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  • Joes Jeans Princeton Slim Men's Jeans
    Joes Jeans Princeton Slim Men's Jeans

    Joes Jeans Princeton Slim Men's Jeans

  • French Connection Princeton Cotton Fc Men's Shirt
    French Connection Princeton Cotton Fc Men's Shirt

    Mens Shirts by FCUK/French Conn. Sleeve Type: Short Sleeve Neckline: Button Down

  • Princeton Executive Chair
    Princeton Executive Chair

    Features: -Quality office design.-Combination of black and chrome colours.-Functionality up and down / front and back.-Product Type: Executive and managerial.-Distressed: No.-Upholstered: Yes -Nailhead Trim: .-Foam Density: .-Cushion or Upholstery...

  • Ixon Princeton - Sand, 3XL
    Ixon Princeton - Sand, 3XL

  • 21st Century Spanish-English, English-Spanish Dictionary
    21st Century Spanish-English, English-Spanish Dictionary

    "The 21st Century Spanish-English/English-Spanis h Dictionary is an invaluable reference source for today's students, business people and travelers, providing essential information in an easy-to-use format. It is one of four books in the new 21st Century line of foreign dictionaries, which also includes: "Italian-English/English-Itali an German-English/English-German French-English/English-French The dual format of these dictionaries eliminates the need to use two dictionaries. Students "The 21st Century...

  • A Debate Over Rights Philosophical Enquiries
    A Debate Over Rights Philosophical Enquiries

    978-0-19-829899-1 | Paperback | 09 March 2000

  • AHE0020 Lerer, Chaucer and his Readers
    AHE0020 Lerer, Chaucer and his Readers

    Examines how the idea of Chaucer as "laureate" and "father of English poetry" was constructed by 15th-century scribes, readers, and imitators. Contents: The subject of Chaucerian reception; Laureate poets & the aureate world; Chaucer, Lydgate, Clanvowe, & the 15th-c. anthology; Advisory aesthetics & scribal revision in the Canterbury Tales ; John Shirley & the canonicity of Chaucer's shorter poems; Laureation & paternity in Caxton's criticism; Print, poetry, & fame in Hawes & Skelton.

  • Capitalism's Last Stand
    Capitalism's Last Stand

    Walden Bello is a member of the House of Representatives of the Republic of the Philippines. He is currently also an adjunct professor at the State University of New York at Binghamton and at St Mary’s University in Halifax, Canada; he has also been professor of sociology at the University of the Philippines. He was founding director of the Bangkok-based Focus on the Global South and the Institute for Food and Development Policy (Food First) in Oakland, California. He is the author or co-author of...

  • Cracking the LSAT, 2013 Edition
    Cracking the LSAT, 2013 Edition

    If you need to know, it's in this book! Cracking the LSAT, 2013 Edition includes everything you need to know to master the Arguments, Logic Games, Reading Comprehension, and Writing sections of the exam. With all questions and answers cross-linked for easy on-screen viewing, this ebook edition includes:*;Access to 3 full-length practice exams *;Tons of drills and detailed explanations to show you exactly what to expect on the LSAT *;A thorough review of all LSAT topics, including Logic Games techniques...

  • Daniel : Westminster Bible Companion
    Daniel : Westminster Bible Companion

    Daniel : Westminster Bible Companion Full Product Description The book of Daniel is concerned with religious persecution. Daniel's message in this apocalyptic text, however, assures that God will deliver those who trust God, refuse to worship other gods, and keep Jewish tradition in the face of persecution. C. L. Seow examines this difficult and provocative book and explores its relevance to faith and the church today. Daniel : Westminster Bible Companion by C.l. Seow (henry Snyder Gehman Professor...

  • Elements of Temporal Topos
    Elements of Temporal Topos

    There are several approaches to quantum gravity. The most well known approach is string theory (M-theory), followed by loop quantum gravity. Temporal topos (t-topos) is an application of a modified topos over a category with a Grothendieck topology. We give explicit formulations in terms of t-topos for characteristic microcosmic phenomena such as wave-particle duality, uncertainty principle, and quantum entanglement. In order to claim that t-topos theory is leading to quantum gravity with the same...

  • From Kavad to al-Ghazali
    From Kavad to al-Ghazali

    Contents: Preface. The Non-Islamic Near East: Kavad's heresy and Mazdak's revolt; Zoroastrian communism; Islam, Judeo-Christianity and Byzantine Iconoclasm. Law: Jahili and Jewish law: the qasama; Two legal problems bearing on the early history of the Qur'an; Weber, Islamic law, and the rise of capitalism. Political Thought: Shura as an elective institution; 'Even an Ethiopian slave': the transformation of a Sunni tradition; A statement by the Najdiyya Kharijites on the dispensability of the imamate...

  • Hamlet in Purgatory (Expanded Edition)
    Hamlet in Purgatory (Expanded Edition)

    With the doctrine of Purgatory and the elaborate practices that grew up around it, the church had provided a powerful method of negotiating with the dead. The Protestant attack on Purgatory destroyed this method for most people in England, but it did not eradicate the longings and fears that Catholic doctrine had for centuries focused and exploited. In his strikingly original interpretation, Greenblatt argues that the human desires to commune with, assist, and be rid of the dead were transformed...

  • Nibc Ot #11: Psalms
    Nibc Ot #11: Psalms

    Description Publisher's Description Author Bio Nibc Ot #11: Psalms Craig Broyles examines the Psalms as a diverse collection of poems whose main roots are in Jerusalem's worship services. Both in the past and in the present, they provide dynamic liturgies though which the worshipper encounters Godoften with vigorous dialogueand finds meaning for life. Broyles makes the best of contemporary scholarship on the Psalms accessible to both general readers and serious students. "Craig Broyles's commentary...

