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  • Starbaits Spod Tube 24312
    Starbaits Spod Tube 24312

    A handy tube for storing all your bait rockets and floats.

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  • Starbaits XSM 3 Rod Alarm Set
    Starbaits XSM 3 Rod Alarm Set

    Outstanding value. 3 compact alarms in a presentation case with sensitivity, tone and volume control. Supplied in a presentation case. All blue run and latching LEDs. LEDs are mounted in the top of the ears for visibility. Each alarm is powered by 2 x LR1 batteries ( included). We are trying to make sure we provide enough information for you to feel fully informed about whether or not to buy any item shown on our web site. If this item does not have enough information please ask us for more by clicking...

  • Starbaits XSM Bite Alarms x1
    Starbaits XSM Bite Alarms x1

    The New Starbaits XSM Bite Alarms are possibly the best value for money alarm on the market today. At only £9.99 for 1 x bite alarm with volume, sensitivity & tone control there really is no beating it. With the new Starbaits XSM alarm's stylish good looks and its bright blue twin led's, it really is a must have item for any new comer to Carp Fishing.

  • Starbaits 21 Litre Bucket with Removable Tray
    Starbaits 21 Litre Bucket with Removable Tray

    21 litres main bucket plus 5.3 litres tray with a sealable lid which fits both the bucket and tray. All interlocking with the lid fitting both the main bucket and the bassin. We are trying to make sure we provide enough information for you to feel fully informed about whether or not to buy any item shown on our web site. If this item does not have enough information please ask us for more by clicking on Product Enquiry above or by calling us on 01322 292400. We will be very happy to try our best...

  • Starbaits Hooklink Rock Case 24567
    Starbaits Hooklink Rock Case 24567

    This rigid hook length box is perfect for all hooklengths and in particular stiff rigs and 3D rigs. 31cm x 25cm x 5cm deep

  • Starbaits Tackle Rock Case 24568
    Starbaits Tackle Rock Case 24568

    Featuring removable plastic pockets the "tackle rock case" is the perfect holder for all your rig bits, hooklengths and leaders. 31cm x 25cm x 5cm deep.

  • Starbaits Traveller Carryall XL 24315
    Starbaits Traveller Carryall XL 24315

    Boasting a unique design, this new carryall is perfect for carrying your tackle to the bank with maximum protection. This carryall boasts all the technical advances of the Traveller range (1,680 denier material and "waterstop" waterproof zip fastenings) and features three well-designed padded pockets plus a rigid, waterproof central compartment. Another feature of this amazing carryall is its rigid plastic base with waterproof zip fastening to store heavier pieces of kit. As you can see the Traveller...

  • Starbaits Traveller Light Bedchair 21455
    Starbaits Traveller Light Bedchair 21455

    All Starbaits bed chairs are extremely comfortable and the traveller light is no exception! Constructed from 100% aluminium, this is the lightest 6 leg bedchair available on the European market. Compact and light - perfect for the angler who wants to take a maximum of tackle and bait to the bank with a minimum of everything else!

  • Starbaits Traveller Sleeping Bag 24288
    Starbaits Traveller Sleeping Bag 24288

    With the same features as the Specialist Sleeping Bag, it has been specially designed for milder weather conditions. Supplied in a carry bag, it is ideal for fishing in spring, summer and autumn.

  • Starbaits Air Dry Bucket 93125
    Starbaits Air Dry Bucket 93125

    Clever large capacity bait bucket which is fitted with an integral net section so you can dry your bollies without having to change container. The net can be packed away again when not in use. An excellent easy to use concept for the bankside.

  • Starbaits Baiting Bag 24640
    Starbaits Baiting Bag 24640

    The well padded inner lining and the zipped flap enable you to keep your baits (pellets, boilies ...) fresh and dry(in your boat for instance) for a longer. This Baiting Bag features an internal divider in the main compartment to let you carry different types or sizes of baits.

  • Starbaits Bankstick Tube 24313
    Starbaits Bankstick Tube 24313

    A transport case for all your banksticks and other metalware items.

  • Starbaits Bivvie Station 23764
    Starbaits Bivvie Station 23764

    This generation of rigid luggage, both lightweight and hardwearing, has been designed with 4 independently adjustable feet, making it easy to use whatever the terrain. A detachable metal tray with adjustable feet (which easily converts into a bivvy table), plus pockets to hold lead bag, cool pack, kitchen carry bag and much more, make this the essential choice for carp anglers. It’s practical, versatile and lightweight.

