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  • Unknown - Promiscuous Gyal (Dark Sky Rmx)
    Unknown - Promiscuous Gyal (Dark Sky Rmx)

    More super limited pirate funk action from the clandestine corporation that brought you the unofficial 2010 RnB re-rubs from Fantastic Mr fox and Pariah. Here hot bwoys Dark Sky add a lunatic slant on a pop soul classic, subs are tweaked as the LDN bomb squad add their own trademarked rudeness to a titantic Dubstep riddim.


    Timbaland & mr vegas supply the guest lyrics on the bashment influenced remixes of nelly furtardo's "promiscuous".

  • Youngblood Lipgloss - Promiscuous 4.5g/0.16oz by Youngblood
    Youngblood Lipgloss - Promiscuous 4.5g/0.16oz by Youngblood

    Lipgloss - Promiscuous-4.5g/0.16oz - makeup / cosmetics

  • Youngblood Lipgloss - Promiscuous 4.5g/0.16oz
    Youngblood Lipgloss - Promiscuous 4.5g/0.16oz

    Contains Vitamin E, Sunflower Seed Oil, Candelila Wax

  • Brother’s Promiscuous Wife
    Brother’s Promiscuous Wife

    Her name was Mercedes (for real) and when I first met her, she seemed to be nothing more than the typical hot number you would see on any stripper dance floor. However, that perspective was easily changed the first weekend I stayed there, and my little brother wanted to show off his prize wife to his older brother. Standing in the far end of the strip club, I could easily see Mercedes twirling around a strip pole. Her long blondish-brown hair concealing her face as she removed her bra, my eye...

  • Promiscuous Traveler, The
    Promiscuous Traveler, The

    Promiscuous Traveler, The

  • The Trail of a Promiscuous Spouse
    The Trail of a Promiscuous Spouse

    In fact Samantha was convinced that her husband Tito, as she preferred calling him was having an affair with the pretty housemaid?? Wanting to set a trap for her husband, Samantha did not inform Tito when he returned home from work that evening that the maid was away for the weekend?. As soon as Tito closed the bathroom door, Samantha promptly dashed along the corridor, out at the back, went round the house, on to the verandah and into the maid?s bedroom. She just had the time to switch the lights...

  •  Promiscuous

    TITLE - Promiscuous/rITEM- Nelly Furtado/rCATEGORY - Replay CD/rDISCS - 1

  •  Promiscuous

    Offers an exploration of Philip Roth's satiric masterpiece, based on the prolific novelist's own writings, teaching notes, and personal interviews. This title shows that Roth's irreverent novel left us questioning who, or what, was the object of the satire.

  • Youngblood Lipgloss-Promiscuous
    Youngblood Lipgloss-Promiscuous

    Packed with natural oils and vitamins to help condition and care for your lips.

  • A Very Promiscuous Secretary
    A Very Promiscuous Secretary

    Introduction “Do me Janet. I have been waiting for this moment all day,” he said. He put both of his hands on the back of my head as I moved my lips towards him. I was still fully clothed. After a while, Frank could not resist it any more. He was dying to make love. What Frank did next was very typical of him.

  • Promiscuous Unbound
    Promiscuous Unbound

    Vivienne Yellow, the unforgettable narrator of this arresting and witty debut, is an American woman who lies in traction in a Parisian hospital, her leg shattered after she was accidentally hit by a truck. Through hazy wormholes of memory, colored by her own morphine-stoked sexual longings, we are drawn into her past: Exactly what happened to her as she tried to cross rue de Cherche Midi, her wildly adulterous marriage to an emotionally distant man, and her relationship with her father, the famously...

  • Promiscuous: "Portnoy's Complaint" and Our Doomed Pursuit of Happiness
    Promiscuous: "Portnoy's Complaint" and Our Doomed Pursuit of Happiness

    Promiscuous: "Portnoy's Complaint" and Our Doomed Pursuit of Happiness by Bernard Avishai (Author) Format: Hardcover (224 pages) ISBN 10: 030015190X ISBN 13: 9780300151909 Publisher: Yale University Press Published: 31 May 2012 Temporarily out of stock Item Condition: Brand New Price:£15.28List Price: £18.99You Save:£3.71 (20%) Temporarily out of stock Add to wishlist Or buy from

  •  Promiscuous

    The publication of Portnoy’s Complaint in 1969 provoked instant, powerful reactions. It blasted Philip Roth into international fame, subjected him to unrelenting personal scrutiny and conjecture, and shocked legions of readers—some delighted, others appalled. Portnoy and other main characters became instant archetypes, and Roth himself became a touchstone for conflicting attitudes toward sexual liberation, Jewish power, political correctness, Freudian language, and bourgeois disgust...