telescopic Apple & Fruit Picker

    Details Picking fruit before it falls to the ground and bruise is easy from the lower branches, but the juiciest fruit is always out of reach in the upper branches!. Our fruit picker has an extending aluminum pole that extends from 0.9m to 2.4m, ideal for reaching to the tops of apple, plum & pear trees, with a twist and lock mechanism that holds the pole at the required length. Lightweight and strong, the pole supports a fruit picking basket with large picking 'teeth' that surround the stalk of...

  • Winkle Pickers
    Winkle Pickers

    ABOUT JEFFERY WEST Jeffery west was created by Mark Jeffery and Guy West in 1987 in Northampton, the historical home of British shoemaking. Luxurious and meticulously crafted, Jeffery West uses techniques such as hand-burnished uppers, Goodyear welted soles, diamond broguing and cleft heels to create edgy, vintage-inspired shapes. Testament to the adage that 'style never goes out of fashion', Jeffery West shoes are inspired by icons such as Oliver Reed and Beau Brummell to create stylish, daring...

  • The Cherry Pickers
    The Cherry Pickers

    The Cotswold village of Upper Benbury is buzzing with rumour and gossip. The body of a young gipsy girl has been found in a discarded freezer. A local newshound, hot on the trail of the story, persuades crime writer Melissa Craig to accompany him to the gipsy encampment. Then Melissa learns that members of the victim's family are planning their own brand of justice for the outsider who lured their girl away - and her determination to track down and warn the Romanys' intended victim lands her in grave...

  • Olivetti Lexikon > Upper Picker Finger
    Olivetti Lexikon > Upper Picker Finger

  • Canon > Upper Picker Finger
    Canon > Upper Picker Finger

    NP 3025, NP 3030, NP 3050, NP 3225, NP 3325, NP 3525, NP 3725, NP 3825, NP 3825 II, NP 4335, NP 4835, NP 4835 I, NP 680, NP 6825 DADF, NP 6826 DADF, NP 6831, NP 6835 RDF, NP 780, NP 880, NP 980

  • Nashuatec > Upper Picker Finger
    Nashuatec > Upper Picker Finger

    2705, D 2205, D 2705, D 422, D 427, DSM 622, DSM 627, DSM 725, DSM 730, MP 2510, MP 2550, MP 2550 B, MP 2550 BAD, MP 2550 BADR, MP 2550 CSP, MP 2851, MP 2851 CSP, MP 2851 SP, MP 3010, MP 3350, MP 3350 B, MP 3350 BAD, MP 3351, MP 3351 CSP, MP 3351 SP, P 7027, P 7032, PRINTSTATION P 7032

  • Danka Infotec > Upper Picker Finger
    Danka Infotec > Upper Picker Finger

    4353 MF, 4452 MF, IS 2035, IS 2045, IS 2435, IS 2445

  • Ricoh > Upper Picker Finger
    Ricoh > Upper Picker Finger

  • Duplo > Upper Picker Finger
    Duplo > Upper Picker Finger

  • Oce > Upper Picker Finger B
    Oce > Upper Picker Finger B

  • Olivetti Lexikon > Upper Picker Finger B
    Olivetti Lexikon > Upper Picker Finger B

    COPIA 9825, D-COPIA 45, D-COPIA 55, D-COPIA 62, D-COPIA 63

  • Toshiba > Upper Picker Finger
    Toshiba > Upper Picker Finger

    E-STUDIO 163, E-STUDIO 165, E-STUDIO 165 J, E-STUDIO 167, E-STUDIO 167 I, E-STUDIO 167 J, E-STUDIO 203, E-STUDIO 205, E-STUDIO 205 J, E-STUDIO 205 SE, E-STUDIO 207, E-STUDIO 207 I, E-STUDIO 237, E-STUDIO 237 I