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  • Plugsound Pro
    Plugsound Pro

    The first software workstation combining a massive 8 Gb core library,easy groove manipulation, preset management and universal compatibility. Following the Ultimate Sound Bank tradition -Instruments of simplicity-, PlugsoundPro delivers a powerful engine with an extremely easy to handle and clear user interface. No long learning curves, you can use it in seconds without reading any boring manuals,and create your music right away. Simplicity: the soul of the award winning Plugsound serie is still...

  • UVI Plugsound Pro
    UVI Plugsound Pro

    New Hybrid UVI engine, managing instruments and grooves in the same interface. 8 Gb of sounds, including the complete award-winning Plugsound Box contents, plus additional classical instruments and loops. Universal compatibility Mac/PC. Expandable with new UVI Soundcards. Unlimited polyphony / low software latency. Easy selection with a smart integrated browser, including real-time preview for grooves. MIDI learn on most of the parameters, including speed control. 64 parts. Parts can be instruments...