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  • Coghlans Safety Whistle - Orange
    Coghlans Safety Whistle - Orange

    Bright orange pealess whistle Black lanyard with "break-away" snap closure. International safety whistle and morse code printed on the backer card.

  • Safety Whistle
    Safety Whistle

    Someone stranded is much easier to rescue when they can be clearly heard. The durable Lifesystems Safety Whistle is part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award's recommended kit list. 

  • Fox 40 Classic Safety Whistle
    Fox 40 Classic Safety Whistle

    Standard choice for personal safety and rescue professionals worldwide. The harder you blow; the louder the sound! It will be heard above ambient noise; the roar of engines; breaking waves and thundering gale-force winds. The chambers are designed to self-clear when submerged in water. There are no moving parts to freeze; jam or deteriorate. Features: Design: 3-chamber pealess with added CMG Lead-free metal whistle for durability PeSound Power: 115 dB Technically superior to all other brands Will...

  • Fox 40 Personal Safety Whistle
    Fox 40 Personal Safety Whistle

    Fox 40 Personal Safety Whistle. A violet plastic, patented 3 chamber design. Features Pea-less with high pitch trill. 5.3cm long. Weighs 6.4g.

  • Marine Slimline safety whistle
    Marine Slimline safety whistle

    This is a special MARINE version of the 636 safety whistle. It has a brass nickel plated ring so WILL NOT RUST.

  • Marine Slimline safety whistle
    Marine Slimline safety whistle

    This whistle in red and yellow is exclusive to us. It is a higher specification that the standard whistle as it has the Marine ring that will not rust, however instead of buying them in dozens we buy them in 1000s so these are the cheapest version.

  • Orange Safety Whistle
    Orange Safety Whistle

    A loud safety whistle in eye-catching orange plastic. A safety whistle is a recommended item to take if travelling into remote area. If you get lost, it can help searchers locate you, or alert passers-by to your distress. Made of bright orange toughened plastic, this whistle will be easy to spot when you hunt for it in your bag. Alternatively, you can wear it around your neck with the orange lanyard which comes with this safety whistle. This safety whistle is part of the recommended kit for participants...

  • Plastic Safety Whistle
  • Safety Whistle - - Safety Whistle - FL2531
    Safety Whistle - - Safety Whistle - FL2531

    Attract Attention quickly in an emergency! Non-corrosive, pea-less design Made from bright orange polythene for high visibility and attracting attention Built-in clip for attaching to clothing and finger grip for ease of grip EN394 approved Supplied in a pack of 10 Dimensions: 70x22mm

  • Safety Whistle / Webbing Buckle
    Safety Whistle / Webbing Buckle

    Incorporate your survival whistle in your daysack webbing. Use this 20mm quick-release, side-squeeze buckle on your sternum strap or any 19mm webbing for added safety.

  • Safety Whistles on Keyring
    Safety Whistles on Keyring

    Printed Whistles are a great childrens give-away, this whistle complies with the European Union toy safety law standards.

  • A loud safety whistle in eye-catching orange plastic
    A loud safety whistle in eye-catching orange plastic

    The Encore Player is a solar and dynamo powered multi-band radio, mobile phone charger, MP3 player and recorder designed for use in off-grid communities by small and larger groups of people. The Encore Player is a well-built wind-up radio which comes with a solar panel for an alternative method of charging. There is also a small integrated solar panel built in to the radio. 1 hour of sun provides approximately 6 hours of radio play at medium volume and 20 minutes at higher volume. 1 minute of winding...

  • Safety Whistle With Cord
    Safety Whistle With Cord

    CE EN394 ISO12402 approved. capable to produce 100+ decibel sound. non-corrosive and buoyant in seawater. suitable for either belt or lanyard / cord attachment. new enhanced ergonomic feel. finger grip area makes whistle easier to hold. bright orange polypropylene construction. supplied with neck lanyard.

  • Orange plastic marine safety whistle \ Perry Whistle
    Orange plastic marine safety whistle \ Perry Whistle

    Orange marine safety whistle sometimes referred to as a Perry Whistle.

  • Safety Whistle
    Safety Whistle

    A loud whistle for attracting attention outdoors. Made from lightweight, tough plastic, with a neck lanyard.

  • Safety Whistle
    Safety Whistle

    Description Ideal for attracting attention Non-corrosive, pea-less design Finger grip area makes whistle easy to hold Built-in clip for attaching to clothing Constructed from bright orange polypropylene for high visibility EN394 approved Dimensions: 70 x 22mm Supplied in a pack of 10

  • Safety /Survival Whistle
    Safety /Survival Whistle

    "Life saving/rescue whistle. S.O.L.A.S. approved, British Admiralty and NATO approved. For carrying dual frequency designed to stand out from background noise. Will not adhere to the skin in sub-zero temperatures. Tough construction, food grade shatterproof plastic. Easily blown, important if you are young, elderly, injured or cold."

