Speedo Power Paddles Swimming Swim Hand Water Medium
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  • Speedo Men's BioFuse Power Paddle - Red Medium
    Speedo Men's BioFuse Power Paddle - Red Medium

    Increase distance per stroke: Important for long distance swimming and triathletes to maintain speed and conserve energy. The paddle will encourage high elbows and correct hand entry into the water to improve your stroke technique and efficiency. Improve your upper body strength: Hand paddles create water resistance which causes you to pull harder through the water. This will build up and strengthen your shoulder, arms and back muscles for more power when swimming.

  • Speedo BioFUSE Swim Power Paddle
    Speedo BioFUSE Swim Power Paddle

    Speedo - Make Waves! The Speedo BioFUSE Power Paddle is larger than the BioFUSE Finger Paddle, engineered to increase upper body strength and power by creating maximum resistance in the water, as well as developing swimming technique, stamina and endurance. A powerful swimming tool ideal for swimmers looking to develop their technique as well as their bodies. It has a ergonomically engineered shape for improved grip and reduced hand fatigue. Using BioFUSE technology Speedo has developed superior...

  • Speedo Tech Swimming Paddle
    Speedo Tech Swimming Paddle

    Features: Unique air foil shape to improve hand lift motion Flow holes improve aquatic sensitivity Hydrodynamic design for optimum contact with water Available in sizes Medium and Large The Speedo Biofuse Power Paddle is perfect to improve stroke technique and build strength, focusing mainly on your upper body. The main purpose of hand paddles is to create water resistance, thus making you work harder during your arm pull. This strengthens the muscles in your upper body allowing you to power through...

  • Speedo Power Paddle
    Speedo Power Paddle

    Speedo Training Aids offer a complete solution for swimmers of all abilities who are looking to improve their health and fitness, technique or performance in the water. Developed using the latest technology and materials, and tested by our top athletes, Speedo Training Aids are the perfect accessory for any swim sessionFeatures:* Engineered for maximum resistance in water * Increases upper body strength and power * New strap design and layout offers complete customisation to suit the user * Paddle...

  • Speedo Power Hand Paddles
    Speedo Power Hand Paddles

    Product Description *Blade shape mimics shape of hand to provide better natural fell for stroke. *Paddle shape distributes increased force naturally over shape of hand to create correct biomechanical stress on pull. *Holes allow water to channel through paddle which increases fluidity of stroke & feel for the water. *Adjustable wide area wrist and finger strap system reduces stress on hand. *Optional finger only strap included.

  • Printed Check Leisure 18" Water Short, Blue/White Size: Medium 9094-Medium-PG
    Printed Check Leisure 18" Water Short, Blue/White Size: Medium 9094-Medium-PG

    Speedo Check Leisure 18 Swim shorts. Classic check swim shorts with a 18 inch leg length , an ultra stylish and comfortable shape, perfect for holiday or leisure use. Featuring elasticated waist, signature embroidered logo and quick dry side pockets and a velcro fastening rear pocket .All Speedo Swimwear Shorts are designed with durable water repellant fabric, minimising water absorption making the shorts lighter and more comfortable after swimming . Integral mesh brief for added comfort with drawstring...

  • Speedo Red Swimming Training Pack - Medium.
    Speedo Red Swimming Training Pack - Medium.

    Speedo training pack featuring Speedo Merit goggles, moulded silicone cap and Tech Paddle. Ideal for optimising performance and swim technique. Personal training guide enclosed to help kick start your training.Size H23, W5, D23cm.WARNING(S):Not suitable for children under 3 years old.Only to be used in water where the child is within its depth and under adult supervision.EAN: 5051746919946.Note :Delivery usually 14 days subject to stock.