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  • Professional Digital Microscope
    Professional Digital Microscope

    * Available in both PAL and NTSC versions and packaged with all cables and power supply necessary, the DMWB1 series represents a flexible and functional microscope for digital and conventional microscopy anytime and anywhere

  • Practical Digital Photomicrography: Photography Through the Microscope for the Life Sciences
    Practical Digital Photomicrography: Photography Through the Microscope for the Life Sciences

    This book is an introduction to digital photography through the microscope in which readers will learn about the three camera types used in photomicrography (point and shoot consumer cameras, digital single lens reflex cameras, and professional (scientific) photomicrography instruments) and the advantages and disadvantages of each. For example, the point and shoot camera has the benefit of a live, real-time preview, active histogram, potential infrared sensitivity, low cost, and video recording capability...

  • Intex Mariner 3 Boat Set - Grey and Blue
    Intex Mariner 3 Boat Set - Grey and Blue

    Super-tough construction made with 3 separate layers of material for extra strength and durability. Includes boston valves on the main hull chamber for quick-fill and fast deflate and features a inflatable floor for comfort. When inflated the boat measures 297 x 127 x 46cm. Also includes 1 gear pouch and battery pouch for easy storage and comes with 54 inch aluminium oars with welded-on rotational oar locks for security . Comes with two fishing rod holders and two inflatable thwart seats. It has...

  • Brunel Bird Disease Microscopes
    Brunel Bird Disease Microscopes

    The Brunel SP15 microscope with quality glass optics, mains illumination and the ability to magnify between x40 and x800. Basically you plug it in and look down it! In addition the microscope has many features usually found on professional laboratory instruments such as mechanical stage, substage condenser with iris diaphragm and safety stop. For those without previous experience of microscopes - all this means that it is easy to use and you get a really good image. Let’s be honest...

  • Celestron Handheld Digital Microscope (Box)
    Celestron Handheld Digital Microscope (Box)

    Celestron Handheld Digital Microscope (Box) Availability: In stock £39.98 Free Delivery close RRP: £65.00 Save: £25.02 Qty: Add to Cart Quick Overview The Celestron Handheld Digital Microscope (Box) is an intermediate-level, easy to use, low power microscope. This microscope is well suited for hobbyists, quality control inspectors, medical professionals, and scientific researchers. Email to a Friend Add to Wishlist Add to Compare More Views Product Description Specification...

  • Mezzo 10x Stereo Microscope
    Mezzo 10x Stereo Microscope

    Details With the addition of the Mezzo PUK2 users can now clearly see all welds. Complete with a built in shutter to protect your eyes when welding, the Mezzo is a must for any serious user. Included with PUK3 Professional and PUK3 Professional Plus.

  • New 1.3MP 200X USB Digital Microscope
    New 1.3MP 200X USB Digital Microscope

    Main Features Designed for broad industry professional inspection, like skin inspection,PCB, jewelley,textile etc.In-built 8 LED bulbsUltra-clear image processing technology, excellent quality for imagePortable and compactCompatible with USB2.0&USB1.1Plug and play, no driver neededPaired with a stable metal stand, fit in any inspection angleHigh resolution, enlarge small objets with clear image Package Content 1 x USB Digital Microscope1 x Stand1 x CD Driver Specification Image Sensor1.3 Mega...

  • DM111 Digital Microscope
    DM111 Digital Microscope

    The DM111 is simple and easy to use while still providing all the features of professional microscopy. The focusable 1.25 N.A. condenser allows the optional 100x Oil objective to be used with this unit. Rechargeable LED illumination means that the DM111 can be used on its own away from any power source. Plug the microscope into a computer with the USB cable provided and share amazing live images on the screen with other students or colleagues. The Motic application software provided will help students...

  • Microscope for Children
    Microscope for Children

    Microscope and biology kit for older children. Learn how to use a microscope for biological study. Examine pre-prepared specimens slides and then create ones from samples found in the home, garden and body. Dual light 40x, 100x, and 400x power metal microscope with two battery-powered LED light sources. Professional-quality optical glass lenses. Will last for years and years. Batteries not included. Excellent 48 page manual. Great educational gift idea for young scientists. Part of Crafts...

  • LED DM52 Digital Microscope - with 100x oil objective
    LED DM52 Digital Microscope - with 100x oil objective

    The DM52 gives you two microscopes in one. Being a real microscope first, this unit provides clear and crisp images via its all glass parfocal and parcentric objectives coupled with the professional LED illumination, which never gets hot. The DM52 also includes a built-in imaging chip which delivers high resolution live images via a simple USB connection to your computer. Images can be evaluated, edited, captured and shared with the included Motic application program. Because of its LED illumination...

  • Electronic Technology Handbook
    Electronic Technology Handbook

    Encyclopedic coverage supported with hundreds of concept-clarifying illustrations shows you exactly how contemporary electronic devices and systems work and interact. You'll quickly discover the principles at the heart of such widely used technologies as transistors; integrated circuits; television; ATM machines; cell phones; bar-code readers; sensors; robotics; satellites; electron microscopes; process control; radar; global positioning system; night vision systems; and much more.