  • Safety Whistle
    Safety Whistle

    A loud whistle made from a toughened plastic material, the Safety Whistle is an essential part of any outdoor or mountain survival kit. Bright orange, complete with a neck lanyard, the whistle is up to 108dB loudness.

  • Safety whistle
    Safety whistle

    NHS, Government & Blue Chip client list. Pay by Card, PayPal or Purchase Order. Fast Efficient service. Bespoke solutions. 0845 388 19380845 388 1938.

  • OPI Pirouette My Whistle (15ml)
    OPI Pirouette My Whistle (15ml)

    OPI has been a family owned company ever since its founding in 1981. Committed to providing their customers with the finest quality products and services, OPI have become the World Leader in professional nail care. OPI’s reputation is built on its commitment to quality, safety, innovation and excellence – a commitment it honours with every product, every day. OPI Pirouette My Whistle is a luxurious, glitter top coat. This touch of fairy-tale sparkle is part of OPI's New York City Ballet Collection...

  • BCB Personal Safety Kit
    BCB Personal Safety Kit

    A compact pocket-size survival kit with all the bare essentials for personal safety Contents: Button compass Distress whistle Matches Fishing kit Safety pins Multi-purpose cord Plasters Water purification tablets Candle Survival ins ....

  • Emergency Marine Whistle
    Emergency Marine Whistle

    Fluorescent orange. Non Corrosive. Floats. High pitched sound. Essential safety kit for the outdoors person.

  • Acme Survival Whistle
    Acme Survival Whistle

    In International orange. The perfect safety whistle S.O.L.A.S (Safety of Life at Sea International Regulation) approved. Blows at half normal lung pressure. So excellent for children, older people or anyone likely to have breathing problems. Shatterproof and unaffected by water or weather. Loud and far carrying this whistle is used by NATO Assualt-Troops.

  • BCB CK528 Personal Safety Kit
    BCB CK528 Personal Safety Kit

    Product Description BCB CK528 Personal Safety Kit BCB. A handy pocket sizes pouch with belt tunnel loop, containing basic medical kit. Excellent for hikers who want to travel fast and light. A compact pocket sized survival kit with all the bare necessities: Button Compass Distress Whistle Matches Fishing Kit Safety Pins Multi-Purpose Cord Plasters Purification Tablets Candle Survival Instructions. A handy pocket sizes pouch With belt tunnel loop Containing basic medical kit. Size: 8.7 x 2.5 cm ...

  • Classic Perry Whistle
    Classic Perry Whistle

    Classic Perry Whistle A pea-less whistle, made from plastic, light weight, floats and stands out in bright orange. A cheap and potentially life saving piece of safety equipment, no paraglider pilot should be without one attached to their harness! Stock code: LY-GEL01

  • Fire Safety Kit
    Fire Safety Kit

    Product Description Ideal Kit For Fire Marshals - Contains all the contents required by individual fire marshal to raise the alarm and evacuate employees. Supplied in an easily identifiable Evolution case with Fire Safety Label Kit can be mounted on the wall to ensure it is easy to locate when required - (mounting bracket supplied). Includes: 1x Fire Marshal Armband 1x Perry Whistle 1x Gas Horn 1x "Snap Light"

  • Flashing Whistles Wholesale
    Flashing Whistles Wholesale

    Cheap flashing whistle with safety lanyard at wholesale quantities 3 flashing LED's - red, blue & yellowMixed coloursMulticolour flash sequenceOn/off buttonBatteries loadedEn71 certified & RoHS compliant

  • Save a Whistle, Blow a Lifeguard T Shirts
    Save a Whistle, Blow a Lifeguard T Shirts

    This customizable Save a Whistle, Blow a Lifeguard T Shirts is designed on the tshirt and would interest those who like swim, swimmer, swimming, lifeguard, water safety, water, and ocean stuff.

  • Silver Plated Whistle Keyring
    Silver Plated Whistle Keyring

    This Whistle Keyring is shaped in the style of an old fashioned policeman's whistle. Ideal for calling the alarm and personal safety. It is silver plated and has an engraving tag attached. Features: Dimensions: 45 x 10 x 10mm Engraved Free Classy Style Great For Personal Safety Makes a perfect gift for her. Use the form below tohave a short message engraved on the tag.

  • Slimline Tornado Whistle
    Slimline Tornado Whistle

    The Slimline Tornado, Safety and Sports Pealess Whistle. SOLAS approved - Ideal for Aerobic Instructors and Lifeguards - Attaches to your keyring or zipper for safely - Small and discreet but very loud, producing 115 decibels of sound when blown.