  • Starbaits Bivvy Carry Bag 24346
    Starbaits Bivvy Carry Bag 24346

    Designed to store and carry Starbaits bivies, our Bivie Carry Bag has a large main compartment which can be used to carry both your bivie and its ground sheet. This Bivie Carry Bag features an outside mesh pocket to store and carry your bivie pegs or other accessories.

  • Starbaits Boiler 24503
    Starbaits Boiler 24503

    When the evenings draw in nothing beats a nice warm drink on the bank. Made from 100% stainless steel, this neat kettle will get you a brew of hot tea or coffee quickly no matter what the weather! Supplied with a travelling bag.

  • Starbaits Box Bag 24214
    Starbaits Box Bag 24214

    Padded carry bag in a soft, ultra hardwearing material, supplied with two storage boxes with a variety of compartments to carry all the small pieces of kit you’ll need on the bank.

  • Starbaits Food Bag 24245
    Starbaits Food Bag 24245

    Featuring the same design as the mini carryall, this bag will make life easier, holding all you need for mealtimes. Insulated on the inside to keep food cool and fresh. This bag has 4 fully padded pockets, including 2 on the front containing plates, mugs and cutlery for two.

  • Starbaits Reel Case 24257
    Starbaits Reel Case 24257

    Generously padded pouch to protect reels during transport.

  • Starbaits Rig Bag 24167
    Starbaits Rig Bag 24167

    This ingenious bag has been designed to hold everything you need for rig tying and storing, featuring clear plastic wallets, a removable hooklength storage card with Velcro fastening, plus a storage box. Perfect for short session enthusiasts. 30cm x 22cm x 12cm deep. Image shows bag closed and each side open.

  • Starbaits Session Chair 21454
    Starbaits Session Chair 21454

    Compact and comfortable, this handy chair is ideal for quick roving sessions

  • Starbaits Specialist Chair 24738
    Starbaits Specialist Chair 24738

    Fitted with a mattress attached by elastic webbing for maximum comfort, the Specialist Chair is incredibly easy to set up thanks to micro-metic adjustment at the feet. *Aluminium frame *4 Fully adjustable legs *Security clips on each leg *Large mudfeet *Well padded ergonomic mattress cover. * "Soft touch" handles for adjusting the seat position High resistance elastics used to guarantee perfect seat tension and comfort.

  • Starbaits Stalking Carryall 24358
    Starbaits Stalking Carryall 24358

    This clever carry-all really does what it says it carries everything you need! Features include: a cool bag compartment for your baits plus up to 6 dip pots, a compartmentalised "bits" section and a rig tray for hooklengths.

  • Starbaits Stiff Rig Pouch 24484
    Starbaits Stiff Rig Pouch 24484

    Handy rig wallet, perfect for storing all your ready tied stiff rigs. Inside the pouch you have 4 removable rigid rig boards. 22cm x 15cm x 8cm

  • Starbaits Thermo Pack 24165
    Starbaits Thermo Pack 24165

    A cleverly designed bag with room for all the essentials, thermos flask, cups, spoons etc. Made from high quality material, the compact shape fits neatly into any of the items of luggage from the Starbaits range. Perfect if you love a nice fresh cup of tea or coffee

  • Starbaits Traveller Bedchair Bag 24345
    Starbaits Traveller Bedchair Bag 24345

    This bag has been designed to the same quality standards as the whole of the Traveller luggage range, and makes it easy to carry your bedchair. It has waterproof reinforcements all over the underside and a fully padded shoulder strap making it comfortable to carry. It opens out fully so when the weathers bad you can pack up your bedchair in next to no time to keep it nice and dry. 95cm x 95cm x 22.5cm

  • Clothing > Thermal Suit Combo
    Clothing > Thermal Suit Combo

    Combo thermal jacket and overalls. Both are fully waterproof and breathable and provide protection from rain, wind and other weather conditions during your fishing sessions.Removable lined hood, velcro belts overalls.Everything is finished in every detail ensuring a high quality product

  • Rock mono Gravel brown
    Rock mono Gravel brown

    Starbaits Rock was built to be a monofilament fishing for capr superb and versatile. Its qualities are excellent and include high camouflage, good resistance to linear, high knot strength and strong resistance to 'abrasion under water, all this with a fantastic relationship between diameter and tensile strength, making it possible rolls even longer and accurate. These features make Starbaits Rock monofilament perfect for all carp anglers and their modern needs.

  • StarBaits Cork Sticks
  • Starbaits Cutting Plier
    Starbaits Cutting Plier

    Starbaits Cutter Plier are strong side cutting pliers, and will pretty much cut anything, a handy tool for everyones tackle box