  • Social Science Information and Public Policy Making
    Social Science Information and Public Policy Making

    by Robert F. Rich (Assistant Professor of Politics and Public Affairs, Princeton University, USA)

  • Stock no. 2106580
    Stock no. 2106580

    Princeton Architectural Press. 1997. Fine condition in a fine dustwrapper. New York's Architectural Ornament. Large format. Contemporary photographs in b/w and colour by Peter Mauss. [S] 1568981058.

  • Charles Hodge - The Pride of Princeton
    Charles Hodge - The Pride of Princeton

    Review Comments Readers who have valued Hodge’s Systematic Theology and his commentaries reprinted by Banner of Truth, will certainly be taken with this. The publisher’s description is admirable: ‘Charles Hodge (1797-1878) is regarded by many as the most significant American theologian of the nineteenth century. He drove forward the rapid growth of theological education and contributed to Presbyterianism’s wide-ranging influence in public life. His advocacy of a Reformed orthodoxy combined with...

  • Princeton Management Consultants (ebook)
    Princeton Management Consultants (ebook)

  • The Aesthetics of Architecture: Princeton Essays on Arts
    The Aesthetics of Architecture: Princeton Essays on Arts

    This book establishes architectural aesthetics as a legitimate subject of philosophical inquiry. Characterising the aesthetic understanding of architecture as a rational and conscious activity, Roger Scruton maintains that much contemporary architectural theory mistakes the nature of it's subject and that a return to first principals is necessary. Consequently, he develops a theory of aesthetic judgement and it's place in the understanding of buildings and in practical matters generally.  


  • Deciding to Attend Law School
    Deciding to Attend Law School

    Thinking of going to law school? Thisconcise but comprehensiveebook gives you the information you need to decide if a JD and a career as a lawyer are right for you. In Deciding to Attend Law School: Weighing the Pros& Cons of a JD, Eric Owens and the experts at the Princeton Review lay out key information to give you a thorough understanding of the issues you may need to consider before applying to law school. You'll get essential info on:the current admissions landscapethe academicexperience paying...

  • From Arabian Tribes to Islamic Empire
    From Arabian Tribes to Islamic Empire

    Contents: Introduction; The Arabian Background: The tribe and the state; Tribes and states in the Middle East; The 1st-century concept of higra. The Later Evolution: Were the Qays and Yemen of the Umayyad period political parties?; A note on Muqatil b. Hayyan and Muqatil b. Sulayman; The significance of wooden weapons in al-Mukhtar's revolt and the `Abbasid revolution; On the meaning of the `Abbasid call to al-Rida; The `Abbasid Abna' and Sasanid cavalrymen; The early Islamic world; The pay of client...

  • Publication Details: Quartier Ecoparc: Bauart #1
    Publication Details: Quartier Ecoparc: Bauart #1

    by Markus Jakob , Princeton Architectural Press , Birkhauser

  • The Baobab and the Mango Tree
    The Baobab and the Mango Tree

    Professor Scott Thompson is Director of Southeast Asia Studies at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. A former Rhodes Scholar, he has a doctorate in International Relations from Oxford University. He is the author/editor of eleven books including Ghana’s Foreign Policy: 1957-66 (Princeton University Press); The Philippines in Crisis (St Martin’s Press); and Lessons of Vietnam (Praeger). His articles have appeared in all major US newspapers and in Foreign Policy, International Security, and...

  • Word Smart for the New GRE
    Word Smart for the New GRE

    Fully revised and updated for the new GRE exam! "Word Smart for the New GRE" will help you build your vocabulary and boost your GRE verbal scores. It provides you with successful strategies for learning new words as well as proven techniques for scoring higher on the GRE Verbal exam. It also includes · The GRE Hit Parade: the words most frequently tested on the exam· Quick quizzes and a final exam· Secondary definitions to help you avoid tricks and traps on the GRE

  • Hamlet

    'Cambridge has come up with an excellent new series, Shakespeare in Production, which is going to be invaluable to anybody studying, acting, or producing his plays.' Plays and Players Applause Magazine 'Shakespeare in Production ! is ! ideally suited to people like me: people as interested in the stage history of a Shakespearean play as in its text. What distinguishes these editions, and makes them of particular interest to drama and theatre departments, is their unique concentration on theatrical...

  • Princeton Wiltshire Stool
    Princeton Wiltshire Stool

    The traditional Princeton Wiltshire Stool is the perfect choice to use with your dressing table. Upholstered in a durable cotton fabric, it also features a soft, neutral and more practical modern finish that provides comfort and style. Part of the Wiltshire range, the Princeton stool will make a great addition to any bedroom.Delivery Note Please Read: You will be contacted to arrange a suitable delivery day. This item is delivered assembled and to your room of choice.

  • Another American Century
    Another American Century

    ANOTHER AMERICAN CENTURY answers these questions with a sweeping and penetrating study of the United States since the end of the Cold War. Nicholas Guyatt reveals the economic, diplomatic and military dimensions of American foreign policy, and investigates what Americans say and believe about their relationship with the rest of the world. A major new chapter discusses September 11th, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the motives and ideas behind America's 'war on terror'. Did September 11th change...

  • Islamic Art and Beyond
    Islamic Art and Beyond

    Contents: Preface; Introduction. Part One Theory of Art: History of art and history of literature: some random thoughts; An art of the object; On the universality of the history of art; From utopia to paradigms; Geometry and ideology: the Festival of Islam and the study of Islamic art; Different but compatible ends; Die ethische Dimension des Ornaments; Islamic ornament and Western abstraction. Part Two General Islamic Architecture: The Islamic dome, some considerations; The architecture of the...